Will my employer get my personal info?

Hey, my employer just set up an IMAP account and I have an email address in it.

My question is if he can get all the info on my Iphone since it's setup on it.

He used to be in the communications business so I'm worried he put a software on my account to see my info.

All help is appreciated.

Guy fixed my iPhone now it's broke even more! Help?

I bought an iPhone 4 off eBay like 4 months ago, everything was FINE, everything was WORKING properly. I ended up dropping my phone several times, and everybody knows what happens with you drop your phone without a good protective case, it shatters. Well, I FINALLY got my screen replaced today, I got it back… The guy said when he took it apart, some screws weren't even screwed in. Once I got home, my home button is stuck, my camera won't work, I only get wifi in one room of the house, and it only charges on the computer.
I contacted him and he said to bring it back tomorrow and he will look at it.
What happened?!

Added (1). Did he do something or what happened?
Do you think this can be fixed?

My iPhone screen went black? - 1

u dropped my phone and the screen is black. When i put in on the charger, i feel the vibration of the phone, but the screen is still black. Please Help i cannot afford a new phone

Why isn't iCloud working on iPhone?

I have bought a iPhone 5S 32 gb from eBay. It came with iOS 7.1 and I did a Clean restore to iOS 8.1. Wiped the entire device. I set up my apple account, everything seemed to work fine. This is my first apple device other than the iPod. So I never made a iCloud account. When I try to sign up to iCloud it says that I'm not eligible and account limit reached how can I fix it. I really need to make an iCloud.

I'm running windows 8.1 on my laptop. With iTunes 64 bit. I tried everything nothing works. I downloaded iCloud on my pc too. But it says "this apple id is valid but not an iCloud account".

How to see old texts without scrolling all the way up?

So the texts are on an iPhone 4s, I want to look back at some conversations that were about in may or June. But I've sentered and received So many messages from that person since then, and it would take forever to scroll up that far. My phone would probably crash before I get there. Is there anyway I can view the conversations from may or June if I haven't deleted them yet? Thanks

Why won't iPhone 5c connect to internet?

My grandma's iPhone 5c isn't working. It has service bars, but it won't load anything. We tried connecting her phone to our wifi (which is working on everything else) and still no luck. It just won't connect. Does anyone know what's wrong with it?

ATT data plan and wifi usage?

I got a iPhone and am probably going to get a 50mb data plan. I'm doubting if it will be enough for one month but I will also be using my WiFi from home. My question is, is there a certain way I should configure my iphone so it will only use WiFi and not any of my data from the plan while I'm at home? Or will it do this automatically?