2010 Volkswagen Jetta Aux input?

I am unable to connect my Ipod to the car. In the center console there is a jack for the fourth generation iphone. But when it's plugged in, it doesn't connect. There is no button on the radio that says aux or anything like that. The only options are FM, AM, and CD and MIX CD. Sometimes when i'm on the CD option is says NO MAGAZINE which for a while I was assuming meant no other device connected but I seriously don't know what to do. It has bluetooth and It allows me to make calls through the car but Im not sure how to play music through bluetooth either.I've read the manual many times but It doesn't say anything helpful. I'm really frustrated. Could someone please help me?

Iphone 4 update to ios 7 problem?

My iphone 4 has 812 MB available. It is currently in version 6.1.3, and I would like to update it to ios7. However, my PC has to update the itunes before it can update the iphone. I went through everything (the sync, backup, etc.) and began the update for itunes, but when I check the status of the update, it shows that there has been no progress. I have a good internet connection, and the PC is plugged in… Any info or tips on how to make the update function faster is GREATLY appreciated!

Where can I get a iphone 5c charger case?

I really want a iPhone 5c charger case because my battery defiantly doesn't hold a charge! I've tried various places and either they don't have my phone fit or they're around 90$ I've bought the lifeproof and the outer box, I don't like either, now I want the charger one! I saw ohcases.com but everything I've searched up has a bad review so I don't want to go their anywhere else I could go?

Iphone 5 battery life is crap?

I have been iPhone 5 iPad for about a year and a half it gets to about 30% and dies for no reason I'll plug it in and it'll go back to about 40% i've read forums that say just to do the hard reset or to buy a battery should I buy a replacement battery or should I do the reset? And if I buy the battery is it like replacing a screen?is it hard and easy to mess up?

Phone Cameras iPhone 4 vs Nokia 520?

The other day i was looking at an iPhone 4 photo and a Nokia Lumia 520 photo of the same thing.
They both have 5 mega pixel cameras but the iPhone looked so much better than the Nokia.
The iPhone was clear but the Nokia seemed to outline everything. Also the Nokia focuses automatically in the middle but the iPhone does not.
Why is the iPhone clearer?

Website to watch movies on iphone? - 1

I use ishow to watch shows but I was wondering if there was a free website to watch movies that will work on the iphone. I have netflix but they dont have everything. I use let me watch this on my laptop but it wont work on my iphone. Also I am not looking for an app like crackle or anything, I am asking for a website. Any suggestions will be appreciated:)

My iPhone 5 won't turn sideways when I am on the Youtube app?

It works on Safari. I can turn it sideways there and it works but on the Youtube app it won't turn sideways. It just randomly stopped working. Before you answer please note that I did try Portrait Orientation lock on and off but it still didn't work.

Will jail breaking brick my iPhone 5?

I have an iPhone 5 16 GB running the latest software. Jail breaking has always appealed to me but the only thing that has frightened me away was the possibility of bricking my iPhone. I am NOT scared of loosing data and having to re install the jailbreak, what i mean is totally bricking it beyond fixing. I have seen contradicting posts, some say it is impossible to brick it while others say you can. I have also come to the conclusion that some posts confuse the loss of data with bricking (which I am not worried about.) If anyone can tell me how and why an iPhone might brick or why it can't, It will be greatly appreciated!

Is it okay for a man to follow a single woman around while she jogs?

I was working out around a church and park. Many people go there for workouts. Usually work out with my husband but he has gotten lazy, so like a big girl I went for a run by myself. The park was fairly empty but there were a few cars parked outside Because there was a karate class going on. Suddenly a man in a pick up truck pulls up and I'm generally aware of my surroundings so I don't get into trouble, this man was sitting in his truck watching me. I know this because from my side view and anytime I managed to run in a blind spot if watched him. He gets out his car to watch me too. I get anxious and stop jogging so I can be more alert if anyfhig. Than he gets into his car and starts to follow me around the park! I thought I was going crazy but he was really following me. I got a bit scared and try to continue my workout far away from the area he is in. Than he stops and I run in a new area of the park only to have the man follow me in his car, get out and pretend to walk around when he was hiding behind a tree watching me. It freaked me out and I ran back home.

I don't want to seem like a child but this behaviour scared me. I wasn't doing anything wrong, just going exercising! I took a picture on my iPhone of his car and plate just in case it happens again.

Is this behavior very odd and was I right to get out? My instincts told me to run and go back home.

Virus all iTunes music is gone?

The v9 virus got downloaded onto my computer. All of the music on my iTunes is gone. All of my files of music are gone iCloud cannot be backup because of storage. I logged into my iTunes account and nothing showed up.

So the real question is how do I get rid of the virus and how do I save my music on my phone?

And if I delete songs (I have 809 on my iPhone ) are they gone forever after I delete them? Or will they still be on iTunes