IPhone Wifi button not working?

Okay so I turned off my iPhone's wifi while making a phone call cuz I was having terrible connection and now I first was able to switch my wifi from off to on. But it wasnt connecting, and I was standing right next to the router. So I thought turning off and on my phone would work. Yeah it didn't cuz now when it's on when I go to the wifi setting where you switch it on or off. It's a dull grey like if you can't access it and won't let me switch it to on. So then I thought resetting the network setting would work but it's still the same and I can't slide the button to on for wifi. Anyone know what to do?

That's strange. You should go on apple's website and activate a customer service chat. (I'm not sure if that is on during the weekends or not.)

my phone is doing the same

I am having that same problem! Did you ever get it to work?

I'm having the same problem. Is there any solution

I am facing this same problem and my region is out of reach, what do I do?