My iphone is broken, can I just get an upgrade?

Alright, so about 2 or 3 weeks ago we were at a restaurant and my friend was playing with my iphone and set it down, then got up to go to the bathroom and knocked a coke over and my phone got a little wet. The phone was fine until this week when the top button stopped working. Then the next day the side vibrate switch stopped working and so did one of the volume buttons. Now today the phone turned sort of a glowing grey and it has a white stripe going through it. I've tried plugging it in and pressing the home button but it doesn't switch from that screen. Something tells me this phone is gone----

I called the apple store and it is still under warranty because this phone is about 10 months old. They said I would need to get an appointment to get it repaired, but I want to know if I can get an iPhone 5 instead of just getting another iPhone 4. Is that possible? Please explain. Thanks

Will Apple replace my iphone 5c? - 1

I got an iPhone 5c for Xmas and it's been great except it doesn't receive calls and doesn't receive texts until about 10 hours later and I have got 5 bars and I have tried 3 SIM cards and my provider says it the phone. I brought the phone and have a sim only contract. This is in warranty and a techical fault. Also 2 of my friends had this and got it replaced. Do you think they will replace mine?

IPhone 5 locked to iCloud account?

I found an AT&T iPhone 5 in the street last week. Before inquiring about it, i stupidly restored the phone & now it's stuck on the activation lock screen asking for the previous owner's iCloud email & password. Considering there is no way around the activation lock right now, i was wondering what my alternative options are, or if anyone can give me some info. Also, please keep your "try to find the owner of the phone", "you're a bad person" comments off this topic, not tryna hear all that lol. I'm not sure which one of these is the correct one, but i heard that my only option would be to swap out either the logic board or the motherboard with a new one that isn't locked to an iCloud account. Also, if i do end up doing that. Like i said the phone is AT&T. I wanna use the phone for TMobile. If i swap for a new logic/mother board, could i get one from a TMobile iPhone 5 & be able to use the phone for TMobile, or would i have to get a usable AT&T one & then get the phone unlocked?

So basically to sum up what i just said. I have an AT&T iPhone 5 locked to iCloud. I wanna know if i have to swap the logic board or motherboard to make it work. Which specific one i have to get. & if i would be able to get a TMobile logic/mother board to make the phone work for TMobile or if i have to get the correct one for the AT&T phone & then get it unlocked to use it for TMobile. Any help is appreciated!

Clash of clans village transfer problems?

Ok, I'm having a bit of trouble with game center atm! About I year ago I got an iPod and started playing clash of clans and got pretty far into the game, a while later my sister started playing the game too, she signed into the same gamecenter account! This started to made it so the game would ask me to load her village on my iPod whenever I loaded the game up! So I signed out of gamecenter and played the game as normal! When I got my iphone just last Christmas I was automatically signed into the gamecenter account when I set it up on the computer and sure enough there was my sisters village! I've tried making a new gamecenter on my iPod and signing into it in my iphone but my sisters village is still there! Tried linking devices, no luck! Tried using Facebook which is hooked to my base no luck! Help!

My iphone 4s app is showing waiting until now?

Hi there, i have installed ios 7.0.4 to my iPhone 4s, after that i updated some apps, after somedays i switched off my iphone then when i switch on my iphone i could not open the apps that i updated and under each app it shows that ( waiting ) till now it shows waiting
How can i solve this problem?

Will Apple Replace My iPhone 5 Because of Faulty Camera?

Hi, I live in Australia and I've had my iPhone 5 for under a year. Recently, the camera won't focus at close range, and this is very important to me as I need to photograph a lot of paperwork etc. So you can't read the words as they are blurry. I've heard that Apple pretty much replaces your phone if it is damaged in any way, no matter how minor, with a refurbished one. Will I be able to get it replaced because of this small problem? Also, the problem is pretty much invisible unless you try take a picture of small text, which I used to be able to do in the past.

I am on a plan with optus also and I have 2 years warranty with them (that's how long my plan is). What would optus do for this matter if anybody knows?

So, if I go to the Apple store, with my receipt and my iPhone, will they replace it on the spot? Or will they just repair it for me which will take some time? Thank you.

My text messages got transferred without my permission. Was this legal?


I live in a university residence. Unfortunately, I have forgotten to lock my door. One night and the next morning I noticed that both my laptop and my phone had gotten moved.
I suspect someone near me to have taken my phone couple of days ago (without permission) and he/she transferred all of my text message data on their computer. The reason I suspect this is because my Iphone does not require a pass-code anymore and my Itunes says that my phone was successfully restored and synced from a backup.
My question is: did this person commit anything illegal? Is it illegal to transfer my text messages on their computer without my permission?
Thanks for reading.

Should I choose iPhone 2G or iPhone 3G?

I try to get the second phone beside after I buy the iPhone 5s. I know that iPhone 2G and iPhone 3G is very rare right now, but I want to have one in between these two generation. I just wonder which one should I buy?

My hair reflects in selfies?

I think im the only one having this problem and its so weird bc everytime i take a selfie or record a video with the FRONT CAMERA my hair switches sides and it looks weird but with the back camera its normal but when im on snapchat and take a front camera selfie its also normal but on the camera app on my iphone it changes help please.

Will apple replace my iphone when I am not covered by insurance/warranty?

I was sitting at the kitchen table looking through Wikipedia with the phone laid on the table, white lines appeared on my screen and the touch screen doesn't respond to anything. I am abroad staying at my partners place, he's at work for another 6hours… I have no way to contact him or apple about the problem. This happened before with my old phone but I had dropped it and I had to pay £180 for a new replacement handset… Apart from 7months later this one has done it for no reason! I am feeling really freaking upset, I am still stuck in my mobile contract until the end of the year, I am abroad for another few weeks. Will I have to pay for a new handset? I really dont have the money to pay for a new handset,, I am absolutely devastated. If I had dropped it I could only blame myself but this happened for no reason! :(