MY iPhone isnt connect to my computer!

NO! Im 15 and my iphone is my life, please help me out and put yourself in my shoes for just a sec, ive searched how to connect it to my computer but its not working, im in a recovery screen at the moment, when i re-turn it on, it goes back to recovery, and when i hook it up to my computer, my computer says " usb device not recognized" and i take it out put it back it like 15 times, and same message, it connects occasionally, really rarely, but i was thinking maybe theres a program i can download or theres a handy tip i can use to make my computer recognize my phone, theres nothing wrong with the cable, nor my computer, its my phone, ive connect a ipod up perfectly, just my frigin phone:( Help! :(

Look try doing this hold the sleep button and home button at the same time dont let go until your phone turns off when it turns off bd the apple logo comes u let go the sleep button and hold the home button your supposed to continue holding the home button not let go only let go the sleep button then itunes is suppose to detect your iphone

The home button is the bottom button under the screen
The sleep button is the top button

Try it and tell me wat happens if not talk to me on kik my name is mohammadmatar99