Is there a Working Clash of Clans Tool/hack?

So today my cousin told me that he hacked the App "Clash Of Clans" on his iphone using a "tool". I've been playing this game for only 4-5 months and he played it for a week and hes x9-x10'd his base to mine… So now i ask if there is an ACTUAL working tool for CoC.

He did not give me a link or tell me how he did it except that he used the tool part (he is broke dont think he would spend thousands of dollar on this game just to show me off lmfao).

I did look up on youtube and on google if there was any tools and they all told me different versions and blah blah blah and they all needed you to answer surveys for them to work with your real info (yeah go f**k yourself hackers) so yeah. I do not plan on ruining a market with this i just want to ask the question that many are wondering and that i am thinking of out of curiosity.

Thanks for the help guys! Just provide the link or w/e you did (:

Yes, there are tools that work. You shouldn't consider surveys to give off a false impression of a hacker. They simply use them as a way to make money for the time and work it takes to make the programs. They get paid like $1 for every survey that gets filled out and that's what makes them even put in the time to make the programs.
Anyways, I have tried a few of them, but the only clash of clans hack i actually found to work was from
The only part that worked was the Gems though. It didn't add the rest of the things it offers coins, etc. I think sometimes the company can only find out how to patch certain things and it stops that item from getting through. If they don't work you just have to wait until someone releases a new version that hasn't been patched yet.
Hope that helps.

PS: You can do the survey links by using information and they always unlock the survey without having to use your info. Good Luck on the search!

it didnt work
it never downoaded the file
the name generator worked tho it was cool