Lifeproof VS Otterbox Armor Series?

I'm getting an iPhone 4S, and I want a case that will protect it from being dropped on the ground, as well as in the water. I have narrowed down my search to two products:


Otterbox Armor Series:
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Both cases look awesome, but the Lifeproof is $80, and the Armor Series hasn't been released yet. Both are waterproof, drop-proof, and dirt/dust-proof. So which case looks better in your opinion?

Thanks for the help!

I dont have an answer

Otterbox Definetly.

They are much more durable than lifeproof cases.

Lifeproof case looks too bulky, and otterbox armor series looks much better, so I will choose the later one.

I want the armor series, but no one knows when it will be released. On the other hand… Life proof is here and it seems to be pretty legit. Some believe they pushed back the release date of the armor series to coincide w/ the iphone 5. All while still fully functional w/ the iphone 4.

i suspect both will be around the same price.

I have the lifeproof and really do like it but the armor series does everything the lifeproof does with the addition of being crush proof for better screen protection but i also heard the armor series is 100 dollars so i think the lifeproof(until the armor series is tested to perfection) is the better value

Life-proof isn't drop proof. Mine fell off my bathroom sink, which is only about 4 ft off the ground. And my iPhone shattered completely. The life-proof case was perfectly fine.

The Lifeproof is Water, Dust, snow, and shock proof. It even says on the website.
The Armor on the other hand Is all of those and it can withstand 2 tons of crushing power and Withstands 10 ft drops.
Armour All the WAY!

I have the armour its way better

Life proof is way better