How come my iPhone 5C won't give or receive text messages and calls?

I just got my iPhone 5C unlocked today at a T-mobile store. When I came home, I tried texting and calling my friends but it wouldn't work. When I checked the top left corner of my phone's screen, it said "No service". Will the service come eventually or should I go back to the store and have them fix it? Thank you in advance!

Is $575 for an unlocked iphone 5S a good deal?

Is this a good deal? Here is the link for the item to ebay.

Will an iPhone 4 set off a hand held metal detector?

I dropped my white iPhone in the snow today, and we couldn't find it after searching for hours. My friend suggested that we look for it with her hand held metal detector tomorrow. Will it set it off or is it not worth our time?

My iphone 4 keeps freezing? What do i do?

I bought this phone on amazon about 5 days ago, it is used but it didn;t have any marks or scratchies and worked like brand new. So Its been working perfectly until this after noon when it started just freezing on what ever i was on and not taking any commands and then It would restart allby itself. After it would restart it would go to the "slid to unlock" thing and would be frozen there. Then It would restart againg and then it would work for like 2-5 min before the process repeats all over again.

No it does not have a full memory. I don't even have any apps downloaded to it. It is no where even near having a full memory.

So what do I do? Please help! And I will choose a best answer… >-<

Which of these 2 iphone 4 cases would you vote for ( which one do you like)?

I am getting a new iphone case but i really like these 2 cases but sadly i can only get one so i am asking everyone i can to vote on which case they like and why. Which case do you like best:

Love Tree/Electric Pink-…



P.S please help me decide, thanks! :)

Added (1). Love tree/ electric pink-


hope these are better links:)

I fell asleep on my iphone 4 and now it wont turn on?

ive tried to reset it and still nothing i also removed the battery for 2 days straight and still nothing:( someone please help me solve this issue.

Added (1). actually the iphone 4 does have a battery you just have to screw out the screws