IPhone 4S screen replacment problem?

So I replaced an iPhone 4S screen for a friend and a day after I returned the phone, the screen started flickering on the bottem and the phone doesn't get service after this problem. Any idea what it is? Please LET ME KNOW! THANKS!

Will iPhone 5c work with iPhone 5 sim?

So my friend is gonna trade me the iPhone 5 for the 5c and I have them the 5 (both of these phones are on sprint) and they put there sprint iPhone 5c SIM card in the 5 and it shows that it has signal but says needs to be activates and won't work.

My iPhone 4S barely charges?

My iphone is like screwed up and now it barely charges to. I've tried many chargers in many outlets and it only charges when I have to replug it in about 6 or 7 times. Why is this happening? My upgrade for verizon isn't until June so I can't replace it and it barely works now.

I have an iphone 3g ios 4.2.1 not jailbroken. I want to download apps, games and ebooks but?

when I install any application or game its says NEED NEWER IOS VERSION. I know that iphone 3g is upgrade till ios 4.2.1, that I have. I don't understand what is the use of iphone 3g when a single app or game is not downloading. When I used iTunes in downloading apps or games it download perfectly but cant drag and install in my iphone 3g, it says same as I said above. I want to know why its happening and is jailbreaking iphone last solution of downloading apps and games? And can I download apps and games without jailbreaking.

Sprint insurance in iPhone 4s?

I had a sticker on my home button and my friend ripped it off and so came my home button. He popped it back in, but it doesn't work at all. Will my Sprint insurance cover the repair of the broken home button?

Iphone turned off unexpected and won't turn back on?

Okay, so I have an iphone 4s that I got in October 2012. I've had the phone for one and a half year.
I always charge my phone when I sleep, so it's charging the whole night. Today when I woke up, I was on the phone while it was still charging but then it suddenly turned off unexpected.
I tried to hold in the Sleep/Wake button while holding in the menu button but nothing is happening. I've waited for 20+ seconds but it still won't turn on.
If I put my charger in, the apple sign when you turn on the phone will just blink and turn off. That happeneds all the time, it just blinks, turns off and won't come on. Now, if I take out the charger it won't even blink, it'll just be black and I literally have no idea how to turn it on. I've tried calling apple and other services but they're not helping me at all.

Transferring iPod data to iPhone?

Hi, I recently got a new iPhone and I was wondering if I can back up my iPod as I've got a lot of stuff on there an restore it to my iPhone I recently got? So it's exactly the … Show more

What type of designer/engineer is this?

ok so i have a custom iphone case i want to build though it is very hard and will take alot of work. I want someone to hire so they can design it and draw it in 2d/3d model. Who does this?