Is it worth buying the iPhone 4s now if the 5s is going to come out?

I want to get an iPhone but I'm scared my iPhone will yesterdays news. I don't want to spend a lot of money so I know I'm not going to get the newest thing. That is why I want to get an iPhone that's one model behind. At AT&T the iPhone 4s is only $100 but I heard the 5s will come out in September. With my experience with apple the older generations seem to stop working. Like I have an iPod touch that's only 3yrs old and it's not compatible with most apps.

I know several people that still have the 4s and they work fine and do not have problems with the apps. I don't like how the 5s need new chargers and adapters for all devices such a docking stations, etc. I know Wal Mart usually has the iPhone 4 for free with a new contract. I'd check there first. Good luck!

Well I heard about a glitch with the iphone 5 where a lady somewhere in china or japan answered a call while it was charging and was electrocuted and killed, so I'm kind of iffy about the iphone 5's. But they do have a really good deal on the iphone 4s at verizon. You can get the iphone free with a 2 year contract.

4S will still be used for years to come.

The new OS coming out in Sept is supposed to be usable on the iPhone4 forward. So the 4S should be fine for years. It should be compatible with new apps. Sept. Is soon. You might want to wait and decide when the new phone and OS come out.

Buying an iphone doesn't worth it. You should seek the ubuntu edge if you want a high quality phone or an optimus G. If you're stuck with the iphone, you can still seek the iphone 5, a nice phone who will be supported for a while still

I would recommend waiting for the iPhone 5S and then either buy the 5S or the 5, because the 4S will soon become obsolete. Even if it will be compatible with iOS 7, it may not be compatible with iOS 8 when it comes out next year, and you will probably want the newest software considering you will have the iPhone 4S for the next two years. If you want more information about when the iPhone 5S will come out, you can check out this article