Is 100mb iPhone 4s data plan enough?

I'm looking into getting an iphone 4s and am wondering if 100mb of data is enough for me. I regularly check twitter and surf the internet. I would only go on youtube at home where this is wi-fi.

I would say no, one web page can easily be few mb, meaning you will run out quite fast.

Well if you go out a lot and want to use the Internet the often then no. I have a plan which only allows me 100mb download too and I only use it for emergencies like checking transport timetables. You will need a higher download amount if you are planning on using the Internet on your iPhone often

I'm on the same and only use it for a few minutes everyday to check twitter, Facebook and my forum and it runs out really quick. Usually within a week. So I say no.

The answer is yes
its enough
especially that you wont be playing videos while on your data plan
what you should do is to download a browser called "Opera Mini"its free and it has something called opera turbo
what opera turbo does is it compresses the sites so that youll use way less data
it compresses them upto 95%
on my phone so far i should have consumed 6gb and because of turbo ive only used 1.1 gb
which is nothing compared to 6 gb
hope i helped:)
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