My iphone randomly restarted?

my iphone just randomly restarted while i was on a shady website on safari and im worried im being watched through my camera or being tracked what should i do

I want to copy my photos from my iPhone to my laptop. How do I do that?

In addition to how I place all my photos on my laptop I was wondering if when I copy them they'd be sorted out in folders just like how I have them sorted out on my iPhone. I have an iPhone 4 and a Vaio Sony computer if that information matters. Thank in advance!

Added (1). The thing is my iPhone is only appearing in iTunes and not in as a folder in Computer… How do I fix that?

IPhone deleted all contacts?

Goodmorning ladies and gentlemen. Went to bed last night and woke up and all my contacts are gone. I can still see all the numbers but no name under my text messaging app. My contacts app is empty. What happened? How do I get then back. I don't use iCloud or anything like that

What is best doc for my Iphone 5?

Need it primarily for desktop charging and a clock/display.

Added (1). Need something solid, strong, slide in and slide out, preferably black.

How to take a selfie on an iphone 4?

I have googled it! I know how to take pictures but how the hell do I flip the image over so that I can see what I am taking a picture of? Is that possible or do I have to hold the camera in angles and assume that I am getting the picture I require?

My Ears feel numb and weird after loud music?

I was sleeping and listening to music and the sound level was at like 4 bubbles on the iphone then my friend played a prank on me and raised it to full volume suddenly when I was sleeping. I didn't wake up until few minutes have passed. After, my left ear felt so weird as if I was in an air plane. I don't have any problem hearing, but the sensation is weird because it feels numb to the back of my head.

It goes away then comes back. It usually lasts 1-2 hrs and when I wake up at night I have that sensation.

It's been going on for 2 days now:L

Did I damage my hearing? Also, I usually listen to loud music at half full and listen 4-8hrs a day.