Why does my dog like my iphone so much?

Every time I come in from work my 2 year old golden retriever will sit infront of me, and she won't move until I give her my iphone. She doesn't try to chew it or anything, she just holds it gently in her mouth then she will take it in the living room and drop it on her bed.

None of my other dogs do this. If you tell her to pick it up, she will (although she won't bring it to me) but she will put it on another bed

Iphone 4s ios 7.1.1 hack activation screen?

hi i bought an iphone 4s from a friend who bought it from a different friend who found it on the street and he tryed to return it and look for the owner and he couldn't and now its mine but i can't get passed the activation lock screen because i need the past owners apple ID and password and i can't get it so is there a way to get pass it? Also I've seen ways to do it but the ways i saw say that once ur in you cant use any apps and you cant make a sim card work in it. Please help!

How to get the blue dot to show up on iphone texts?

basically i just got my iphone 5c, i can receive text messages but my unread ones dont have the blue dot thing or are in bold or anything. This is kind of annoying because its not clear what i have and havent read as all texts look the same. How do i fix this? Thank you!

Where to buy a used and working iphone 5?

I'm looking for a VERIZON preferably used (cheaper) iphone 5. I've looked at many websites like ebay but all the iPhones seem to be broken or way over priced. I'm looking for a verizon iphone 5 for under the price of 300$ does anyone know where I should look? Thanks!

How to get iPhone horoscope back without iTunes iCloud or paying for a diwnload?

How can I get my photos back from my iPhone4s? I can't hook it up to iTunes etc… I don't want to buy anything to get them bak I just want one photo back is there something free I can download. Ad that is not confusing to use I typed in iPhone photo recovery software but it either doesn't download etc… Anything simple to get a couple of
My photos back? Thanks

Nixon s6800: wifi and burst shooting?

I'm having trouble connecting my phone to the camera over wifi. I did it once and I forgot how to do it. When I go to settings to enable wifi on the camera, it's grayed out. I got the app downloaded on my iPhone by the way. I believe the name nixon with a lot of numbers is supposed to show up on my phone when I enable wifi on my phone but it's not there. Also, I can't figure out how to do burst shooting. I'll be giving out 10 points to the best answer.

New iPhone has simcard in it?!

I just bought a new iPhone 5s and I wonder it has a simcard inside it! Is it a new or it is refresh? Please answer quickly cause I want to return it back.