Customize iPhone 5 background?

I was wondering how I could make a collage with some of my own pictures, but still have it fit my phone screen. I just made one, but it's too small for my phone screen & it has to zoom in if I want to set it as a wallpaper! Does anyone know of any apps that can make the collage the correct size/aspect? Thanks!

How to use a Verizon Iphone 4 on Virgin Mobile?

I'm looking for buy Iphone 4, but Verizon it's ridiculous with their prices. How can I unlock this/reset it for use on Virgin Mobile? I know there's a way, I've seen people who have phones like this. I'm just not sure how.

How to see a private instagram profile?

I think my girlfriend is cheating on me but i don't have an instagram and I already made a fake account but her account is private and she's not accepting the request and I already send a request to the dude that I think she's cheating on me but neither of them won't accept the request and I was wondering if anyone could tell me how to see a private user but I don't have a computer I only have an iphone is there anyway that I could do that from my phone are can anyone send a request from their instagram if so can you give me your number so we can see if they accep your request please help I really need to find out

Is she shy or not interested? She never had a bf?

i'm 29, investment banker, ivy league background, she is 20 in undergard school.

when i first met her she was super shy, although she is a social butterfly. She told her aunt, who married my uncle, that she thought i was super cute and loved my personality. Eventually she opened up and gave me her number. We chatted, flirted, hung out and she enjoyed my personality.

we did this for 5 weeks, we would talk everyday, and then she didn't respond to me, i have no clue why, it was a complete 180. I tried to call her to see what's up but no answer, so i texted her and said if she is not interested in me, that is ok and i would move on with time. But that if she gave me a chance i would support her dreams and make her my queen. When i was younger i came off desperate to women, but now i'm a very wealthy guy and personally, i don't mind if i look desperate for a woman. And even the women from my past are looking for an excuse to "hang out" again but i'm over them, but i think they are just upset they missed out. I just want genuine love.

the things is she didn't respond to that either and i know she saw my text since the app said so on my iphone, i can deal with rejection but i rather here it from her rather than her not telling me.

Why does my voice doing weird in recordings?

I wanted to make youtube videos and vines but then when I decided to record everything was fine except my voice! It sounded like I had cracks in my voice and also on some parts I sounded like I was 5 yrs old! I know the camera was important and what type you use but I was testing things out on my phone btw it's an iphone if that matters. Anyway why did I sound so… Weird

How to make my iphone 4 battery last about 5 days?!

I'm going to reading festival an i really need my phone the whole time and iphones literally run out of charge in like a day and a half at most! Is there anything you can buy, maybe like a portable charger thing, that would keep you battery going for about 5/6 days?