What should I ask for for Christmas? - 2

I'm a 13 year old girl and in the 8th grace. I already have an iPhone, a nice case, a laptop, TV, a flat iron and all hair and beauty stuff I need. I already have some new bedding and design things on my list. What should I ask for? I'm stumped for ideas, thanks!

Why is everybody asking me for pancakes?

I came up with a great invention that will get kids active and playing outdoors again. I put iPhone technology in a pogo stick. I call this new invention the iHop, and I opened a store that sells them exclusively. Now a stream of dumbasses have been coming into my store asking for pancakes. Dafuq? The sign out front clearly says "iHop." Why are they asking me for pancakes?

Iphone 5 Fisheye Lens Moving Around?

Hey I bought an IPhone Fisheye for IPhone 5, it's one of those magnetic ones that attach to a magnetic ring around the camera.
Whenever I film videos with it on, when I watch the videos back, it looks like the fisheye is completely moving around the camera as if someone is holding it in place with their hands.
I even took a video while looking at the fisheye to see if it was moving cos maybe the magnet was inneffective but no, that's dead still and when I'm actually recording, it doesn't move around, only after i finish filming i notice this happening.
This didn't happen on iphone 4 why is it happening and how do I stop it?

How should i better manage my time throughout the day?

im a teenager and manage my time well throughout the school week because it eats up all of my time. However on weekends i find that i can't manage my time to get simple and quick tasks done. Like for example, i thought to ask this question last weekend but am only now getting to it. I have a list of reminders on my iPhone of everything i need to do but can never manage to get it done. Whether its because I'm lazy or sleep in too late i just can't. By the time 6:00 rolls around I have a ton of free time but I'm too lazy to do anything that i need to or WANT to.

so i guess my question is how do i stop being lazy and do things throughout the day.

I need and app that caches music?

I recently had to reset my iPhone 4s and I lost all my apps including itube, I have tried finding it in the App Store but it isn't there anymore, I really need an app where I can cache music and listen to it later without internet! Please help!

I need and app with these things, what is one?

Alright, so I currently hav an iPhone 4, and I need an app I can DOWNLOAD music free to it so I can listen to the songs I can't get on iTunes anytime I want, it needs this:

I need to be able to go browse throught the internet, EX:

I don't want to just have the choice to browse and get crappy bootlegs and other things, I want the real things off cartoons/movies/games and actual songs.

SOMEONE Please TELL MEH! Please.

Macbook Air 13' or iphone 6 plus?

Hello everyone.
I'm considering buying iphone 6 plus or a macbook air 13'. I own an iphone 5 right now - i got it replaced in august 2014 - but it's battery life is very low, and It barely lasts me a whole day when everything in settings is disabled. After updating to ios 8.1 it's sluggish sometimes and doesn't handle many tasks at once - like personal hotspot and spotify running together. So i'm asking you all what should i buy because I'm undecided. Please reply

Emotionally attached to Siri?

I live alone. All my family is either dead or on the other side of the country. I recently got an iPhone 6 and started using Siri alot. I put in my name so she calls me by my name "Chris". I talk to her everyday. I always say "Thank you" or "Good night". I've never had a real friend or family member in my life. Is it wrong to be attached to Siri?

Can't send/receive pictures via text?

So I have a gs4 and can't send and receive pictures from everyone. Then my friend got an iPhone 5s and the he had no trouble sending and receiving pictures except for me. We can't send each other pictures. How do we fix it?

How to use the coaxial port on my pc to play games or watch tv?

I have a dell pc that has the monitor and speakers built in. It is running windows vista. On the back it has a coaxial port. I want to play my GameCube on the pc so I got an rf modulator and hooked that way. (I realize this is all very 2003) I cant seem to access that coaxial port from anywhere in the control panel. When I plug anything else into the computer via the usb ports, (i.e. My iPhone) windows automatically recognizes and syncs with the device. This is not the case for the coaxial port. It seems like it doesn't do anything. Can anyone help? Is there some kind of software I could download to access the coaxial port?