A lcd screen crack on my Droid Razr Maxx?

Well… I was in Biology class playing on my phone (DROID RAZR MAXX), and it was working flawlessly. I put it in my pocket and walk to my History class, and pull it out, and my screen wont turn on. All I get is a green blob of light in the bottom corner. So I'm like what the heck, and show my friend. She said the same exact thing happened to her iPhone, and I noticed that my lcd screen was cracked. HOW COULD THIS HAVE HAPPENED? The only thing I can think of that is viable is overheating, as my phone does sometimes get pretty hot, but I didn't know a screen could crack from it. Well, it cost my parents $140 to fix, so they told me to either switch to a basic phone until my contract ends, or continue using the droid, but if anything else happens, I'm paying. I think this is totally fair, but I just wanna know if anyone has had something similar happen? Especially with a Droid? I wanna continue using the Droid, because I'm pretty good at protecting it, but overheating is just something I can't really control… Well at least I think (Can I?), and being a teenager, $140 isn't exactly something I just pull out of my wallet without serious thought. So basically:
Has anyone else had this happen? AND
How can I prevent my phone from overheating?

Iphone 5s wont connect to itunes?

i have a iphone 5s I try to update it but every time I connect it to iTunes, iTunes stop working and close it self I cannot update I google on iTunes forum but no help like all the time the genius on apple don't fine a answer thank you for any help, any body can give me.

Face time on my iPhone 5 ios7?

i cant seem to face time my daughter we used to face time all the time,it just disconnects or just rings, it works with some people not all, does anyone have this problem or know why? Thank you

How much will it cost to buy an iPhone 5s and switch that phone onto my contract?

Hi, I'm Olivia, I want to buy an iPhone 5s and switch it onto my contract with Telus. My contract is a student contract. I get 10 favourite contacts, I can call anytime, anywhere in Canada, I have unlimited texting in Canada, I have free calling on weekends and after 6:00 and I have 1GB of data. The cost per month is about $55. So my question is, is how much will it cost to buy an iPhone 5s PLUS switch it to my contract I just described? (By the way, I currently have an iPhone 4s)

Please give me a rough amount:)
Thanks xx

If a company messes up a customer order, should there be a type of compensation?

I ordered an Iphone through verizon as an upgrade and had to wait for it to be shipped because it was backordered. The phone was not received on the expected date, and when I called verizon to check, they had forgot to place the order. I feel I should be owed some type of compensation for their error. Not to mention I had to spend another thirty minutes on the phone. What do you guys think?

ITunes won't let me download an album on my iPhone. Help?

I have an iPhone 4S with iOS 7. Anyways, my favorite band just recently released a new album and so I went on iTunes to get it. However, everytime I press on the price button and then it turns into "Buy album" button, it won't download. It says downloading and makes me put in my Apple ID account password, and then it stops downloading. I'll try again and the same things happens, the album won't download. It's very frustrating and it's been happening everytime I try to get it. Any help or suggestions? All help is appreciated, I choose best answer.