Okay, so i attempted to reset my phone settings and everything on my iPhone 4s. And next thing
you know it my iPhone turns off and since then, the apple logo has been flashing! How can this be?
this has happened before like, last month or so but it started back up again. I dont know how it got
to it's regular way but im wondering if yall know how i can turn it on without the flashing logo having
to be a problem. I need my phone. I cant live with out my phone. Please help:(

Im not sure i understood your question very well but maybe these websites can help x

Could it be flickering and not flashing? If so try a restore or a dfu mode restore and then see if it still flickers. From there it could be a broken or damaged LCD. Good luck! (:

phone will not come on but the apple logo is coming on then back off continusly