How to get pictures from old iPhone to new iPhone?

I just got a new iPhone and I need to put the pictures from my old iPhone to my new one. I had to make a new apple ID/ iCloud, so those pictures were not on a photo stream. I have plugged my old phone into my mac and have all the pictures imported, but since my family was on the same apple ID, I also have their pictures. I need to put only MY pictures onto my new phone. Verizon made it sound much easier than it is

I got my iPhone 5s stolen? Help?

I tried using Find My iPhone on iCloud but my phone has been shut off ever since it got stolen (was stolen at school), I already reported this to the school police office, and I called at&t and let them know that my phone got stolen and they deactivated my account and locked down my phone. In this case could whoever took it find no use for it right? Would they then return it then or throw it away or what? And is there anything else I can do in attempt to find my phone? This is really depressing me and distracting me and I have finals next week that I can't study for because I'm stressing over this so really any advice would help…

Added (1). It got stolen just yesterday

How to get wifi away from home?

I have an iPhone 4G and my internet always works where there's wifi. But I have to have the wifi password. When I'm on the road or somewhere away from a home, building or anything like that, my phone says "AT&T 4G" and i don't have wifi or internet. I don't know how to fix this. Please help me

I can't unjailbreak my iphone?

so my father gave me an iphone which was originally his and it's been jailbroken it has Cydia downloaded, what do I to make it run normal and to have the proper software. I've tried restoring it in itunes but it says the Device isn't eligible for this download or something like that.
I think it's an Iphone4 it says its a version 6.0.
not sure what to do?

Does this mean she wants me to chase her? Good plan?

She avoided me for most of the school year, but one day she asked my friend the reason why I don't talk to her. What does that mean?

So I bought her an iPhone case to give to her in school with a card, and I'm going to try to get her number before summer vacation. We haven't really talked this year.

No guy has ever given her a gift, and I want to be her first. What should I right in the card? My number is definitely something I'll be writing in the card.

Why dosent my iphone 5 charge?

my phone charges but it doesn't say that its is charged and hold the charge it has it has been n the charger all day and hasn't gone more than %5. I dont know if its my cord or my phone. I will try another cord but if that doesn't work what should i do? Thanks

How to get my MARRIED sims to move into the same house in the Sims Freeplay for an iphone 5C?

So I have been playing the Sims Freeplay and I have a newly wedded couple. I really want them to move in together but it doesn't show that as an option. I know there is an option for that when they are "Partners" but I forgot to click that when that was their relationship status. Is there a way to get my Sims to move in with each other without making them divorce and then love each other again until they are partners? Thanks So much for the help and answers!


Cannot use iTunes credit anymore?

Hello. I used to own an apple device (iPod Touch), and I had about £15 of credit still left on the account before I got rid of the device. I have recently been getting back into some games that I liked, and one of them allows you to use your iTunes credit through an app to buy in game stuff on the PC version of the game. Unfortunately, I cannot seem to find any way to use that credit without using an iphone, ipod etc with the app. Is there any way to purchase In app purchases from iTunes for example, so I could use the credit up on something I actually want rather than music which I already have loads of?