IPhone 5s vs iPhone 5c help!

I am wanting an upgrade from my iPhone 4.
What are the differences, pros and cons, and opinions on the new models?
Do both have the finger scan?
Is the 5C just like the iPhone 5 but with color?

My iPhone 3GS won't connect to itunes?

Yeah so hi.
In about July this year, my iPhone 3GS updated while I was sleeping. I didn't even want the update to happen, because I just didn't want to do it.
So it started updating, and when I looked at it, it said to connect it to iTunes.So, I did. And right after it said "Connected to itunes" it started turning off. I have tried this more than once, on different computers as well. I just want to use it.
Could it not be connecting because it's too old? Because it's a 3GS?
Can you please help me try and restore this, because I would really like it back.


So we have iPhone(5) iPods(5&4) and androids in our house and everytime any of them r plugged into a wall charger or a car charger or someone else's charger our devices go crazy! They start doing random things like someone else is controlling it! I think there's something wrong with the chargers these day and is curious if anyone else had the same problem.

Buying an IPhone 5S from USA. VAT help?

I can get a 5S for the equivalent of £403 when I go to USA, so I'm definitely going to buy one. However, I've heard that the prices shown on the US site don't include VAT. Will I need to pay that there and then when buying from the Apple store in the USA or will I only need to pay it on return to the UK?

Why can't I redownload my apps after iOS 7?

I updated my iPhone 4 to the new iOS 7, but when I go to redownload my apps in the App Store they just say 'Open' there's no download option. Can someone help me?

Ios 7 dynamic wallpaper? Help!

How come I don't get the Dynamic option for wallpapers even though I updated to ios 7 on my iphone 4?
I only see the Stills

My iPhone call. Volume is broken?

I cannot hear anything when makin or receiving calls i have used headphones and loudspeaker and normal to my ear but no sound at all

Where can I order the iPhone 5S Sim Free 16GB Gold?

I have no intention of buying it now, or in the next month… I just want to know the place to buy an iPhone 5S, Sim Free, online for the 16GB Model.
I've searched Amazon and in the Apple shop it only shows me contract versions, and I want a SIM Free version.
Now, I'm looking for the 16GB version too.

Added (1). I'm looking to buy it in the US, or a US based store.

How to restart my iPhone 5 if my lock button don't work?

Please help! I was going to study for a test so i just locked my iphone 5 with the assive touch thing because my iPhone 5 lock/power button doesn't work. And now i just realized my stupid mistake! I don't know how to turn it on! I searched for it on google and nothing came up! Please help me! How do i turn on my Iphone 5 if my lock button doesn't work:( I'm afraid i may not be able to start it! And please don't tell me to get it fixed in an apple service thing because i can't. Thanks and please help!