IPhone 5c or 4s for Christmas 2013?

Is it 120 pound to get a colour? Which should I get for Christmas? Please say why!

Get the 5s. Why? The bigger the number the better. Obviously.

Iphone 5 in white, but if you get black its dull.

Go with 5 if you're set on an iPhone just because alot of apps are being updated to 5. I have a 4s and can't download some app anymore. In my opinion you should go with something else completely

Get the 5S instead of either… The 5C will have cracking issues since it's polycarbonate, and the 4S uses a chip that will most likely cause iOS7 to lag and have not-too-great performance.

Depends what you want to pay, only you know that. I think both are good options.