When i restor my iPhone will the password still be there?

My iPhone fell I'm to a bucket of water so I when to the apple store to get a new one so I have my new phone but I have to go to sprint to activate it so once I activate im going to restor it so I can get all my old information on my phone so it will be like my old phone but it's been a few days and I have a really bad memory and I dont remember my password so my question is once I restor my phone will the password also be there if so is there a way I can bypass it I have the latest update and I have an iPhone Please Help!1!1@!

Iphone 5S: Space Gray OR White-Gold? Help?!

I'm currently holding onto a black Iphone 4 & it's time for me to change my phone! But I HAVE NO IDEA which iphone 5S to get!

- Its a change from my current black iphone4.
- Looks nice!
- White border on the front is distracting
- Lots of people have the gold-white
- Gold can't be seen if I case up my phone(something i'll most probably do to keep the phone in mint condition)

- Very sleek looking
- Black screen blends in with the black border
- Black border will make a bright screen stand out, highlighting a contrast which is nice.
- Not as many people have the space-gray compared to the white-gold (i think?)
- The space-gray plate on the back is too much of a contrast with the black. In my opinion, they should've made it similar to the black slated iphone 5 which looks much nicer although the slate black was more prone to scratches. (however, if i case it up, i wont be able to see the space-gray black contrast any more)
- Fingerprints are more easily seen on black surfaces.
- I also dont like how the side of the phone is silver. It looks like an iphone 4/4S, something that i've been using for the past 2 years.

Personally, I'm a person more adverse to changes, and I usually like to stick to the same things i've been using. But i still dk whether to get the white/gold for a change. Which would be more pleasant-looking & won't be regrettable in the long run?


please help, i downloaded PDAnet on cydia and it reset my phone! Im now stuck at the screen that you see when you first get your iphone. It just says hello. Then when i open the iphone, it tells me to connect to wifi. Then when i connect, it just crashes! Iv tryed to connect to itunes and reset it, but now itunes doesn't recognize my phone! I need a solution quick please!

Can I just replace my old iPhone with a new one by switching the sim card?

I broke my iPhone 5 the the other day, and was wondering if I bought a new phone directly from apple (probably a 5s) and used my simcard from the iPhone 5, will it work? And by that I mean will I have any trouble from my provider (AT&T) or from activating the phone since I'm still under contract.

Do I have up to date technology?

Ok so I have a 32 inch JVC 1080p crystal clear technology tv in my room. (BTW I am 13). I have an iPhone 5c, iPad Air, ps3, wii, and a toshiba laptop. I have ps3 games like gran turismo 5, nba 2k13, fifa 13, fifa South Africa 2010, mlb the show 13, minecraft. Etc. I am gonna buy a sterio surround gaming headset. And a keyboard. Do you think this is a cool setup in my room. Or do I need to update. I am 13. Not 30. Thank you.

What happens if i do this with my iphone?

I haven't activated it yet and the sim card is still in but i signed in with my apple id. What would happen if i turned the data on? How would I be charged?