EBay- how does shipping and payment work for the seller?

So I realized I listed my iPhone with no idea how this really even works so I selected the shipping so that the person pays. So will eBay send me the packaging to ship it or… Yeah how's that work? Also payment is revived over pay pal correct? If I have a eBay account that's already all set up? Anything else I should know?

How to reset my lifetime call time on my iPhone?

Everytime I reset statistics for the cellular data on my iPhone it doesn't reset the lifetime call time, it only resets the current period under call time. Will restoring my iPhone through iTunes reset the lifetime call time? I mean to reset all settings and erase everything. Does erasing iPhone reset my lifetime call time?
How to reset my lifetime call time on my iPhone - 1

Is it worth updating to ios 7.1?

I have an iphone 4 (not 4s), and it's jailbroken. It's on ios 5.1.1. I have saved shsh blobs for it via ifaith and backed it up on itunes, but I'm still nervous about updating it. Is it really worth it? Will I lose a lot of the apps I got through jailbreaking? I'm not sure how I should go about doing this. Let me know your opinion. Thanks.

On the game episode I can't enter a referral code?!

Ok so I entered my iPhones referral code to my iPod and vise versa but now it won't let me enter any more. I'm pretty sure it's because other people have to use mine first? Please enter mine I'll love you forever!

Added (1). Also please add yours!

My extension router won't work with my gs how do I fix it?

I have a belt in dual-band wireless range extender model:F9K1106v1 that works on my sisters iPhone and my father's computer but even when it is connected to my phone with full connection the Internet doesn't work what and it will not load anything. What can I fix this if it is fixable

How to delete photos off of my iPhone? - 1

this question sounds stupid, I know. But Somehow or another, I backed up photos from my COMPUTER to my phone, not the other way around. They're on albums on my iPhone 4s and I don't know how to get rid of them. Help please? There's no delete option in the select mode in the album or in the edit on the albums tab in photos.