IPhone screen gone completely white when dropped.

Hi, I dropped my iPhone recently (It has a silicone case and a screen cover. There are no visible cracks on screen and no scratches but my iPhone has gone white. I can still hear sounds eg. Voice control but the screen remains white. I have tried turning it off via button but nothing happens. Please help and tell me what I can do and does it go away? Thanks

Added (1). This is much more strange as it now has changed to different coloured lines, I'm extremely worried now but it keeps changing from white to these different coloured lines.

Next time, buy a real phone, rather than an overpriced piece of apple tech

Happened to me once he first time I just left it on for a few days and t died. Then I charged it and it was normal again.

Hold the middle button as well as the off button at the same time for about 10 seconds. The apple should appear in the middle of the screen and it should turn on from there. This worked for me when my phone screen turned completely blue once and all the same things were happening so I would try this strategy.

This has happened to my moms iPhone and I figured out a way to use it while messing with it, if you put it at a certain angle in a BRIGHT light you can see the screen faintly and can use it just like before, you will have to turn it on and off a few times and let it have the battery drained and let it go back up to fully charged with out any interruptions and if it doesn't work after a few tries then you need to go to the apple store and ask for help

Hold the power and home button for atleast 10 seconds, it should restart and turn back on. If that doesn't work, plug it into iTunes and try restoring it. If iTunes can't sync your iPhone into the computer, then let the battery die and turn it back on. If that still does not work and the problem persists, contact Apple Support and they may repair/replace it.