Do I apologize to her or leave her alone?

Okay so my female friend who I like and I were hanging out. And then I sort of got angry and had an attitude.

Today, things seemed to be different ever since. Like we wouldn't greet each other and hang out as often as we did before.

So do I text her an apology? Because I feel really bad and I wish I hadn't snapped at her and her friends. Or do I just leave her be?

How to get photos off icloud and back onto my iphone 4 after I update it?

I'm trying to update my. Iphone 4 from the ios6.1.3 to ios7.1.2 but i don't have enough gigs free due to the large amount of photos i have on my iphone (currently 1,100) I have already deleted as many as i can but there still wasn't enough room free for the update. So I backed up my phone on icloud with the intention of deleting all my photos so i can update the phone. But I want to know if you can get the photos off icloud and back onto the phone once the update is done, before i do it or else i won't delete the photos and won't be able to do the update. I have it also backed up to my computer but these are photos i like to have on hand so i really don't want to settle with just having them on my computer. So my point being how do i get photos off icloud and back into my photos on my iphone once the update is done?

Itunes will not recognize my iphone?

i just got my iphone replaced today and i backed everything up from my old one on my computer however when i got home to transfer everything from the backup to my new one it was not showing up when i plugged it in for itunes. I just updated itunes this morning and i do not think it has anything to do with the cord because it is charging and my computer recognizes it just no itunes. Help? :)

Can you make your photos not flip with iphone 5s?

ive heard that when you take a pic with the iphone camera it comes out flipped so not as a mirror image. I know ig and snapchat doesnt flip the photos and you can always flip them afterwards with for example photogrid but there must be a way to automatically make the photos come out non flipped? Like if i want to send a live pic on kik i want it to come out mirrored

My side volume buttons are not working on my iphone?

I have an iphone 4 and my side volume buttons are not working. It responds to my click on the button but it just comes up with the speaker and not the volume actually turning up/down. Even when I go onto my music the volume bar underneath is even 'blanked' to show that the volume is not available or muted. But it's not muted as I've checked several times. I've also restarted my phone too, help me please

IPhone 5/5s data usage problem?

I am still using iPhone 4, but my friend has problem with data usage with iphone 5.
How to solve this problem?

Are you in favor or against the new Kill switches on iPhones law in CA?

The Governor of California,Jerry Brown yesterday signed into law a requirement that all Smartphones must offer a "kill switch"to make them completely useless to thieves. This is the first law of its kind in the entire country. There exists a rampant theft problem in California with the target being expensive smartphones that can easily be stolen and sold in the streets by thieves.In San Francisco,CA for example the district attorney's office says more than half of all robberies in the entire year of 2013 included the theft of a smartphone.