I don't have any of the new emojis?

Okay so when I got my iphone 5s there are very few emojis and everyone has for example the moon emoji. Why is this and how do I get the others?

Is there something wrong with my laptop or my wifi?

Okay so i have a HP Pavilion TouchSmart 14 Sleebook and my wifi is AT&T 2Wire wifi. Okay so my laptop usually works with my wifi wirelessly but all of a sudden on morning it said that it was Not Connected- No connection available but there was because my iphone was connected to the wifi but airplane mode is off and my laptop will only work go on line if the ethernet cable is connected to my laptop and this is very impractical Please Help!

Problem with iPhone after reset?

I jailbroke my iPhone 5S but after sometime I wanted to un-jailbreak it, so I went into my phone settings and from there I did a complete reset (Erase all content and settings). After that my phone was now booting up. It showed a circle which kept on revolving, so I did a hard rest (By holding the power and home button together). After this the phone showed the apple logo and then it showed an image saying connect to iTunes. When I connected it to iTunes it was detected in recovery mode and said that I have to restore it before using it, so I did the restore but I was shown an error, namely 3004. Now I cannot do anything with my phone every time I try to restore it, it gives me the same ever. Now how can I get my phone repaired by apple?

I bought my iphone 5 from apple at Christmas and it said unlocked?

I've been on a orange sim only deal since I got it and my contract runs out this month. I want to move to 02, so will I be able to buy another sim only deal or will I need to unlock it again? I bought it unlocked so will it be now locked to Orange since I am on orange?

Im trying to decide between an android or iPhone? Help?

Ok so I am going to buy my first smartphone and need help. Ive looked at and compared the HTC One, BB Z10, IPhone 5c, and Samsung G4, and LG G2.

Trouble is, I don't know which OS to go with, and which is better for me, and what not, or which phone is the best as far as cost-effective vs. What it does.

Also how much Data do I need (moderate-light user) 2GB? (Would mostly be on wifi, which I believe doesn't use data?)

BTW I am an Electrical engineering student so learning curve not a huge issue. Just want the best bang for my buck.

How to transfer BBM contacts?

So I have a blackberry, and a iPhone 4s, I want to transfer my contacts to my iPhone 4s. Does anyone know how to?

If I install BBM on my iPhone, it would ask for my Blackberry ID?, Am I supposed to log in my blackberry ID and then all my contacts will be there, if not, do you know how?