Is there anyway to make calls louder on iphone 5?

I recently got an iPhone 5 but my whenever I call someone or they call me, their voice seems really distant and quite in general, I tried turning the sound up via the volume buttons but it's still the same? Is there anything I can do about this?

When your in a call, press the volume up button like you are turning up your music and it should get louder

Well my sister has a kindle fire and she had problems with youtube videos being too quite and my dad knew about an app that made the volume louder than standard devices so try searching the app store for: Audio Booster or Volume Booster and things of that nature.

Well you can turn the volume louder or put it on speaker

Just push the up button on the side of the phone when talking. Sometimes too if using a headset then the headset oftens has its own volume controls.