How much it is to fix an iPhone 5c smash and unresponsive screen?

About a month ago I smashed my phone, I had it fixed in a local phone repairs shop called mobile street it was £60 they fixed it in 45 mins, it was only smashed the screen was still working. However it looks as though they have just stuck a screen on the top. I want to get my phone fixed again. I have dropped it a few times. And the screen has now got colour lines and about a third of it has go black. It is smashed. It is unreposive yo the touch. How much is it to be fixed?

Music from iTunes to iDownloader app?

Sooo I downloaded the iOS 8 for my iPhone 5, iDownloader app immediately stopped working:/

Finally I redownloaded a similar app but I'm not able to download individual songs only albums, buuuuut I transferred my music to my iTunes and was wondering if I could transfer from my iTunes back to iDownloader?

the Music app sucks butt and I don't like its layout.

Is the iPhone 5s price going to be reduced in Boxing Day?

I just wanted to know if the price will go down that day. I have a iphone 5 but it's Partially messed up with sometimes unresponsive touchscreen (it's got several small cracks on the screen). I don't want to get it on contract, I'd rather get it sim-free.

How to get pictures from my iphone to my computer?

I can't get pics from my iPhone 5s to my computer… I use to have no problem with this at all… I went into the phone shop where I got my phone and they said to try it on a different computer so I tried it on my mothers laptop and it worked but when I tried to do this again it wouldn't work at all… My phone had no memory at all I deleted all my apps and it's still full and won't take pics or videos… So is there any way to fix this problem?

Trying to change settings on iPhone 4s?

I have iOS 8.0 (which I can t update it to 8.1 because I don t have enough space), and some of my settings are changing to the default settings. I ve tried changing them back and restarting my phone, but that isn t working. What should I do?

I'm looking for a fine point stylus for my iPhone 4s?

My fingers are way too fat for doodling on this app, which is a total bummer. I bought a POS stylus from a store and broke it in 2 minutes because it couldn't even draw a straight line. It had a fat rubber stylus thing and it was half pen. Can anyone help me find a fine point stylus that is only the stylus and isn't some plastic piece of crap? Something under 30$?

My iphone 5 keeps crashing?!

Everytime I will use apps in my iPhone for about 5-15 minutes, it will always crash. And after that, the "Photo stream" will pop up saying about my iCloud.

The reason i can't fix the problem of my iCloud is I can't delete that iCloud account which is my old account. I can't delete because it requirs the password which is I already forgot.

I'm planning to reset my iPhone but I'm afraid that apps and photos will delete.

I'm not too worrying at my apps because I downloaded them from my new account.