Do I have up to date technology?

Ok so I have a 32 inch JVC 1080p crystal clear technology tv in my room. (BTW I am 13). I have an iPhone 5c, iPad Air, ps3, wii, and a toshiba laptop. I have ps3 games like gran turismo 5, nba 2k13, fifa 13, fifa South Africa 2010, mlb the show 13, minecraft. Etc. I am gonna buy a sterio surround gaming headset. And a keyboard. Do you think this is a cool setup in my room. Or do I need to update. I am 13. Not 30. Thank you.

What happens if i do this with my iphone?

I haven't activated it yet and the sim card is still in but i signed in with my apple id. What would happen if i turned the data on? How would I be charged?

Good websites for watching anime on IPhone?

So lately I've been really frustrated because the websites I usually use for anime won't work on iPhone (ianime, anime freak, dubbed episodes, etc.) so are there any websites you guys would recommend? It has to be free and no registration (and legal XD) thanks:)

How many GB's does the iPhone 5C 16 GB really have?

How many GB's does the iPhone 5C 16 GB really have?

Added (1). Apple products usually say "8 GB, 16 GB, 32 GB…" when really they take a few GB's off. For example, I have an iPod 4 8 GB when in the settings it says total space 6.3 GB's. For someone who has an iPhone 5C 16 or 32 GB can you please tell me how many GB's the device Really has? Thanks:)

Why is my iPhone 4 unlocking itself?

About two months ago I bough a new iPhone 4. Recently, it has been unlocking itself (I do not have a passcode) The phone can be placed in a bag, locked with the screed dark, and then pulled back out a while later for the screen to be unlocked and the apps showing (I do not have my phone on a lock setting; it is unlocked until you manually do it yourself.) it has also been unlocked during the night; I've woken up, knowing I locked it the night before, to flip it over in the morning to see the home page or a particular app open.
Any reason why it could be doing this?

Will Apple know if I took my iPhone apart?

I want to only take the screen off but nothing else. I just want to look at the LCI. Will Apple find out that I opened it? I also ordered a kit that gives you the correct tools to open it.

Unlock Iphone 4s from Verizon?!

Hi! I have an iphone 4s from verizon and im trying to change it to consumer cellular. I have the correct size sim card and everything. I have spent 4 hours trying to figure out how to unlock my iphone and cant find anything other than sites that want me to pay over 100$ to have someone do it for me. How can I, a very un-tech savvy, person do this quickly and for free?! Please help! Thanks!

Customize iPhone 5 background?

I was wondering how I could make a collage with some of my own pictures, but still have it fit my phone screen. I just made one, but it's too small for my phone screen & it has to zoom in if I want to set it as a wallpaper! Does anyone know of any apps that can make the collage the correct size/aspect? Thanks!

How to use a Verizon Iphone 4 on Virgin Mobile?

I'm looking for buy Iphone 4, but Verizon it's ridiculous with their prices. How can I unlock this/reset it for use on Virgin Mobile? I know there's a way, I've seen people who have phones like this. I'm just not sure how.