My instagram app won't open?

My instagram won't open for some reason I don't, I delete the app like a grip of times & downloaded again & doubt it's the Internet connection because it's working fine some please help 10 pts & i have iPhone 4

Restart your phone then start it again

I have heard lots of complaints about this.
I would just delete the application, re-install it and restart your phone. If that doesn't work, I would try disconnecting from your Wifi, then re-connecting.

At this time instagram is having difficulties lots of difficulties. Most concerning using subscribers images without their approval. They sell users images without compensating the original image creator.

girls calling cabs that don't board until 7.

I'm finding it hard to open an account on instagram why, please help

My Instagram won't open and I can't restart my phone because my lock button is jammed. I've already tried deleting it and installing it again it still doesn't work.

I hate it, i tryied to do this again and again and… Nothing

I've restarted my phone and disconnected wifi

My Instagram app opens but it won't start. Then it goes back to the home screen. I have an iPod 4.

I have a iPod touch 4 and when I klik it it will go back to the home screen

I'm in the instagram suddenly it's log out and it's not opening again and don't change may password and my iPhone is iPhone 6

My instagram won't open it keeps going back to the home screen and I have a iPod touch 4

Some help I don't want to restart because it took alot of time to make istrgram

Some help I don't want to restart because it took alot of time to make istrgram