IPhone 4 replacement screen?

I have an iPhone 4 with Virgin Mobile, my nephew accidentally dropped it an it cracked and I wanted to replace it, but I only see replacements from AT&T, Sprint, and Verizon. Which one would be appropriate for my iPhone?

I dropped my iPhone down the toilet, what should I do?!

So I dropped my iPhone 5c down the toilet and took it straight out and dried it with a towel. It was and still is working fine (speakers etc all fine) apart from the main camera which is blurry with water vapour on the inside of the lens and youtube videos are not rotating (although that may just be a glitch in the app). My friends are telling me to put it in a bowl of rice to absorb excess water but it's currently charging and is working fine.
What should I do?

Why won't my iPhone auto capitalize?

Why won't my iPhone auto capitalize? I jail broke it almost 2 weeks ago and after a week it stopped auto capitalizing in messages. It will do it for the first text, but then any text after that must be done manually.

Is this kind of app possible?

I want to make a app where i can monitor my computer and use it from my phone i have a iphone 5 ios 7 and macbook pro mavericks is that possible

My iPhone 5S has stopped working what do I do?

My iPhone has stopped charging I connect it to the computer and I connect it to the wall and I get no charge what do I do in this scenario. Do I take it to T-Mobile with my warranty or what.

Cant hear sound when my mic is plugged in?

I got a microphone yesterday. It works great, but everytime its plugged in, i cant hear the sound of my headphones. It is a Cad u1 usb mic and my headphones are the ones that came with my iphone.

Why are jailbroken apps not allowed on the App store?

For Iphones some of the apps that one can obtain with a jailbroken iphone are actually quite useful. For example there is a numerous amounts of apps that give the ability to lock folders so you can only open the folders with a password. This could be useful for many people. There is also another app that allows you to send a text message without actually going to the text message app. This can save a lot of time.

Why aren't these apps allowed on the app store? I don't see anything harmful about them. In fact they make the iphone a lot better.

I feel really spoiled and ungrateful right now?

So my mom just ordered 3 iPhone 5c's. (What the hell does c mean? I don't know.) The only problem is that I don't really want one. She got them practically free though and they are brand new. (if we cancel our contract with our cell provider she has to pay full price for them.)

I hardly ever use the phone I have, which is one of those old slide phones they probably don't make anymore considering I've had it since I was 13. I've never had a new phone because I don't need one.

My problem with a fancy phone like that is that I probably won't be able to figure out how to use it and I will probably break it.

One of the following are likely to happen, it gets stepped on, it gets nearly eaten by some sort of animal, it gets dropped while i'm working, it gets dropped while I'm not working, or it will get lost until I remember that the couch likes to eat my phone along with the animals.

I feel really selfish for not wanting one because apparently a lot of other people do, but I really am not excited about this.

How to send videos from my android phone to an iPhone?

Ive had an iPhone for a while and never had an issue sending videos. I just recently got a Nexus 5, and I can't send videos via text message or email. They are always too big, even if its only like 30 seconds long. Even reducing the quality to 480p, the files are still too big. Why is it so difficult for android devices to send videos? What's a good way to send videos to apple devices without having to download some app or something?