How to extreme coupon in PA?

I am from Pennsylvania and I currently live at home and attend community college but this fall I will be getting my own place and transferring to university. The cost of my rent and tuition will be a lot to balance so I would like to learn how to extreme coupon for things like food, paper products, cleaning supplies, laundry detergent, dish detergent, body wash, shampoo, etc. I also have an iPhone, so if anybody knows of any coupon apps let me know! Thank you in advance for the coupon tips! :)

Whats the best iphone app for sports and why?

If I want to check how my teams are doing whats the best app for that?

Thanks for your help!

Added (1). I watch N. American sports and I want 1 app where I can see baseball, football, hockey, etc.

How to move iphone pics without wifi, data, internet?

So I am going on a cruise, and I am already at 1600 + saved pics (deleting some before going)
I don't have a Ipad… So is it possible to move them so I won't run out of space to take pictures?
Sorta like Dropbox (what I use when I use data or wifi )

How to finish my backup for my new iPhone?

I just replaced my iPhone with apple because my old iPhone got water damage. I went to an apple store and started to backup all the information from the old phone to my new phone (I'm traveling around the world so I don´t have a computer with me). When the backup had been going on for almost two hours I stopped it because we had to leave but the "genius" told my I could continue the back up when I could connect to Wifi again but now I don't know how to start it again. Can anyone help me? Do I have to restore it from the start or?

Is USA an affordable place to live?

I am from New Zealand but have a dual citizen ship for USA. I am in Pennsylvania at the moment and I've noticed that everything is So cheap here! Is it just Pennsylvania that is a very affordable state r is all of America like this?!

For example. A victorias secret body mist in New Zealand is $20 (17USD) but in Penn they are only $9. I think that is unbelievably cheap so I bought 6!

and just food etc. And iphones are a lot cheaper over here.

is new zealand just expensize or is Pennsylvania the place to be?!

How to transfer videos from my computer to my iphone? - 1

I searched everywhere but all that comes up is how to transfer to computer from iphone. This really frustrates me there isnt a simple way to do this I cant be the first who has wanted to do this?

Added (1). I see the option to add photos and movies when I plug in my phone to itunes but nothing shows in the files when I click to choose one.

Is it Worth Getting an iPhone 5 at this Point in Time?

Hello all,
So I am thinking about getting an iPhone 5. I recently saw an article on a tech website saying that the iPhone 6 will come out this September. I'm not sure if I should get the iPhone 5 just now because the I saw from multiple sources that the 6 would come out this year.
Is it worth getting an iPhone 5 right now?
Any ideas?

Thanks and regards everyone