Unlocking iphone 4s at&t in india? - 1

My brother bought me a new apple iphone 4s from usa:) it is locked one(at&t), how can i unlock it permanently and how much it costs, i went to some store and the shopkeeper said it costs about 5k to unlock it. Is it real or little more?

Can i buy Virgin Mobile iPhone 4 from Radioshack without activating service?

Im planning to buy virgin mobile iPhone 4 tomorrow from Radioshack for black friday. I want to buy them without having to start service with virgin mobile. Does anyone know if i must start service to buy the phone? I know there's no contract. Need answer tonight as I'm buying the phone tomorrow.

Added (1). I just want to know if it's possible to buy the phone without starting a plan.

I dropped my iPhone 4s in my tub. Help!

Okay so I have a life proof but it didn't have the screw thing on it and I dropped it in the tub for like 2 seconds. I took it out and it didn't feel wet but just to be safe I stuck a Qtip in the headphone jack. Do you think it will be okay? I haven't turned it off. I'm scared to charge it!

What should I ask for, for Christmas this year 2013?

I'm 21 and I get asked what I want for Christmas but I really don't know. I have a tablet they wouldn't get me an iphone so there's no reason for me to even ask. I have a laptop and I'm going to school but I'm still living at home so it won't be so expensive. I would love to get like a pet but my dad would never let me keep it not with my baby sisters in the house too (it's so wrong I'm 21 with a 3 year old sister). Anyway, I really don't have any idea cause I'm not really concerned with fashion or makeup and very few people actually get me clothes I like so I never ask for that stuff. So if anyone has any ideas as to what I could ask for let me know cause if I don't come up with something I'll end up getting something that just sits in my room collecting dust.

Signs and symptoms for depression?

This is going to sound stupid, but I'm not sure if I'm depressed or not. When I looked it up online I found I had alot in common. It's not like I have an abusive, homeless life or anything like that but I honestly just feel like I don't enjoy anything and like life isn't really worth it… Idk I don't really like talking about these things because I don't like feeling my emotions but If anyone has a list of signs of depression or some "yes or no" answer things that could help me figure this out that's be great.

For the record I'm not that type of person who thinks their depressed because some guy dumped them or they Didnt get the new iPhone or stupid crap like that. (:p)

Also, don't say "talk to your friends and fam about it" cuz I don't talk to my family, we kinda just coexist and I don't want to talk about it to any of my friends, the few close friends I have I don't feel able to express this side of me, and I don't like talking about feelings and they wouldn't know what to say anyway

Hopefully I can get a better idea from this, thanks.

I have an internet connection but everything I do is slow?

From my iphone, to my computer, to my xbox my internet is beyond slow and I can't stream anything! It takes forever just to load a page up. Any solutions? Btw I've tried unplugging it no help.

Added (1). I have Mediacom

Can the police track my ip from sending an email through my iphone?

Hi I sent a few prank emails from my iphone pretending to be someone else. I am not proud of this but at the time thought it was funny. I didn't send any threats or bullying nothing like that. I pretended to be my fiance's coworker and send dirty Ecard to him from some e cards. Apparently his company got the police involved and its been 3 days. Can they catch me for this? And if so how long would it take? Can I be charged? They were really just silly funny Ecard no harm intended. Honestly I lost my mind for a moment and I should have never done it. I feel awful and I'm scared.
I'm trying to find out if they Will catch me and what can they do? Would they have found me by now or would it take time? I really don't want there to be trouble. Ugh I'm so stupid.