Is the 'consumer survey group' a scam?

I was interested so I clicked on their add and i did like 3 questions and they offered me a choice of a free gift. I clicked iphone 5 but now its asking for my address and my first and last name and stuff so they can 'deliver' it to me but im not sure if its a scam.someone please answer!

They say they'll send you an iphone5? Of course it is a scam.

It's not a free iPhone. There is NO company that gives away a free iPhone 5 for answering 3 questions. Never give your address to any random website
And read this that says
by signing up you are agreeing to be billed $4.50/week with no way to cancel
And it's also been reported for being involved in a fake check scam

You need to install a pop up blocker. There are NO pop ups offering free items that are legit. In almost 20 years of using the internet I have never found one single legitimate pop up