Why won't iPhone 5c connect to internet?

My grandma's iPhone 5c isn't working. It has service bars, but it won't load anything. We tried connecting her phone to our wifi (which is working on everything else) and still no luck. It just won't connect. Does anyone know what's wrong with it?

ATT data plan and wifi usage?

I got a iPhone and am probably going to get a 50mb data plan. I'm doubting if it will be enough for one month but I will also be using my WiFi from home. My question is, is there a certain way I should configure my iphone so it will only use WiFi and not any of my data from the plan while I'm at home? Or will it do this automatically?

Grandma throwing an anger tantrum, help?

Hey guys, this is my first time posting here, but I'll keep it short. Sometimes I like to fix phones or laptops as a favor for people and I usually don't charge them, but they give me money anyways because they think I'm a kid and all.

My grandma told her friend about me and he decided to give me an iPhone 4S to unlock. I didn't think anything of it until I noticed it was stolen and the original owner locked it and had a number to reach him. I wanted to contact the original owner and do the right thing, but I didn't think it was my place, so I told my grandpa to call the guy up and tell him I don't work with stolen things and to come pick it up.

Fast forward a month later and the guy never came to pick it up. I left the phone in a cabinet on our computer desk and told my grandparents to give it to him before I went to school in the morning. It's been there ever since and I just noticed it was gone earlier today while I was searching for something. My grandma is now threatening to kick me out of the house unless I find the phone and she's throwing a huge tantrum over the whole thing. She cares more about what people think about her than her own grandson it seems.

Any advice as to how to approach the situation?

Thanks everyone.

Can you block an entire area code on an iPhone?

I have a 405 area code (Oklahoma), but am constantly getting calls from 402 (Nebraska)-- I assume this is an error when people are typing in the number, as 2 is directly above 5 on a 3x3 number layout. Nonetheless I get 1-2 calls EVERY DAY from Nebraskans who can't double check their numbers before they call.

(Like, for two months this guy hounded me saying I owed him $500 despite me saying that he had the wrong number and to try with a 402 area code.)

I have an iPhone 4 with iOS 6.

IPhone 4 replacement or repair?

I have an IPhone 4 which I'm quite attached to but it has a few problems- screen sometimes freezes, home button sometimes doesn't work and battery seems to die very quickly lately. I've had it a couple of years and was bought second hand so is it worthwhile getting it all repaired (would it work out expensive) or should I buy another same model? I know it's an older one but does everything I need it to.

Will a 16gb iPhone 6 be big enough?

This is all hypothetical, but if I had about 500 photos, 20 videos, 2 high quality games (probably take up more room), spotify, all my emails, all my text messages, about 200 or 300 songs, and maybe 5 or 6 more apps, would 16gb be enough?


Android to iphone watsapp messages?

Hi,guys simple question how can i transfer android watsapp messages to iphone already tried backuptrans didnt work please guys help. I got a new iphone so moving from android to iphone. And also i had tried my best to search for any solution on google but didnt help

How much it is to fix an iPhone 5c smash and unresponsive screen?

About a month ago I smashed my phone, I had it fixed in a local phone repairs shop called mobile street it was £60 they fixed it in 45 mins, it was only smashed the screen was still working. However it looks as though they have just stuck a screen on the top. I want to get my phone fixed again. I have dropped it a few times. And the screen has now got colour lines and about a third of it has go black. It is smashed. It is unreposive yo the touch. How much is it to be fixed?

Music from iTunes to iDownloader app?

Sooo I downloaded the iOS 8 for my iPhone 5, iDownloader app immediately stopped working:/

Finally I redownloaded a similar app but I'm not able to download individual songs only albums, buuuuut I transferred my music to my iTunes and was wondering if I could transfer from my iTunes back to iDownloader?

the Music app sucks butt and I don't like its layout.