Looking for a no-contract plan with the same coverage as the big boys?!

So I had Boost Mobile and GoSmart for a while, had problems with dropped calls. Not positive if it was the coverage or the phone, really. Now I have an Iphone 4, in good shape, and I went to Verizon for a no-contract deal. They lied to me and are over-charging me, and I want to run, but of course need to run to good coverage. I know there are a whole list of smaller no-contract carriers out there and some are at around $30 or $40 a month. I just don't know their coverage - so can someone out there who has a cheap plan with good coverage shoot me the details? Thanks so much!

Get iphone 5s or wait for iphone 6?

To me, it seems like the only difference is the bigger screen. But IMO the phone 5s is the perfect size. You don't really need a big screen to do basic things on your phone. The iphone 6 rumours also make it seem like it would look cheaper, more plastic-y. What do you think?

Unlocked Moto X cdma or gsm?

Hi, I want to buy an unlocked Motorola Moto X straight from the Motorola website and I want to know if it is a cdma phone or a gsm phone when it is unlocked from the factory. I want to know this because i live in a rural area where I only get Verizon reception and sometimes AT&T, but i definitely don't have Sprint or T-Mobile reception. And as I see it, the Moto X is a pretty good phone. It has Android 4.2.2 and for 16 GB its only $400 unlocked. An iPhone 5c isn't even that low for 8 GB.
Thank you guys for your help.

Why does my photos on my Iphone take up so much memory?

I had about 500 photos and it was 6.0GB, then i literally deleted all except 4 of my photos. So I have 4 photos and its 5.2 GB?! Please Help ME FIX THIS it takes up all my memory, by the way i have a 16GB IPhone 5, THANKS:)!

How to sync my iPhone's songs to my new computer?

Six months ago I got a Mac and it got stolen just recently and it had all my songs on there. Some of the songs weren't purchased because I got it off of CDs. And once I downloaded all of the CD songs, I thought that I didn't need to use it anymore so I gave the CDs away. And now i got a new computer but when I try to sync my iPhone to the new computer, the songs don't transfer to the computer! I wanted to have my songs on my computer so when I do things on my computer, I don't have to plug in my earphones to my phone and plug in another earphones into my computer. Thanks!