Iphone stuck in recovery mode after updating to IOS 7 beta?

I tried updating my iPhone 4 to iOS 7 beta, without developers account, using restore + shift on itunes and clicking my downloaded IOS 7 firmware. This failed at a certain part, it said error 1934 or something, at that point my phone was still working, then I tried again and it became stuck in recovery mode. I tried different tutorials but I just can't get it working again, please help!

Apple is preventing you from installing the beta without registering your UDID. Even if you can get around that like before, it's dangerous to install it without a UDID registration because Apple has actually been disabling devices for running unreleased software on unregistered devices. I registered my 4S on http://www.instantudid.com/ and I haven't had any issues at all.

Never install a beta without registering your UDID first as Apple could deactivate the device at any time. You can register UDIDs with http://ios6udidactivations.com

Hold power + home button until you get iTunes restore, or use a program like iReb or redsn0w to fix boot loop. You have to do a clear restore to 6.1.3 then setup as new phone then shift+update will bypass registration. Good luck