I have caused water damage to my IPhone 4s. Can I get my pictures back?

What happened: …
I dropped my phone in water and when I took it out it was still working. I put it in rice, about 8 hours later I tried charging it because it wouldn't turn on. All saw was the apple logo that kept rebooting about every 30 seconds. My pictures and videos aren't backed up on photo stream. 2 hours later I put it back in rice. It is still currently in the rice. Its been 33 hours since I dropped my phone in water now.

Answer 'm looking for:…
My phone's power button is jammed so I cant turn it completely and I tried charging it, so the damage is probably already done. I am not asking if my phone can be fixed. I just want to know if I can get back my pictures, videos, and contacts.

8Ball Pool Iphone Cheats ways for Free Coins or Credits?

ive been hooked on this app 8 ball pool for my iphone and since i downloaded it ive been trying to find a 8ball pool cheats for anything. I hear that there are lots of auto aimers out there and i have def played a few of them. I would love to have some boosts the next time i run across one but i dont have enough gold coins or credits and dont want to spend real cash. Anyone got a link for a 8ball pool iphone cheats for anything? Any way to hack coins or credits without having to jailbreak? Please ne one that can point me in the right direction or give me any hints i would appreciate it, thanks.

Why is it certain Linux browsers that I used to get confused by certain ASCII characters?

a lot of Linux distros on my PC and on some of them, and even my android phone, web browser gets confused by ASCII characters. They'll be times when someone will type a sentence on a website and it will appear as random pound signs and ampersand symbols. I've never seen when does browsers do this? IPhones don't do weird crap like that. What is it about Linux based web browsers that causes that problem? Has anyone ever seen that?

Does my iphone need a battery replacement?

my iphone shutoff unexpectly at 2%( which is still able to charge it before it reaches 1%) then it turned back on because it was 1%battery then turned on then turned off because it was 1% and this kept going on all night. Now when i plugged the charger its stuck on the black screen with the big battery in the middle. It wont charge, does that mean i need to replace the battery. I had the iphone 4 for 2 years. If i do need to replace how much will it cost and how long will it take

How to unlock Iphone 5S? URGENTLY?

5 Stars

I've just bought an Iphone 5S in United States and I want to unlock it to used it in another country.

Need really urgently ur help, Thanks

Snap on cases for iPhone 4s. Do they work?

Obviously I won't be getting Otterbox protection, but I have to know if they do anything to protect the phone? I saw the Ultra Thin drop test for the Incipio case and liked what I saw, but will a generic snap on come anywhere close?

Also looking at this case from Etsy. https://www.etsy.com/listing/184181387/iphone-4s-case-wood-iphone-4-case-iphone

Better or worse than a generic plastic snap case?

I'll also be using a screen protector. I just want to avoid the cracks as much as possible for casual use. I'm not going to be extreme and I'm not a total wreck that drops my phone all the time. But sometimes it happens and I know that iPhones are notorious for glass breakage.

Thank you!