I just deleted 210 songs off my iphone?!

I just deleted 210 songs off of my iphone and iTunes on my computer. They were all files I downloaded and transferred over, and I didn't buy a single one off of iTunes. Is there a way I can undo something on iTunes like an undo button or something? I really need those songs back, they took forever to download. Thanks for the help! 10 points to best answer!

Why won't my iphone sync with iTunes?

Hey. Today I tried to sync 36 new songs onto my iphone off of my computer. In the process I accidentally deleted all of the previous 210 songs on my computer although they are still on my phone. Now my phone and computer and phone don't sync at all anymore. What's the problem? How do I fix it?

How long should you wait to text a guy for them to miss you?

I broke up with my ex about a couple months ago. We got into an argument after that, but now we hang out a few times a week - we're friends with benefits now. I started crying while at his place and he seemed really concerned and I finally told him that I like him. A LOT. He said he likes me a lot too… But he doesn't mention anything about dating again. I get mad about it and want him to miss me a lot so he wants me back. When he bailed on me about hanging out, I decided to ignore his texts the next day and just had my iPhone say I read the messages. He then replied saying "? Wanna come over? Are you ok?". I fell in and decided to text back and we ended up hanging out that day. How long should I wait? His birthday is next week and I'm going to be PISSED if he doesn't text me that day.

Can i restore deleted text messages on an iphone 5c?

So. This morning before I left my house I backed up my iPhone 5s. Well I ended up getting the iPhone 5c. Some how i ended up losing my pictures and messages. Is there any way i can get my text's back?

Someone has to know what app this screenshot comes from?

the icon is a woman with long curly hair but when I open it you get this purple status bar then goes to a picture of two iPhones and freezes. Its on my wifes iPhone but she won't tell me what it is so I assume its female relatedSomeone has to know what app this screenshot comes from

How to stop acting spoiled/giving into peer pressure?

Warning this May be long |

I've nearly finished my third year at a private school and peer pressure and stuff has never really started bothering me until recently. A lot of the people in my year at school come from very rich family's and, have a lot of stuff etc… I've never really cared about what people thought of me but now I feel like I need to have an iphone and since were allowed to bring our own laptops to school next year i feel like I need a macbook. Of course I don't 'need' these things, and I know that but I can't stop my selfmfrom wanting them.

I ask my parents for a lot of stuff and feel really bad about it but I get really sad when they so no, which I know is really horrible of me but I can't help it. I am grateful for everything I do have, but I just feel like I need more and I don't. What do I do? How do i stop being so horrible to my parents and giving into peer pressure? Thanks x

Gta 5 online potshot playlist?

I've been trying for a while to download the potshot playlist on Ps3 and every time I click the link from a video onto the website it just brings me to normal playlists created by Rockstar and I've tried all different links, most tutorials I've seen they use a computer/Laptop to get the playlist? I'm only on my iPhone. Is there any way I can download it or anyone who can help me who has it? If so add me, SKULLKRUSHER529 (Playstation 3)

How to make the iphone 5 look like the 5s?

I don't want to change it to the 5s I would just like to make it look like it by making the home button look like the Touch ID, can someone please send me a link off eBay or whatever of a sticker or something that is almost identical to the 5s I have the iphone 5. I know this sounds stupid but please I'm looking for one that is under £5 and is thin.
Thank you all answers appreiciated.

Why is it killing girls(figuretivaly) speaking, that I won't go out with them?

I'm straight and in my early thirties. Been told that I am cute and workout everyday and have the running speed of a ten year old. All my life though I have been shunned and laughed at by women. Family did nothing for my self esteem as they demoralized me and told me I was ugly ect. My mind is twisted. Now I just don't feel the need to go out with anyone. In my twenties I was searching but never even came close. Now I figure life is only all about me. I do want to go out with them but I don't at the same time. Kinda wonder what kissing a girl is like but at the same time am indifferent. Most are shocked to hear I'm a Virgin. The only girls I really need and have always had were the ones I have on my iPhone who I can look at at any time when life becomes stressful. I'm accustomed to that and am aware I'm only getting older.