IPhone The Walking Dead game episode 6+ release!

I've just finished playing Telltale, the walking dead on iPhone 4S, all 5 episodes! And they were amazing! Well worth the money for the Game. What i am wondering is when/if there is going to be an episode 6 and more… And when?

They are making a Season 2 of the game but other than that there are no other details at this time.

There wont be an episode 6, but there will be a season two. My guess is that they will release the first episode in the summer or fall. Can't wait!

They're planning on releasing ep. 6 - 10 in (roughly said) 2013, there isn't a specific date yet.
You can read the full article on http://www.videogamesblogger.com/2012/07/24/the-walking-dead-game-episode-6-10-season-2-confirmed.htm

You can even see a short 18:00 preview of episode 6.

Telltale is currently still at the developing stage for Season 2. They want the choices that the player has made in season one to carry on to season 2. Hopefully, they manage to do that!

There will be no episode 6…

But there MIGHT be a season 2.
I pre ordered TWD video game, so I dont think I'll have to pay extra…