My iphone wont let me update software because it doesnt have enough storage?

Most of my stuff on my phone is music. I have the iphone 4 and it said I need 2.5 gb to update. If I delete some stuff on my phone and update it can I put it back on there without a problem?

I am pretty sure you can delete things off you Iphone, however just make sure its on a computer source - (Itunes e.g.), so once you have updated, you should be able to hook it back up to the computer which stores your music/apps etc and put them back, or put back ones that you wanted. It seems like a lot of gb to update though…

Here is a better idea since you say most of the space being taken up is music. Do you use iTunes or Google Play on your PC/Mac? What you will want to do is download gMusic from the App Store. Then you will want to head over to & inport all your music to Google Play. Once you have gMusic installed on your phone & your music imported into Google Play - you will be able to stream your entire music collection (over 25, 000 songs) straight to your phone. You won't have to have your computer on because all your music will be on Google's servers. Then you can delete all your music on your phone, freeing up space for the update.

What's also great is now you have your entire music collection where ever you go on any computer as well. You can access it by going to