Is the iPhone 4S camera better than the Samsung Galaxy S3 camera?

Ok, so I am deciding between the above phones and an important factor for me is the camera, are they the same? :) please answer!

Are you serious? They are BOTH cell phone cameras, which puts them just below a Kodak point and shoot for photography,

If you somehow think the camera in a cell phone is that important, the Samsung has the better camera.

The 8 MP Camera is supreme you can bet. Quadprocessor and 2100mah battary Android to jelly bean updated.
4.8zoll bigger than iphone.
Super Amoled HD display it, s beautyful and the best.
Google Navigation top.
All features on board and better than iphones.

Probs iphone
Iphone all the way:)
They are better everything the fastest mobile phone i've ever used with the best camera