Just dropped iPhone in sink full of water!

I quickly pulled it out and it's working now… But I know there's water in it! What do I do!

Blow hot air over it---use hair dryer or other source.

Daaaaaam, that sh it, would kill my high, strait up, pull it in a bowl o rice quickkly hurry

Put it in a bowl of rice with a lid on it, the rice will absorb the moisture out.

Same thing happened with my stupid step mum but she didn't know it dropped in and it was there for 2 hours! This sound weird but it is cheap and it works. Put it in a bag FULL of rice and leave it for a few days and done! No more water! Do NOT try to blow dry it or something! Good luck:)

Put it in rice. The rice will absorb the water and it would also help a lot to put it in front of a dehumidifyer for a day or 2 if you have one.

Put it in a bowl or bag of rice

Put it in a closed zip lock bag full of rice over night it will absorb all of the water out and itll be fine to use the next day, promise.