IPhone 5s auto-lock and screen dimming?

I just upgraded to the iPhone 5s because my old flip phone broke. I'm wondering if I can turn off auto-lock AND still have the phone screen dim after a minute or two. So far, all I have figured out (I think) is that if the auto-lock is set to never, the screen doesn't dim.

Help or suggestions will be greatly appreciated.

Does AT&T participate in Black Friday?

I want to buy the Motorola Moto X but I only have so much money. Does AT&T participate in Black Friday? Just curious. Also, I believe that this is a good phone but I'm not too sure. I do know that iPhones tend to mess up quickly and I don't want to go through another bad phone. I like androids a whole lot better.

Linksys Router is connected but no internet access?

My Linksys wrt54g says that it is connected, but no internet access even when the Ethernet? Cable is hooked up to the laptop. It is like this for my ipad, iPhone, and second laptop. Last night it was working fine until I accidently pressed the ses button on the front of the router. Then my internet connection was linksys_ses_xxxx. I did the factory reset and it is back to the unprotected linksys, as it originally was before, but now it says connected with excellent strength but no internet access. I have gotten into the setup page by typing into the Internet address bar and typing my password in as admin. I have also tried powering off the router and nothing has worked. I'm not very tech savy so please keep answers as simply worded as possible! Thanks!

How much could I sell this iPhone 4 for?

IPhone 4, Black, 16GB, Locked to Vodafone UK (I can easily unlock it), 3 years old, perfect condition physically (always had a case and screen protectors), half-broken home and power buttons, iOS 7.

I think around £25? Considering both the buttons need a grudge for them to work… How much is the estimtate?

Unlock an iCloud locked iPhone 5?

So recently i bought an iPhone 5 (2nd hand). The phone is fabric unlocked, but on the other hand iCloud locked.
Is there any way i could reset/erase/deinstall this iCloud so i could use my phone
PS: I bougth whis phone cheap so maybe it is stolen

Can I use nail polish to color the cracks on a iPhone?

I have a black I phone and the back of it is cracked. I wanted to do the colored crack thing that people do. I tried using hi lighters and sharpies but it didn't work. I heard that nail polish works but how would I do that?

No photos and 16GB used for camera and photos!

My dad gave me an iPhone recently and so I've been adjusting things to my likings, then I found 18GB in the phone was labeled "Other". When I checked the app usage, the Photo & Camera section was using up 16GB, and I had no photos at all. Can someone help please?

E symbol next to a song on my iPhone?

I recently updated my phone to IOS 7. Everything was fine, however I have a song on my iPhone that has long been deleted. I've tried deleting it off of my phone, and no option to delete it is available. The song doesnt show up in iTunes, only on my phone. It also has a white E in a black box that appears right after the name of the song. Ive attached a URL that leads to a screenshot with the boxed E circled in red.


What does the boxed E mean, and is there any way I can delete the song off of my phone? I hate this song, and I havent found answers elsewhere.