My iPhone 4 is frozen after trying to upgrade to ios 6.0.1?

So, I got the notification that I can download the new update. So I continued to do so. Well, I really needed to get in my phone, and the update was taking forever. I decided to press home and lock at the same time to restart it. I thought everything would be fine, but now I've been stuck on a frozen screen with only the apple logo. I fell asleep at about 11 p.m. I've woken up so many times hoping it's back to normal, but it's 5:30 in the morning and it's still frozen. It's really beginning to piss me off. What should I do?

Added (1). Also, I've tried plugging it into my computer to try to figure something out, but my computer doesn't seem to even know it's plugged in.

Added (2). AND, when I turn it off and try to hold the home button, it says my phone is dead. Even when it's plugged into the wall.

Added (3). But when i tried connecting to itunes, it would read my phone

Added (4). It WOULDN'T read my phone

Sync it to iTunes.


First hold the sleep button and home button and the after restarting wait 3 seconds then leave the power button now keep holding the home button until it gets to itunes restore mode now download a copy of ios 6.0.1 or if you have it just follow on screen instructions

any doubt message
connect to the computer switch on itunes and then do so

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