ITunes artwork sync to iPhone?

I just downloaded a mix tape and imported it into iTunes. For some reason it didn't sync the artwork. So I put it in manually. All that went fine. However I just synced the mix tape into my iPhone & the artwork isn't there. I've deleted it then synced quite a few times but no luck. Any advice?

How to rename an album on fb?

I wanted to change my album name on facebook but i dont know im using facebook app on my iphone tho! Helps please:)

How to locate an ATM by its terminal number on the receipt? If so how?

Going to begin this with an obligatory I'm an idiot but here's my story: I went out to the bars last night and don't totally recall my evening. This morning I have been unable to locate my debit card. I did find a receipt for an ATM transaction, the receipt doesn't have a bank name but it does have a terminal number. Is there any way I can determine the location of the ATM with its terminal number? I realize the card is likely long gone but this would seriously help me piece together my night and potentially locate my iPhone which I am also unable to find or locate on find my iPhone.

Marriage on Sims freeplay for iPhone?

So I've been playing sims freeplay on iPhone for like 2 weeks. I've been in the "get engaged" goal for about a week and a half. I don't have enough life points to get eternity ring, and the other rings will not unlock. I've made the damn couple woohoo about a hundred times and be romantic about the same amount of times and I'm past level 10. Is there a glitch in it or am I doing something wrong? I just wanna get past this get engaged goal already so I can move on!

How to show all pix on my iphone?

I jus update to IOS 7 on iPhone 4S. I can only see my pix by the year and month they were taken. So it only shows 2013 pix but not 2012 and 2014. I dnt want it to show by year I want to see them all together like on ios6. Do I need to delete the app or do a restore frm a backup? Do I need to do a hard reset or buy a new iphone?

Found an iPhone what should I do?

Last weekend I was clubbing and I looked down on the dance floor and I picked up an Iphone 4S that I found. I put it in my bag and forgot about it, I then realised I had missed calls from various people that appear on the home screen. If you don't know, then you can ring back people so I rang back a number that hadn't been added to a contact so I could see the number and they didn't answer. I then couldn't ring any other numbers because they had disappeared off the screen. The phone was locked and at the time I was having a good night out so decided to sort it out in the morning and contact them then. The phone ran out of battery almost immediately after I had rang the number so I couldn't answer any other calls that might've came through
In the morning I charged the phone but all the missed calls had disappeared cause the phone had ran out of battery. As the background of the phone was a picture of a girl and a boy, I figured that the phone would belong to one of them. I thought I remembered some one called Jessica ringing the phone so I searched 'Jessica' on Facebook, obviously this was no use because there are millions of people called Jessica. Then I decided to inbox the club on Facebook but they haven't replied. I also searched through the photos that were taken throughout the night trying to recognize someone from the wallpaper in the photos but I was unsuccessful. I was going to take it to the police but since it is a popular club for people from all around England, they probably wont be from where I am from. Although they might think it was an invasion of their privacy I tried to unlock the phone, I did this because I thought they wouldn't mind as long as they got their phone back. I was going to contact a number from their contact list but I couldn't guess it. Basically, I'm wondering if there is any way to use the phone to see contacts or anything like this? I really want to get their phone back to them because I know how I would feel if I lost my phone! Help please! They have blocked the contract so no texts can come through or anything like that. Help

Any apps for tracking an iPhone that's lost?

The iPhones been stolen I think. I don't think It has internet connection. The phones been reported with the imei number code thing. It only has find my iPhone on it which I don't I switched on location services. I don't know what to do. I only have the number. I can text it and call it but no one answers. Thanks.

What are the best alternatives to an iPhone?

I am now using an iPhone 3 and am due an upgrade in April. IPhones seem so expensive so I was wondering what I could replace this phone with. I like using the Internet, notes, camera, music, and I must be able to play pocket trains. Are there other phones that can do these things?

Reviveaphone has broken my screen, iphone beeping when plugged in?

my iphone5 got wet three weeks ago, there water inside the screen i could see but it dried out after a week and using rice. Phone worked fine with no problems.
For a precautionary measure
after 2 and half weeks I bought and used Reviveaphone kit with the alcohol solution, followed the instructions to the t.
now after 2 days i turned the phone back on and the screen was very dark and could see 3 ait bubbles moving inside. Turned phone off left for 2 more days to dry, still nothing, then screen seemed to get worst with vertical lines showing down the screen and before that a white outline around the screen even when its turned off.

Now the screen wont work at all, but sound is. If i try to charge it will beep every 7 seconds. Wtf?
any advice about what to do now?

What's faster T-Mobile or Verizon?

I heard T-Mobile is really slow in some websites and it's fast on other websites and everybody in my family uses Verizon and it's really fast. I'm getting an iPhone and T-Mobile has it really cheap. Which is faster for 4G LTE?