Help on getting an iPhone 5s?

I really do enjoy the iPhone very much. Now that spring and summer are coming I would really love to have a phone to have the 5s because I do plan on going away. I find the finger print sensor a great way for security. The camera to me seems great because I can tell it takes very high quality shots. And finally I think it would be great to have for sharing things on social media, editing images and videos right on it as well. Plus I love the the gold. Anyways my carrier is AT&T and my upgrade isn't until fall and I would like to get it soon with out having to mess up my contract and not having to pay the hefty price of around $750.00 for the 32gb. Please see if you can help.

What is the game called? Bird, clouds, and switches from night to day?

BAck in 2010 there was a game on the iPhone and iPod touches that had a bird that would bounce of the clouds to collect the stars, but you had to get as far as you could before night set in. It has been forever since I played it, and I have NO CLUE what the name of it is or what else happens in the game. I hope one of you can give me an answer!

Feeling excluded from technology?

I don't have a smartphone and I feel bratty for saying this, but all my friends are on their phones on Instagram or playing games while I feel extremely left out and awkwardly sit there playing tetris on my shitty phone. At one point while we're hanging out or at a sleepover, they pull out their phones and do whatever. I want to ask them politely to get off their phones, but they're my friends and it would be awkward without the entertainment of social media apps or games. Apps are like an icebreaker, but I feel very left out.
Another example is my teacher chose me for the privilege of doing a special project, but part of the special project involved a pricy technology app that my family didn't want to buy, considering it would be used for a one time project. My parents weren't willing to buy it, so I told my teacher this, so he gave me a disapproving look and chose another person to do the project. I was very envious and sad when that person presented in front of the class and was given applause (I understand that what I am saying is selfish).
I just cannot understand why people need to afford technology to "fit in". My parents aren't poor but people think I am just because I don't own the latest, or even the oldest version of the iphone. One person even asked me straight up, "are you poor?" so I made a joke about my crappy phone, but afterward, I just felt very upset.
Please give me good advice rather than telling me to "not mind what others say" because being surrounded by iphones everywhere, I feel a bit embarrassed and self-conscious.

Is downloading game boy emulators on your Iphone bad?

I have the game boy emulator on my iPod and I'm thinking of just doing it in my iphone too but I'm not sure if emulators are safe. As in will it mess up my iDevice or something in anyway? I read about that some May have a malicious code that may get my data hacked.

Buying an iPhone 5S off of Craigslist?

So I'm buying TWO iPhone 5S's for $750. The seller wants it in Cash. They're willing to meet up in a public place. The phones are supposedly "Factory Unlocked". I asked why they were selling them and they said that they bought and resold phones.

Is there anything I can do to make sure that the phones do NOT get reported as Stolen/Lost after purchasing them?

I remember reading something about if they're factory unlocked, I could call apple and have the ownership transferred to me? If that's possible.

Should I go on with the purchase or should I just back out?

Added (1). The phones are still in the box and with wrapping on it. So they're not stolen. They're willing to let me check the status of activation when I meet them, but they won't send me the IMEI number through text.

How long do the Apple iPhone 5s headphones last?

im thinking of buying the apple headphones for the 5s cause my last ones (pair of bose heaphones) didnt last very long and im just wondering how long to they last. Thankss

Missed a call from an unknown number. When I call back the line doesn't even ring?

I have an iPhone and I couldn't find this anywhere on the internet. Why the hell did someone call me 3 times today and when I called them back the line doesn't ring once and there's just silence and then it says "call ended" on my phone and the call ends. I tried calling back on my house phone and the line doesn't ring at all but it's just silent the entire time until I hang up. Is it some kind of telemarketer? I've never received telemarketer calls on my iPhone. I've always had them blocked.

How to legally get money that is owed to by someone?

I got this guy that owes me $210. He's my buddies roommate and back in June we had all went out on the boat on the river. While I was standing on the Back of the boat he pushed me into the river with my iPhone 4s in my pocket after I loudly proclaimed do not push me in the water, needless to say that it caused my phone to not work anymore. I told him that he was gonna buy me a new phone and he said he would. Well its been about 7 months now and he still hasn't paid me because he "doesn't have the money" even tho he's had money to go on two trips (one to Chicago and one to Mississippi) and has money to go out drinking every other weekend. Ive called him and text him about getting my money or I will take legal action. My question is what type of legal action do I have here?

Added (1). If I file in small claims court then who would be responsible for court costs? I don't see in any way how I would be responsible for them and I honestly could care less if we are still friends…

Iphone 4 ios 7 jailbreak wallpaper problem?

Anytime i try to download a tweak that has a wallpaper icon or something that includes a wallpaper icon, when i respring, everything that the tweak was meant to do is there, but the wallpaper is never there. An example is i download a dragonball z theme to change the app icons and wallpaper, but only the icons change and the wallpaper is left the same. I have an iphone 4 ios 7.0.4 and i really want the wallpapers to show because the cydia wallpapers look very cool. Changing the wallpaper from the wallpaper setting is fine and it changes, but it doesn't work for cydia tweaks. Please help!