So I had to wipe my phone out and before tha I properly backed up my phone and whenever I click "Restore from iTunes back up" it does the whole procedure and then leaves me back to the startup page. Am I *******? Or am I doing something wrong?

Does he like me or am I just fooling myself?

There's this guy I have a couple classes with that I might like but I don't know if he likes me back. We always talk in the classes we have together, and he always wants to show me some music on his iPhone, and the class where we're sitting together it always seems like he's leaning in. My friends say he obviously likes me but I'm honestly not sure. My ex boyfriend said he heard some things about this guy hitting on me & got jealous. And he even went up and apologized for hitting on me! BUT he told me he didn't know why my ex was getting so jealous, because said he told my ex he might ask my friend to prom weeks ago. And he and my friend have classes together too, and they talk. On top of that this guy is telling me to get back with my ex, but we've been snap chatting each other since Thursday nonstop. I'm really confused. I don't know if he likes me or my friend or if he might feel guilty for causing my ex and I to break up, or if telling me to get back with my ex is his way of finding out if I'm interested? Thoughts?

Can't hear music or adjust volume on iPhone 4S?

I can hear it ring and I can hear the person on the other line. Today my son had my phone listening to music and all of a sudden the sound stopped and i couldn't turn it up. And whenever i try to turn the ringer up the little bell shows up but not the sound bar underneath. I've turned it off and reset it. What do I do?

Tethering with iphone 5c jailbroken?

I have an iphone 5c ios7 with sprint's unlimited data plan. I jailbroke my phone and want to tether my service to other devices. So I bought thetherme and want to know if anything will happen if i use it. I been looking on the internet and it only mentions att and verision. Any responses would help.

Why do a lot of people hate iPhones so much?

Excluding the fact that is expensive it's not a bad phone AT All in my opinion. Even people who have phones with the same price tag complain about the iPhones price.
And another excuse is it breaks easily? I've dropped mine on concrete and it's still in good condition.
What's up?

Can I or anybody still track my iPhone 5 down?

I know the person who stole and he left the town to idk where but I was told he found my iCloud information and erased it and I also assume he factory restored the phone. He also went on to my iCloud site and erased the phone from the list of devices and removed it. I assume he also tossed out the SIM card that was in the phone. Can I still find it now or am I screwed screwed?

What type of aftermarket radios fit a 2000 Nissan Maxima?

Im looking into buying this one

I would like to know if this fits and where could I find a harness? Also any other suggestions can help I just want one with a screen I don't need the dvd or gps

ITunes won't transfer music to my iPhone 4S (iOS7)?

I'm not sure when this started, but I noticed that my random songs have disappeared from my phone over the past few months. I use my iPhone on a different computer than the one I started with, so it's not its "home computer" and I add music to it through the Autofill function. I recently noticed the absence of some of my songs and went into iTunes to add them back, but iTunes wouldn't allow the songs to be added due to the fact that they are, according to it, already on my phone. I have searched for them using the search function on my phone and can't find them.

iTunes seems to think that I have 900 or so songs when viewing my iPhone's contents through that screen, but my phone only has 700. ITunes is seeing songs that do not exist on my phone and because of that won't let me add them back. It's really bizarre and I am frustrated and don't want to restore it because of how many computers I've gone through with my music data. I know I won't be able to get it all back if I chose that route.

If anyone could enlighten me as to how to get my music back/iTunes understanding what the actual data on my phone is Please do. Thanks!

Added (1). Also, viewing my phone through iTunes the problem songs are showing up with those exclamation points on the side. Really weird to see that in the phone section, and not just on the general music section.