My iPhone Won't Turn On (after Jailbreak)?

Ok, so i was trying to jail break me iphone 3gs on 6.1.3 with redsn0w.
here the thing, the iphone's power button is broken so i cant dfu the phone manually
Since the phone wont turn on, computers and itunes wont detect my phone

any ideas or comments will help at this time

thank you in advance

If you couldn't put your iPhone in DFU mode, then your phone isn't jailbroken. If your phone is turned off, just plug it into the wall and it should turn itself on.

If the power button is broken, then you can't put your phone in DFU mode, which means you can't jailbreak it.

You can jailbreak it - youtube how to jailbreak iphone without the power button. They use redsn0w to create a file and it goes through iTunes. Try it