My iphone charger cable is bent.

I was just sitting in my room charging my phone when it stopped charging. I moved my phone to a different position, and it started charging again. Then I moved it back, and it stopped charging again. Please help because I need my phone for babysitting jobs and it wont charge. **NOTE** I tried charging my phone through my computer, and it wont work.

The same thing happene with my charger, mine would only work in a certain position, but if it was moved, it would stop charging. Eventually mine stopped working at all. Yours is probably broken.

This happened to me just a few days ago. I bent it and it work but after a while it stopped working again. It's the cable that doesn't work. I went to the apple store and asked if they could change it and they gave me a new one for free, but they had to keep my old broken one. It works fine now. Try to unplug the charger from the plastic rather than the rubber cable next time. Hope it helps:)

Try bending the cable back into its normal position. It's likely a little bent out of shape.

You have a broken wire. If you want to charge it… Move the phone to where it will charge and then GET A REPLACEMENT charger. Often dollar stores or Big Lots type stores… Even Walmart/Radio Shack have replacement chargers. If you have a car charger… Use that in a pinch too.

I've had the same problem you have to go to the apple store or a store close to you. It cost like $20 for a new one. :)