What can I buy/do with 400 dollars?

My mom and dad got their income taxes back, and they always give me 400 dollars; but I don't know what to do with it. I'm also thirteen about to turn fourteen I was thinking about getting a IPhone 5s, but my upgrade is coming up so, I'm not going to get a new phone. So, I don't know what to get if you have any ideas that would help.

Where can I sell my iphone 4 with flappy bird app installed?

Its an Iphone 4 (16gb) T Mobile locked, cracked screen (on top left hand side, screen still visible, clear and functional), with flappy bird app installed. Am interested in selling it for at least £1000. Please give me mum suggestions.
Thanks… :)

Added (1). any**

Why isnt my iphone 4 connecting to my itunes?

its just all of a suddn stoped connecting tomy ituens and its really getting on my nerves ive try un-instaling it and re-instaling it but it didnt help and ive also tryed diffrent leads so its not that… So can some one help coz i cant really sort out my phone with out itunes ;,(

How to make a picture pale for Tumblr?

So I just made a pale blog, but I don't want to reblog as much as post my own pictures. Is there any app that makes pictures pale? An IPhone or app for your laptop is fine. Please help!

P.S. I'd appreciate a follow on my other grunge/hipster blog: khameleon-soul.tumblr.com
I'll follow back from my main blog!

Can i downgrade to IOS 6 by jailbreaking IOS 7?

i don't have my shsh blobs saved, hell i don't even know what that is, but what i do know is that to save it you need cydia of course and i own an iPhone 4 and ios 7 is freakin' **** i wish i can downgrade back to ios 6, so if i jailbreak my ios7 can i then downgrade to 6

IMPORTANT! Can I use this Iphone?

So I'm only 16, and a couple years back my uncle offered to get my a smartphone so I took the offer, after a year i ended up getting the Iphone 4 for a free upgrade because my other phone broke. Well this week my uncle shut off my phone for no apparent reason, and then reported my Iphone as stolen to the insurance company and i still have the phone! It was never stolen. So I'm wondering can i use this iphone or is it forever out of use now? Will i get in trouble for using it even though i didnt steal it?

Iphone will connect to Wi-Fi but not 3g/4g/mobile carrier?

i got my iphone 5 wet and it will connect to wifi but will NOT connect to my mobile carrier. This makes me believe that i have something bad with the sim card/sim card reader. What do you guys think? Thank you guys so so much for your answers

Accidentally told iphone not to trust computer, wont show up on itunes?

i have an iphone 5c and a windows 8 computer, and when i plugged my phone in to my pc i accidentally clicked "don't trust." now when i plug it in it makes that "device recognized" noise or whatever but the second i click "trust" it makes the "device removed" sound. It doesn't show up in itunes anymore and literally All of my music is on there. I have no idea how to fix it, and everyone is refusing to help me. Am i just really stupid, or?

Added (1). Samuel: i've done that at least 50 times now. That's part of the problem.