My Nokia Lumia 900 cannot receive or send pictures, how can I fix this?

I have a Nokia Lumia 900 and it won't send or receive pictures. Well only receive 2/10 pictures. It's really strange. Same sender sends 10 pictures but only two will show up and the others will have a "Media content in this message" and it's underlined. I hold it down but it only gives me the option of deleting the media content. This is very frustrating and if the issue continues, I will get rid of the phone and trade it in for a note. Or an iPhone in spite.

Seriously; How do I fix the problem. Is there an app I can download? A Update I'm missing?

Added (1). Okay! I'll try.

Try downloading this Nokia Network Setup app

I am in the same situation, my Nokia Lumia 925 cannot receive or send picture. Can you tell me how to solve the problem? Ps: it shows media content in this message after I send the message with picture

My lumia 900 doesn't recive pictures or sent… Why help me

I recently had a phone update on my Lumina phone, but now I am not able to open pictures in my email. Does anyone have an idea. I was told it is a security setting, but can find the security setting on my phone. Thanks