IPhone 'slide to unlock' (and more) not working?

I have the iPhone 4s and a few hours ago updated it to the iOs 6, since the update the slide to unlock wont work at all, nor the volume slider. I also got onto the iphone set up when you first turn a new iphone on, and found out i also can't use a few of the letters on the keyboard. I've reset a few times and i've restored a few times, nothing is working. I've had the phone for eight months. I haven't really dropped it at all. It has also never been jailbroken or tampered with. Please help me…

This is why you should never ever update your iDevice when a new system software pops up. It has many many MANY bugs, therefore, an update will screw the phone up.

They are having problems with the update, everything should be fixed soon.

Yep… Update gone wrong

Don't know what you're all doing wrong. I just updated my iPhone 4 and an iPad 3 without any issues other than the time it took to download and install both devices at the same time using a public hotspot