How to improve photography skills?

Hi, I realize that I'm only 13, but the earlier the better I guess. So when I am older, I'd like to be a photographer for national geographic or any other nature magazines. I've always had a big interest in the art of photography. I take lots of pictures and at the end I'll show you my best one so that you can tell me if it's good. Anyways, I'll be taking a digital class in high school and right now I'm in a yearbook class which partially teaches us about types of photos and quality of them. I do not have one of thos nice canon rebels yet, and I've begged my parents too much. My birthday is coming up, so we'll see. Not everyone can have the money, but here are some of my shots. If they are good, I hope no one will steal them so I put my name at the bottom. They were taken with just my iphone 4S so I know they aren't great, but thank you for taking your time to at least look at them. Oops now I realize you can only put 1 so then here is my best
How to improve photography skills - 1

IPhone help - Synced iPhone to iPhone, but games have synced across to beginning?

Iv synced my account from one iPhone to another through iCloud.

Everything has synced to new iPhone exactly same as old phone however the 3 games I play only Candy Crush has synced to where I left off

Bubble mania has started from beginning ( I was on level 261, been playing abit from time to time over 3 years) on my old iPhone when sign in to Facebook it still 261 however on new phone it's level 1 even after I sign in on Facebook.

Same with 4 Pics 1 Song, I completed a lot of levels but it's started from beginning.

Anyone know how I can get them upto date on new phone before I hand old phone to partner & he re sets it?

Will Rogers unlock iPhone 4s to,use on Virgin mobile?

I am getting an iPhone 4s from a friend who had it on contract with Rogers in another province. Can I go into a Rogers store and have them unlock it for me even if I'm not the person who had the contract with them? Or would I be better off using an unlocking service elsewhere? Thanks!

I found a new iPhone 5… Will I get in trouble?

On Friday morning I found this iphone in panera bread without a password lock. The previous owner, a young 19 year old spoiled girl has failed to pick it up. The moment I found it, she called 50 times asking for me to return it. I initially agreed and flirted with her a little by saying, I hope my reward is dinner at your place. She immediately raised her voice and said "I just want my f$%King phone not a date plus you sound too old". I said ok well you have 24 hours to claim it. She didn't call me until Saturday night about 33 hours later. When I told her that she missed the 24 hour period, she cursed me out and cried on the phone. Her mother called back and threatened me, I hung up again and took the SIM card out. I've since place my sim card in the phone and it works fine. What could happen?

Hello, I am going to exchange my iphone 4s gevey with experia t?

I want to know that what should i check before exchanging my phone that experia t has mo there any numbers to dial and check it sensors and all like samsung have. I found the guy on olx and tomorrow i am going to meet him. What should i do and what are the most scams and fault on this type of phone while buying it used from olx or ebay.

How to play music on my kyrocera event?

I have this garbage kyrocera phone from before I got my iPhone. I want to use it as a music player but it keeps telling me it can't play the song for nearly 3/4 of my music. Is there an app I can install or something I can do because most of the music are songs I enjoy listening to.

I know it's something with the phone because the files play from my computer and I'm pretty sure it's fixable because I fixed it when I was using the phone but I've forgotten since I got an iPhone.

I'd like to know sooner rather than later because I want to have music for work.

My iphone 4s keeps restarting? - 2

My iphone 4s has been restarting every 1-2 minutes and wont hold charge very well, it will be on 100 then 2 minutes later it will be on 65. Ill be doing something on it like snapchat and it will freeze (the screen goes darker and all weird looking) then it will go black then the apple sign with come up and then it will go to the lockscreen. This happens all the time, when im charging it it will just constantly do this.

Water damaged iPhone 5C Help?!


Two nights ago (around 46 hours ago) I dropped my phone into a water filled sink for only a few seconds. I quickly grabbed it out and wiped off all the external water. The touch stopped working for a second and the image was wavy. I turned it off and blew out any water I could from the charger ports etc.

I left it out for a night but when I returned to it, it was not turning on. I then decided to put it in rice and it has been in there for around 26 hours and is still in the rice.

Right after I switched it off and was getting the water out with my breath, I looked online, where people had mentioned the water damage indicator in the headphone jack. I looked in with a torch and it was not white, but the same dark colour as usual. (I thought maybe this would be useful)

Anyway I was wondering if the rice doesn't work if I could go to Apple and get a refurbished one, or get it fixed. I don't know how the warranty works.

Helpful info:

- I got it last Christmas, around 5 months ago
- The indicator does not appear to be white
- Last time checked (around 26 hours ago) there was droplets in the camera lens

Thanks heaps.

My iPhone won't charge when turned on?

I have had an iPhone 4s for a year now and yesterday my phone would not charge so I tuned it off then charge it and it work so I left it to charge overnight then updated my ISO and my apps and reset it but it still won't charge unless it's turned if can someone help me