My notes keep deleting from my iphone so how do I recover them?

It's really frustrating! I don't delete them and all the sudden they'll just be gone!

Are you saving them properly by clicking done? Also try recovering them by iCloud on settings, might work, hope this helps:-)

Just take a screenshot of them so they wont get lost. They dont delete random photos on iphone, right?(press lock and home button at same time if you dont know)

If Jade's tip doesn't help (I hope it does work), you could search online for "file/data recovery apps" for your device. I'm not familiar with your device's OS, so my tip is based on my experience with PCs powered by Linux and/or Windows.

I discovered that the OS is deleting my notes on my iPhone, but sending them to my email. They are in the folder "Notes". Now, how do I get them back on my iPhone?