My iPhone 5 charger declining?

I've noticed that my iPhone 5 (well, all 5s) charge considerably fast like within an hour or a little over. My relative asked if I can charge her 5 so I did but it didn't seem to charge it as efficiently, nor seem like it charged at all and after a couple hours it went only from 5% to 19% so I thought the charger was like declining in terms of usage. But now I plug in my 5 again and it shows that it's charging but it's taking noticeably longer to charge my 5 and was only about halfway charged after an hour. Does the cable get affected if you charge several different phone through it? Will I need to get it replaced? And has it technically really broke because of what I did?

How to add multiplayer/networking to strategy games on iphone?

Hi everyone,

I've been developing a iPhone strategy game and i don't have any knowledge on to back it with a server and be able to add multiplayer like seen in clash of clans, were the player can see the opponents "base" and be able to attack.

Are they tutorials out there? Also should i make my own dedicated servers? Or go through company?

Any info is much appreciated

I Have an IPhone 4s I Just Downloaded The New Iso7?

I Have an IPhone 4s I Just Upgraded my Phone to the Iso7 & it keeps tellin me sign in required when i try downloading an app I click on sign in required & It automaticly goes to my Account setting & It showing me my credit card info but it still wont let me download apps on my phone even tho my card doesnt work i cant download anything because of my credit card issuse If Anybody knows how i can get my phone workin again i would be very happy

Dropped my iphone 4 in snow now no sound?

Ok so i was walking outside with my friend and i was running and he bopped into me. Like in football when guys run into others with their shoulders and send them flying. So i kinda dove and my iphone screen was wet with snow. My hands were freezing and i was only worried about getting warm. So later i play songs on my speaker and they stopped after a while a now the sound is just no more. No music no alerts no nothing. I know verizon and apple dont repair water damage (greedy f***er) but my phone is due next month and i may be getting the iphone 5 or 5c. But in the mean time are there any suggestions? I know this portable speaker that brings the sound from your iphone to the speaker but will that work even the there is no sound on the iphone? Like if i play a song it will come out through the portable speaker?

Dj using Pioneer DDJ WeGO at Prom?

Is it normal for a Prom Dj to be using a Pioneer DDJ WeGO at Prom? Or is that not fancy enough for Prom?

At the least dance, an iPhone docking station was being used and the Dj took girls who had iPhones and played them.

How to avoid data roaming charges?

I'm going out of the country and I want to use my iphone for pictures and for wifi. My hotel has free wifi. If I turn my phone on airplane mode and turn off some other cellular settings will I get any charges? My parents will kill me if I do!
Oh and I can't use any 3G on my phone anyway cuz my parents blocked it.

How to become prettiest most popular in my grade?

Okay so I am already one of the prettiest girls in my grade (a lot of people have told me) I'm also one of the most popular. I only play soccer and run track. I just want to become prettier/better than one of my friends. Also I am literally striving to look like savannah montano by the summer because she is so beautiful and an inspiration to me I don't know it might sound weird but yeah. I don't really care about what clothes I wear I do own name brand things like uggs, miss me jeans, a northface I have a gold iPhone 5s so basically yes I have a lot more than some girls in my grade. And none of those clothes make me more popular than I already am. A big struggle in my life is that I have kind of a girlstache but I bleach it and tweeze it (it doesn't hurt if you do it quick) but ya someone tell me what I'm doing wrong. And I want to kind of be myself/tumblr like but one of my friends dresses that way, will I look like I'm copying her? (she's my best friend) Please Help

How to fix iOS 7 error 3194 on iphone4?

I wanted to update my Iphone 4 so I can download tumblr. I updated it and the phone showed me a picture telling me to connect it to itunes. When I do that it tells me to restore and update. I did that but it gave me a message telling me that the Iphone could not be restored and unknown error 3194. I tried changing the host file too but it did not work. How can I make Ios 7 work or downgrade it back to Ios 6?