My iPhone wont allow me to rotate the screen?

How do I turn it off so the lock next to the battery percentage is not there?

Double tap the home button to open the switcher and slide it to the left to the music controls. To the left Is the orientation lock. Press it once and your all set.

You can double press the home button and slide to the part that has the play button, next to it you'lll find an arrow shaped as a a circle. And if it has a lock in the middle then press it. If it doesnt it must be something else


Double click the home screen button (the big round one below the screen (just being clear. , swipe it to the right, there will be a lock button option, tap it.

First, go to your home screen. Next, double press your home button, this will bring up your multitask switcher. Swipe left until you see the music icon, and the bottom left of your screen will be the orientation lock button. Press it, and you can rotate your screen again.