How does the verizon share everything plan work?

Okay so i REALLY want a smart phone but its really expensive. But i was talking to one of my friends today, and she said she had this share everything plan with her and her familys iphone 5 and she only has to pay 20 dollars a month for her phone. She has a 16 gb iphone 5 and i dont know how it works now. Because my dad said that it would cost more to have a share everything plan. I am so confused. Help!

My photos and camera in settings is taking up 5GB. Help?

Okay, so when I go to settings>general>usage on my iphone I noticed that it said that my photos and camera is taking 5GB of my memory but I don't have any photos as I've deleted all of them! Any ideas to why this is happening, thanks

Added (1). It's an iphone and could someone please tell me how to fix this?

Why won't iOS 7 download on my iPhone 4?

So I went into my settings, and I tried downloading iOS 7. I waited an hour, and then it said that "Software update is not available now. Please try again later." Why is this? How can I fix this?

How to exit the connect to the itunes in my iphone 4s?

I was going to upgrade my iphone from ios 5.0.1 to the new ios 7, but it got stuck in the connect to itunes screen, when i went over to itunes, it says that my iphone is in recovery mode and i must restore to continue updating… The only problem is that iu have tons of photos that i didnt copyed to my computer… I' ve already tried a bunch of programs to get out of the recovery mode, but none of them seems to work.
can someone please help me!
(sorry for my bad english)

How to update your iphone without deleting apps to make space?

Well i want to Update my iPhone 4 to iOS 7.0 but it says "This update cannot be installed because it requires at least 3.7 GB of storage… " i almost deleted everything on my phone & it still hasn't gone through. I want to jailbreak it but i don't think that will work?
Help Please!

Ios 7 not showing up? Iphone 5?

Im trying to upgrade to IOS 7 but its not coming up on my Iphone 5. I went to software updates but the update is not there. What should i do? Can i get it on itunes?

I tried to download IOS 7 but it said error!

I'm not sure what's happening, I've tried to download IOS 7 about 5 times on to my iPhone but after I press 'download and install' it just says error! What's the problem?