How to access the data on your iPhone when it is off or stuck in a reboot loop?

I don't need to get it out of the reboot loop because that is hopeless since i'm pretty sure it has a virus, but i was hoping I could at least back it up or get some data off it so when I get a new phone I don't have to start from scratch. Would putting it into something like DFU mode help with this? It is a 64 GB iPhone 5 with at&t. It is running ios 7.0.4 and it has never been jailbroken. I have managed to start it up once (incredibly) but that was a few days ago and now it won't let me. When it had started up, it constantly rebooted and the screen had a fuzzy white tint around the edges of the picture.

How does the finger scanner in iPhone 5s work?

I just got the 5s today and it had me scan my fingerprint but I thought it was to like unlock your phone? It only lets me have a number code or none at all? How do I set it to where I have to scan my finger to unlock it? Isn't that what it is for? I'm so confused. Thanks xx

Dropped my iphone in snow sound won't work?

So I dropped my iphone 5 in the snow and my friend picked it up. It was only for like a minute. But now I can't play music unless I have headphones in. And my keyboard and lock clicks won't sound. Help!

How to find a lost iphone thats turned on silent?

no i dont have the find my phone app as i didnt know that even existed til today so thats a moot point
i have called it but of course its on silent so i cant hear it or sure as heck dont see it
is there a way to trace the phone without that app?
i call it and rings and rings then goes to voicemail
heck i even prayed and of course that failed
what are my options
i dont live in a big house either and not in the garbabe i checked
any tips

Added (1). well duh avdaddy i have been doing that actually geez! Do you decide others peoples actions on other things geez

How to put iTunes music on iPhone?

I know how to get music into my iTunes library but how to I get it in "on this iPhone" when I plug my phone in? ITunes is so confusing anymore. Lol
So basically when I sync my phone, all of the music from "'on this iPhone" gets put into my phone. So how can I put my iTunes library into it?
Sorry if it's confusing!

Accessing work folder from home?

I am wondering what I can use to access (view and modify) a folder on my desktop at work from either my HP Laptop, iPad, or preferably my iPhone.
The folder contains excel sheets and word documents (basically a generic main folder that contains a folder for each of my customers and has multiple excel sheets in each customers folder). This folder is constantly growing/ changing and when I am out of the office (which is a lot) I need to be able to look at the customers excel sheets to relay information (it would also allow me to throw away ~10 lbs worth of print outs I have).
I need to be able to access it through some sort of internet connection, but whether that is a website or some sort of shared folder I am not sure. It also needs to be something free, not some web service I need to buy or pay monthly for. Thank you for any help!

IPhone activation using someone else's SIM card?

I recently factory restored my iPhone 4 AT&T and it has no sim card so of course it needs to be activated, and I lost mine months ago, if I get my sister's sim card and put it in, then activate my phone, then put my sisters sim back in her phone will I be activated? Will her phone be affected?

Added (1). Zack, I'm not trying to get service I'm just trying to make it work, like an ipod touch.

What happens if I snap my SD card?

So I want to cancel my provider (Like T-Mobile or whatever) for my iphone 4s, ans I heard that If you snap the SD card your number and provider will be erased andyou wont be able to receive calls. Please tell me if this is true, If it isn't please tell me how I can cancel my provider without calling them (because it takes to long)