Is there something wrong with IMessage? - 1

When I send a iMessage it doesn't say delivered or read like it usually do it. When a iMessage doesn't send it usually say not delivered under it but it don't say that either it doesn't say nothing under the message. So I sent a message to myself to see if it would work and it did it said message delivered then switched to read. Now my problem is I been trying to text my friend ( has a iphone also) all day yesterday and today but the iMessage doesn't have nothing under it I know it work cause I sent a message to myself so is my friend ignoring me or is there something really wrong.
Please help I know it's a lot

Ps I called my friend (private) but hung up jus to see if they had there phone turned off and they didnt so I know that's not the problem.

My imessage is very weird. I send a pic and it says not delivered and the the person i sent it to says 'nice pic' even though it says they didnt get it. It doesnt say read anymoew, it just says delivered, it doesnt bother me that much though, if it does bother you take it to the apple store

They may have iMessage turned off, or their internet may not be working (or turned off) - This would allow you to call them, but not iMessage them.

Or. They may have changed their iMessage settings, so you have to message them with a different number, or email address to usual.