Traditional-to-Micro-SIM Cutting Conversion Failure?

Hi everyone, I have gotten my grandma's old iPhone 4 and I my previous phone was a iPhone 3GS. I am unable to switch the SIM cards for the iPhone 3GS uses a normal SIM, whereas the 4 uses a Micro-SIM.
My mum and I have tried cutting it (we saw in a YouTube video that you could just do that and it actually worked for the person in the video) but we have actually cut it a bit too small so now it has space to move around which is bad.
An idea we have is to tape it in place with sticky tape (not on the metal part) so it cannot move. Will this work or ruin the SIM card, iPhone or even both?
Kind regards.

- L

Added (1). I mean to ask: will it or will it not work?
Ignore the "or ruin the SIM card, iPhone or even both?" part.

What if I didn't purchase Apple Care when I bought my iPhone 4s?

It's almost a year since I've had my iPhone 4s and I just dropped it on tile floor today and it fell on the screen. No cracks. No breaks. Nothing my lock/power button had already been broken so I tried pressing the home button and my screen doesn't turn on nothing works. So if i take it to the Apple Store could I have them give me a replacement? If not at least fix it? What should i do?

IPhone 4 won't connect to iTunes? - 1

When I plug my phone in it makes that sound that says it's connected, it charges and lets me import my photos but it just wont connect to iTunes? I tried restarting the phone and my laptop but it's still not working? Someone said to delete and re install iTunes but will that lose all my music?

How much would my upgrade with Sprint cost?

My mom is already entitled to an upgrade from her iPhone 4S and she wants a gold iPhone 5s. We have an iPhone 4 that currently has no service, and she would like to turn that phone on, so that will have an extra cost. But she would also like to add another iPhone 5s to her plan. She would also like a family plan with unlimited talk and text, with I believe 1 GB of data. About how much will purchasing the phones cost, and about how much will her monthly bill be?

Iphone 3gs upgrade from 5 to 6 is free?

I have iphone 3gs with Ios5 version. I want to upgrade from ios 5 to ios 6. It is free to upgrade from home? If yes any problem arrive after upgrade?

It is safe to upgrade from home OR i have to go mobile shop for upgrade. & how much cost for upgrade.

I need Help. Thank you very much in advance.

Can i use the following link for upgrade in my iphone 3gs?


My iPhone 5S will not connect to wifi?

My iPhone 5S will not connect to my at home wifi. It always says unable to join! My MacBook Air, my moms phone, and my iPad are all connected to it! My sisters iPhone 4S will not connect either! I also have the latest software update 7.0.6. Please help!

Iphone 3 nonstop restore. I've restored 6 times now?

So, my mom's iphone 3 went to that screen with the iTunes signal and the USB pointing at the symbol. You know, saying plug it into iTunes. I plug it in, and try and do a reset, I wait 10-20 min, it resets, acts like its about to be ready to go, and then boom, back to the original backup screen. I've reset it 5-6 times now and everytime it installs all the stuff, then returns to the same screen. Solutions?

Dropped my iphone 5s in water?

I dropped my phone in a bucket of water and it was working fine i snatched it out quick an I've put it in a bag of rice for a few hours and it's still working everything works, what should I doo now?

Where can I sell my art online?

I'm a graphic designer and I have a designs already and I want to sell like clothing iphone cases t shirts tank tops etc with my designs on them. What's a good website that displays your work and produces your designs into products? Thank you:)

Where is reminders on Iphone 5?

Got it on my imac with mavericks. Its updating on the icloud. Cannot find it on my iphone though. Instructions say to goto "background apps" but reminders is not listed there. Http://