Lost iPhone 4S? Any way to track?

I lost my iPhone 4S. It's powered off. I had the find my iPhone app but says it is offline. Is there another way to track it?

Well my dad lost his ipad before and just used another ipad/iphone to find it by downloading a iphone/ipad tracker

Verizon or your carrier can tell you where the last activity of the gps on the phone was, but once it's turned off it's untracable. Part of the reason you may be seeing the powered off, is because the phone has been found by somebody and they are just using it as an iPod, or have already flashed it or put it onto another carrier/number.

Sadly, I asked my dad, and he told me that as long as your iphone is turned off, you cannot track it. Wait until it comes online, even for a moment, and it should pick it up, but not before that. Did you actually get it stolen, or is it just lost at home?

No phone can be tracked if it's off, by Apple or Verizon or even the CIA. But once it's turned on again, it should show up in find my iPhone (I wouldn't worry too much about someone wiping it or reprogramming it first; most people who find or steal a phone have no clue how to do that stuff anyway).

You may try to track it down when your phone has connection to internet.
Applying some anti-thief app like ilostfinder will be a wise choice to protect your phone.

It will take pictures of the thief when she/he tries to open your device and then send those pictures to your email.


You may get it back or at least prevent the thief next time with the app.

Here are some other tips from experts about protecting your iPhone from theft:
1. Create a well-organized record of all the necessary details and information related to your mobile. Such as IMEI numbers, Pin Code.
2. Grab the phone on your hand when you go on mass transit or walk around.
3. Pocket your phone after sitting around using your phone for a while. And keep mindful of who is around you.
4. Lock your phone using Security Lock Code or PIN feature.
Learn more at http://www.thebluedot.net/blog/2012/03/19/anti-theft-cell-phone-tips/

Hope it helps.

It is not possible to track dead phones.

I am afraid Find my iPhone will not work if your phone is offline…