How much do I pay if I use over my data amount?

Hi, I have verizon on my iPhone 5c and I have 1024mg of data and I used 1090.91mg. How much extra do you think I will pay?

More details: I have unlimited talk and text and I pay $60/month

I want to have sex with my aunt?

So basically my aunt is my step moms sister and she is 34 and has a really thick *** that's super ********, I guess she was changing one day into leggings and forgot to put panties on or a thong. I took hundreds of pics on my iPhone but jacking off to pics of her isn't going to let it out of me, I MUST have sex with her. Also that day were she wore them we went clubbing and she got drunk and starting saying things like lets have sex and started to grind on me. Anyone know any OTC drugs that'll make you extremely horny because I have to drug her without her knowing so something that's tasteless odorless and can easily be in water?

Why is my iPhone 5s searching with no SIM card inserted?

Hi I brought the iphone from eBay. I am with Vodafone got my number put on nano sim my phone worked fine for first 12 hours then (searching) came up in top left corner tried turning off and back on. After 3hours found signal but this problem keeps happing. Took back to Vodafone they have changed the sim but is still doing same thing. If I take the sim out then switch off and back on again it still says searching when it should say no sim?witch makes me think it could be the phone? Please some one help thanks

My iphone wont take a charge?

I have to plug it into its dock, but the lifespan of the battery is always very short. I've tried hooking my iphone to its regular charger, my friends chargers, and the charger i have for my computer, but nothing is working. If you have any advice, it would be very helpful

My husband has turned into a different person? Was he like this all along?

My husband and I have been married for 2 years. I have a daughter that i had at 18 who is now 17 and we have a 1 year old together. He recently got an iphone and started getting faebook back. He has turned into a totally different person. We used to always have so much fun laughing and stuff. For the last month he has been telling me im ugly and embarrassing to be around that im not cute at all. Then about a week and a half ago he never came home from work so i checked his phone records. I called the last number that he called and he was out on a date with some girl. He came home yelling and screaming at me telling me i ruined his life. Then at about 3 am the girl kept calling and saying she wanted to hear his voice that she didnt believe me. So i went to wake him up, he picked me up by the neck choking me slamming me into the ground shaking my head back and forth while choking me. He then literally picked me up threw me out of the house and threw my phone so i couldnt find it. I ran to the neighbors to call the police. He was arrested and charged with domestic assault. When in jail he called me acting like his old self. Now that his mom paid his 20k bond he is texting me how awful i am almost daily and telling me how he wants a divorce. This isnt the person i married and im so sad. Will he ever come back?

Added (1). im sorry my daughter is 7 not 17

How to go about getting my Apple ID?

I can't remember my Apple ID and I don't remember my email that I set it up with. I remember my password but i'm stuck because I don't remember my Apple ID. I have a whole bunch of music the I Purchased though iTunes and I got a new iPhone and I want to retrieve it. Plus I know this really dumb on my part, I didn't download iTunes on my laptop ( ouch! ) I know better now. Can anybody help me out?