Is straight talk service good? With an iPhone?

I've heard great stuff about straight talk but prepaid plans tend to be bad service wise. I really want to use an iPhone with them but I need to know what all I'm getting before making that investment. I live in Birmingham, AL if anyone has ST here. I heard they use AT&T towers but just need to know what all this is. Let me know what you know!

Straight Talk is a division of Tracfone sold exclusively by Wal-Mart. Tracfone/Net10/Straight Talk buy airtime from the major carriers then sell it to their customers. You can buy service 2 ways, either with a airtime card or by registering your credit card with Tracfone/Net10/Straight Talk and use automatic with drawl each month.

The phone that you purchase will determine what major carrier towers your phone will use for service. If you want to use the bring your own phone program and use a AT&T Iphone, you will have the same service that you would get if you used AT&T.

You need to buy a Straight Talk sim card for $15 from the Straight Talk website. Then you must use the $45 unlimited plan with the bring your own phone program. You will have to go to the Straight Talk website to see how to program your Iphone for use with Straight Talk.

Is ok with an iPhone I have a buddy who went do this route, I prefer Android. Depending on what model of iphone you have and how it is lock or not locked is what you need to know: this guide is ok… Also there might be some help on XDA developers