Life proof iPhone case problem!

Anyone who owns a life proof case for their iPhone? I just got mine today and I noticed I cannot hear text message sounds. I have my volume set at the highest, I also can't hear my screen lock. Is this normal. It says nothing about this on the information that came in the box. Does anyone know what I should do? Thanks!

My sister has a life proof case and it works perfectly and you can hear everything. When she uses the speaker on the phone it sounds better when you open up the bottom battery flap. You should take the case off because it may just be the phone. Good luck:)

With my lifecase on everyone says i sound like Im is a well, no one can hear me till i take it off. Does anyone else have this problem. Its alot of money for something you cant use

My wife's iPhone 5C didn't work with the life case. The case blocked the rear microphone and caused audio problems.

I would love to by one but I want t take a selfy under water idk if I can but I don't wont to try it until I know for sure

No one can understand me when I am talking to them. Continually repeat and sometimes still not understood.
Cover is a piece of crap if it blocks your voice reception.

I agree with the problems about muffled and partial words going out caused by this box. What a poor design. This is not a knock off this is a life proof 5s box.