Is the iPhone 6 coming out soon?

So I just got the iPhone 5 last week and I am pretty pissed off that there is going to be a iPhone 6 soon. I'm not sure if its just a rumor but I hope so. Also I have a 3 year contract with Rogers so if the iPhone 6 comes out can i just keep the contract and pay money for the iPhone 6 without cancelling the contract or do I have to cancel the contract and make a new one. Please tell me!

IPhone 5S is releasing soon, no such thing as iPhone 6. Don't be mad about it. The iPhone 5S will have a little better camera and better software. Also, it will look exactly the SAME.

The iphone 6 will probably be released somewhere around May next year. If you want a new phone with rogers you'll need to cancel your contract. I don't know why you would be pissed off. Every iPhone is basically the same but with higher specs that you don't even notice.

I heard that the iphone 6 is coming out today but it might be a rumor