I cant find my book i downloaded on iphone 5s?

I downloaded a book on 12 days of giveaway app on iBooks but for one I don't have the iBooks app. I know it downloaded because some of my storage capacity was used but where is it?

Do beats by dre earbuds fit snug/well?

I already own the beats by dre solo hd headphones and love the quality / sound, and I'm considering investing in a pair of earbuds as well. The only thing is that earbuds never work for me for whatever reason. The ones that came with my iphone always fall out. I'm not sure if they're supposed to be like that or if I just have weird ears. Do the beats by dre earbuds stay in well and have a tight fit? Does it come with a few sizes?

I feel embarassed to have the older iphone?

I know I should be grateful to even have one but I have an iphone 4S and most people have the 5, 5C or the 5S. My two year contract is not up until Febuary of next year so I can't get a new one. I just feel embarassed to still have the older version:( anyone else?

IMessages are green and don't say delivered?

I sent an iMessage to my boyfriend about four hours ago, but it's still green & doesn't say "delivered" underneath, nor does it say that it wasn't delivered. I have an iPhone 4S with iOS 7…

Someone has retweeted or favorited your retweet?

On Twitter I always get notifications when someone that I may or may not follow retweets or favorites a tweet that I've retweeted. I have a lot of followers so this can get quite annoying. Does anyone know of a way to turn these notifications off? I have access to Twitter from an iPhone and a laptop if that makes a difference.

Thanks in advance!

How to connect iphone to new computer?

Hi, I am about to buy a new laptop and am worried about how to make sure I don't lose any of my Itunes library from my phone. Please can someone talk me through the process of installing itunes on to a new computer and connecting my iphone to it so i don't lose my purchases. I recall previously everything being wiped off. Thanks ( I'm not very tech minded so simple terms please!)

It's been almost two months, is he ignoring me?

This guy and I have been texting for a month now an lately he hasn't replied. I would check if he read it but I don't have a iPhone.
Idk if he's tired of me but he said that he liked me. I still talk to him at school and everything but I need to know
I really like hom

Depressed from new years eve?

So i was bartending a party on nye and ending up drinking and getting wasted myself. All was fine until i lost all my tips had made that night, and then started crying and accused these other girls i worked with of stealing it. I was already on thin ice with my boss who told me not to drink after a last event where i did drink when i wasnt supposed to and got sent home. Even was drunk at this party, including the other workers, but i am just affraid at what they other girls told the boss after i texted her that night and accused them of stealing my money. I know it sound stupid but i am being really hard on myself for the way i acted and embarrassed myself in front of everyone. To top it off, i lost my BRAND NEW iphone 5s. And went home with this guy i met that night, and now i am feeling like a whore about that too. I am so depressed STILL and am never wanting to drink again. I have to call my boss today and i dont know what to say to her or how to play this off without looking like a total screw up. I really dont want to burn my bridge with her either… Any thoughts? Thank you

How to get my iphone to play through my Hyundai Sonata?

So I just got this car and when I tried to hook up my phone to it (lightning cable plugged into a USB port in the console) the touch screen of the navigation in the car showed something like "reading". My phone brought up a notification that said "Trust this computer?" and I said yes. Then the car screen said there was nothing plugged in. I tried this a bunch of times and it kept happening. What do I do?