Is the iPhone 5s worth getting?

I want the 5s… Is it worth it? And if I order it online the night it can be ordered online, does that ship to my house or will it be available to pick it up in store

Well I can tell you that I would not buy it. I think they're making the same phone over and over again, and if it's only to fit in and be cool. Don't.
It's expensive as hell and in my opinion not nearly as good as the samsung galaxy sII, sIII and sIIII and many other phones. They're a waste of money. The samsung (or just any other company) phones are much cheaper and have larger screens and are in all ways (I think) much cooler!

Just buy the sIII or sIIII, I would say. But if you really think you need it, there's nothing I can do to stop you. Don't say I didn't warn you if you buy it and get disappointed. :p

If your current iPhone is any model lower than the 4S, then YES the new 5S is worth the upgrade. If you have an iPhone 5 now the price doesn't justify the small incremental upgrade.

Depends on what phone you are coming from. The 5S is not much of an improvement over the 5 or even the 4S. Actually, iOS7 which will also be available free on the 4S, is a much bigger improvement than the hardware on the 5S. If you want to save money get a 4S (free on contract) and install iOS7. This is compared to $199 for the 5S.