How to move a large iTunes library between Windows computers?

I'm would like to move my large (70GB) iTunes library and playlists from my Laptop (running Windows 7 64 bit) to my new desktop (also running Windows 7 64 bit).

I have already updated both computers to the newest version of iTunes.

On the old laptop I changed my iTunes settings to allow iTunes to "Keep iTunes media folder organized" and "copy files to iTunes media folder when adding". I expected to see my iTunes folder jump in size but all of my existing files stayed in their original location.

I keep seeing answers that suggest using an ipod, however my 120GB classic is no longer turning on and my iphone does not have that amount of space.

How to save gifs into photo library?

on Instagram I see a lot of people making video edits with small clips of gifs in it. I use an iphone, so whenever I save it it doesn't play in the photo library. Is there another way?

please answer:(

Wifi authentication problem - how do I fix it?

Wifi is working perfectly fine on my phone, but on my dad's phone it says 'authentication failure' - both phones are connected to the same modem so what's the problem?
If it helps, I have an iPhone and my dad has a samsung galaxy s2, we are both on Vodafone

Added (1). I've tried restarting my dad's phone but it didn't change anything

Generally speaking, how much would these upgrades to my car cost?

I have an 03 Mercedes C Class

1. My side fender is damaged (the part right above the tire) I'd like to replace it.
2. I'd like to replace my headlights with LEDs.
3. I'd like to get a wood trim for my interior.
4. Some new rims, pretty much any run of the mill rims will do.
5. An MP3 player jack so I can listen to the music from my phone (its NOT an iPhone).

How to put music from Windows media player straight to iphone?

How to put music from Windows media player straight to iphone?

Added (1). Okay or a way to put from Pc to iPhone. Just a way to get music on it without iTunes. Or putting music from the Pc to iTunes. I just would prefer not to use iTunes.

Will I go to juvie for stealing and iPhone 5 from a girl and getting chought with it?

So I have a past with the cops. So we'll first off when I was. In 7th grade I took a BB gun to school and was chaght with it and got 38 hours of ****. To do around town like clean it up and then now a year later ion 8th grade being 14 and stealing the iPhone 5 will I go to juvie and if I will for how long and what do they do when I first get their to juvie

What to charge for iPhone 5?

I am putting it on Craigslist, Verizon phone in great condition I purchased less than a year ago with no physical damage, newest software, and otterbox included?

My iMessage for iOS 7 isn't working anymore but texts are. Helpp please?!

My boyfriend can't receive any of my iMessages and I tried restarting it. It said it was not delivered. Then it all of a sudden changed to text messages. My iMessage is even on. Can someone please help me! Everyone else that has an iphone can get my iMessage but he can't. It's happened to me with other people. I just don't know what I did

I accidentally called someone and hung up right away?

I have an iPhone and I accidentally called someone and I hung up right away but it said calling mobile however I didn't hear it ring and the time talking didn't show up, will the person see it as a missed call?