Iphone camera message Cannot Take Photo not enough storage?

I keep deleting things and it still says not enough storage. Storage: 0 bytes Available, 6.4 GB Used. I've deleted everything and it still says "storage almost full"

Check your phone default memory storage address.change it to the directory which is empty

There are apps taking space, transfer all to your sd card, free up space by deleting web history, cookies, cache. And install a registry cleaner. Upload pics to pc and delete any unwanted music, videos. Hope this helps

Their might be some hidden file so format it once.

Sounds like you have an 8GB iPhone, since you said 6.4GB used which is about the amount of usable space offered by it.

Try deleting media/apps you no longer use/need also you could try an on-computer app called PhoneClean which could help clear out some cache data, etc from the apps on the phone. Its free.

ive got this problem yet phone settings say i've got space and takes screen shot… Yet when goto to take photo camera says no memory and if you goto settings via camera it shows no memory but still takes a screenshot… Argh!