My iPhone 5c wont send texts?

Like, iMessage is on, and it works. But regular texts fail to send, no matter who it's to. I cant get one to go through, and I checked and made sure that MMS was on in my settings…
Its weird because this was only started to be a problem a day or two ago. (Ive had the phone a little over a week)

Ive tried hard resetting it, resetting network settings, and resetting all settings.

Anyone now what to do that could make it work?

Do you have carrier signal in your phone?
if not call them cuz you can send imessage over wifi but you cant send sms.
call them up.
turning or resetting wont help.

Some agencies take separate charges for calls and for text messages. You may have to check the package that you have paid, whether it is full talktime or includes both SMS and other calls.

Go into settings and make sure that where it says "Send as SMS when iMessage is not available" the feature is in the on position.