Is it worth downloading iOS 7 for iPhone?

Is it good? Worth to download the beta version now? Should I just wait?

Just wait. The iOS 7 has lots of bugs right now but they will be fixed when it is available for downloading

Hi, it's certainly quite a fresh facelift and I've grown to like it. The latest iOS 7 beta 3 is quite stable and suitable for day to day use and any bugs are being fixed rapidly with a 2 week release schedule for subsequent betas. Beta 4 will be out soon and so on with each release refining features and fixing bugs.

Now to install any iOS 7 beta you MUST register your UDID with a developer account or the device will not activate after installing with iTunes. An awesome place for UDID activations is

They're always fast and provide support and you can rest assured that your iDevice will work after a beta install and be eligible to install all iOS 7 betas that are released.

Don't download any upgrades since they all progressively get worse.

A beta is used for improving the software, generally it's usable but not preferred unless you'd like to take a look. There are currently many applications that are not supported by iOS7 so I guess it's just up to what you use your iDevice for:)

Personally I'm using it, but I generally don't use to many applications on the phone.

It's definitely worth trying! Just make sure your iPhone's UDID is registered through a site like's $5, and then you don't have to worry about bricking your phone with iOS 7.