IPhone 4s third party usb cable not charging?!

Thanks in advance! So I have an iPhone 4S. It's not jailbroken. My apple usb cable (the one that came wjth the phone), broke so I decided to get a longer, more durable third party wire. The other piece (plug) is still the original that fame with my phone. Worked amazingly until I updated the iOS software to the 7. Something version. Now, it won't let me charge my phone or sync to iTunes! I can only charge my phone if my battery does or I **** my phone off BEFORE plugging the wire into it. Is something just wrong with my wire? Or is it absolutely necessary that I purchase a new wire from apple or can I buy a third party one? I heard it had something to do with how Apple is trying to clamp down on third party chargers.
The reason why I want a third party wire is bc the material sucks!

I lost my iPod and i don't have iCloud or Find My iPhone installed?

Okay so me and my mom and friend went out today, we went to the nail salon (brought my iPod back) and then we picked up my little sister and dad to go out and eat at a fast food restaurant, (THOUGHT i bring my iPod back) then we went to go my friends house to take her back home, i thought i left my iPod in the car but i didn't. I left it at the fast food place. It was outside where we was sitting, so it could've been anybody who took it, but i think it was the worker there, because he was laughing at us, But anyways. I don't have iCloud or find my iPhone installed, and i don't want a new one. I don't have dropbox, either. Pictures, videos and information is all i really cared about - I have a passcode lock, but idk if that helps

How much does it cost to repair an iPhone 5c?

my iPhone 5c does not have a cracked screen, but it does have a lot of scratches and cracks on the bumper (or whatever it's called), the sides of the phone. I also recently dropped my phone and landed on the power button so now it's slanted and hard to press down.

Would I be able to repair it, or replace it with a new one? How much would it cost?

Does the apple store replace damaged iPhones for free?

My iphone is cracked but there is other things that's wrong with it such as the charger for some reason my phone charges very slow. Will they still replace it for free even with that crack. I know my friend who got hers replaced for free because her volume butten wasn't working

How to unlock a US verizon iphone 4s to use inside the US on a prepaid phone plan?

like virgin mobile 35$/month plan ( unlimited text and web with 300 call minutes ) . Like can I use a different SIM ( Not from the US with the same data plan like virgin mobile ) and still use it in the US? Or any unlock in general? ( my friend gave me his iphone but i think he stole it cause he said not to activate it on verizon which is why i want to get it unlocked )

please get back to me ASAP thank you c:

Black iPhone 4s 16GB from Verizon?

Is new with the box, charger (but no earphones) it has a minor scratch that you can barely see. For how much could i sell it? I was thinking $300-$350 because I want to get the iPhone 5s.
Help. Thanks. If you have any recommendations email me - brianburgos4@gmail,com

Iphone Apple logo keeps flashing on & off?

I have a jailbroken Iphone 3gs. I did the update & from then on, my phone won't turn on. The logo will flash on for 10 seconds and then go off again. It has been doing this nonstop for the past 2 days. I've tried the holding the home and sleep button method and I've put it in recovery mode and it didn't work. I connected it to iTunes and tried restoring it, but with about 30 minutes left of the upgrade/restoration, the apple logo kicked in again. Nothing seems to be working, please help!

How to get my deleted songs back on my iPhone?

I deleted some songs from my iTunes library on my computer, but now I want them on my iPhone again. I went to the 'purchased' area in iTunes where I am supposed to be able to download them again, but they aren't there. I found the albums in the iTunes store, and instead of saying the price, it says 'purchased' next to them, but there is no option to download. I am at a loss, so please help!

How to tell if a message was read on iPhone with the read receipts off?

On an iPhone you have the option to let viewers see if you have read their message or not. Say I I want to know if somebody with another iPhone read my text but they had their read receipts off. How can I get past that and see if that person read the message? Is there am app for it?