My Iphone 4s froze while restoring?

Hi! So I needed to restore my IPhone 4s and my computer decided to restart itself while doing so and now it's stuck on the apple logo screen. When I open itunes, it doesn't even say my phone is connected to it so I can't resume the restoration. Help! What do I do?

You should be able to cancel it by holding the home & power button. Or just look it up on YouTube.

I would try and shut it off. I only have the iPhone 4. But try and hold the lock button to see if it'll turn off. But if you do succeed, you're phone might be messed up since your computer restarted during the process. You may and may not have a chance of having all your things that you had on your phone.

You follow apples wishes and buy the new iphone 5… :/

Or try pushing a pin in the little hole next to the headphones socket, that's a reset button.

Then plug it in your computer, and away you go!

Try doing the soft reset, hold the power button and home button at the same time for at least 30 seconds, if that did not work then you can let the phone stay on and it will either fix itself overnight or die out and you can restart it when you charge it again

and on an unrelated note from my answer is Derreerrn answers, the hole that he is talking about right next to the headphone socket is not a reset button. It is a mic or a noise cancellation mic for videos or when you are talking on the phone