On my iPhone, my mail, calendar, safari, and maps wont open!

Hey… So I tried jailbreaking my phone and it didn't work. Anyways, after I stoped trying to jailbreak it, I realized that some of the apps that you can't delete (Mail, Calendar, Safari, and Maps) won't open! They just keep crashing! I really would like these apps to work again so I can use them while I'm on the go. I already tired the dumb little things like turning my phone off and then back on… But it doesn't seem to work! :( Please help! Thank you so much everyone! :D

It's stuck in safe mode without you knowing. Try to restore it again because that's the only way you will fix it. It happens to me too sometimes.

If you attempted to jailbreak your iPhone and it didn't work, something may have gone wrong and you will need to restore your iPhone (start all over) to get the main apps working again. To do this, you can plug your iPhone into a computer, launch iTunes and click "Restore" or you can go to your Settings < General < Reset < Erase All Content and Settings. That will restore your iPhone to being as it was when it was brand new.