If you buy an iPhone 4S now will it still have ios 6?

Is it that you will get the ios 6 for a little while and than at the settings you are forced to upgrade to ios 7? Because I hate ios 7 a lot. But also Is it that if you don't upgrade most of your apps will stop working? And than you can keep sticking with the ios 6 like that? Or will it eventually be automatically be installed? Please answer.

Transfer iphone bbm contacts to blackberry?

So I just got a new blackberry, and I want to transfer my bbm contacts from my Iphone to my blackberry. I know usually people want to do the opposite, so i cannot find any tutorials.

Btw the signing into bbm does not work.

Thank you:)

How to connect an iphone i won to cricket?

i won an iphone 5s, and i know my service Cricket carries iphones so how do i connect it? Do i just go there and tell them to connect it? What do i do? Thanks

Does the IPhones Do Not Disturb feature work?

So in my high school, there is this new policy where you can bring in IPads or laptops or phones. But if you bring a phone and you get a text or notification you have to read it aloud to the class. How does the Do Not Disturb feature work? Does it shutout all sounds?

My iPhone text/imsg isn't working?

Hi im wondering if people have had this problem before and can tell me how to fix this. My iPhone 5s cant text apple and non apple phones. I cant text my friends or some family. When I go to type the typing bar where you disable I message or something I glitched in to it so it wont turn off. Hope you can help.

New iphone charger won't work.Help?!

I just got a new iphone charger a few weeks ago and now it stopped working. IM FREAKING OUT! I rememberd that I kept the recipt just in case… Now it's missing! It costed 10$ but I don't have enough money. What can I do till then?

I bought an iPhone 5S on eBay, and when I got it, it was iCloud activation locked?

I bought a iPhone 5S on eBay for $200. When I read the description, the seller did not mention that it was iCloud locked, and could not be activated without the original email and password. He stated the phone was ready to go, fully working. When I received the phone, It had already been restored, so I as I went through the steps I came to the iCloud activation. I contacted the seller, he has not responded. He also deleted his eBay account. People on forums say the device is lost or stolen which it probably is. Is there a way I could get pass this activation? Please? It was really a waste of $200.

How to unlock restrictions password on iphone 5?

I forgot what was my restrictions password on my phone and now i dont knkw what to do and when i tried to restore it, it did but its still the same:/ im so mad and sad please help me