IPhone won't restore and stuck in recovery mode?

My iPhone is stuck in recovery mode! When I plug it in it says "iTunes has discovered an iPhone in recovery mode and it needs to be restored to continue" and then I click restore. But then it says "preparing iPhone for restore" and then it stops and says that it doesn't work. I have tried restarting the computer with it plugged in but it didn't work either and I have tried restoring it 4 times

Added (1). Hard reset doesn't work and there is also an issue with the screen being extremely dim that even when you manage to see it you hardly can.

Do a hard reset.

This happens all the time when I restore my iPod and Phone! It's always fixed by using a different iTunes account. As in, getting on a different computer and restoring it there. I don't know why it wants a different comp but it always works. Try someone else's and set up as a new device. It's the best you can do unless you know how to copy a backup from one computer to another, which I don't know how to do.
If this doesn't work you'll probably have to contact apple.
side note: youtube search the problem and see if there's a tut on it. There's tuts for most things these days.