ITunes keeps canceling sync?

I have a 32gb iPhone 4s and i am using iTunes 11 on Mac OS X 10.8.2. Whenever I plug my iPhone in to my computer, the sync starts up fine. It gets all the way the the 4th step of syncing and starts to put my songs on my phone, and then out of nowhere it stops on a random song and just cancels the sync. How can I fix this?

Added (1). Also, my iPhone is not full. According to iTunes I have over 7.5gb left, and I just deleted over 250 songs yesterday so I should have more room than that.

Added (2). Yes, I have restored my iPhone and reinstalled iTunes and it still cancels the sync.

Have you tried reinstalling iTunes on your computer? If you have and it doesn't work, have you tried restoring your iPhone?

yes did that also