Is this a scam or did I really win a prize from Craigslist?

We are happy to inform you that you are the winner of our September Promotion.
In order to claim your prize (a brand new Iphone 5), you must reply us with a valid phone number, so we can authenticate you as the winner of this promotion.
Once again, we have been runing this promotion only today, so please reply us immediately.

Really? You have to ask with english like that? You need to get scammed a few times i guess.

If its anything to do with Apple products its a scam they target these things at idiots, no offense.


Besides the obvious butchered English… The iPhone 5 is brand new. There's no way some random company would email/text you, out of the blue, and say you won a $200 (at MINIMUM) phone.
Obvious scam is obvious.

It looks like a scam…

This is a scam! Have a good security software in your pc!