Buying an iphone 5s for straight talk?

I browsed other questions but didn't quite find what I was looking for.
Straight talk now offers the iphone 5s (16G) but I'd like to get a larger size one from the apple store. I emailed them and they said that it would be fine if I bought the unlock phone and purchase a nano-sim from them.

The link the sent only had regular and micro sims so I'm a little dubious.

Anyone have experience with this? Can I buy the unlocked phone with no sim card and cut a Micro down with a cutter or can I buy the unlocked phone that comes with a T-mobile sim card in it in case and swap cards out later. (I'm talking about the unlocked and contract free T-mobile not the service plan one)

If you go to Apple's site and when you try to buy a phone and go all the way to the bottom you'll see what I mean.

Help on twitter for iPhone, direct messages?

Hiya, so I have twitter on my iPhone and when I get notifications on my phone regarding twitter dm's etc the show the full message and I don't want it to. Like say on imsg you can turn the tab for showing previews on and off and I can't find a way to do this for twitter so does anyone know anything to do this so it doesn't show the direct message for twitter please? Thanks in advance x

Is iphone 5c good enough for casual use?

Have been using android for years, and now I am thinking to switch to iphone to get a new IOS experience. I dont really like the super-premium look of the iphone 5s, and personally I prefer the plastic iphone 5c as it looks more casual and minimalist. However I often hear bad things more than good things of the iphone 5c compared to 5s. Is there any iphone user that can give me advice about this? Thank you

p/s:I am neither an android nor iphone fan boy. I appreciate both brands' product

Jailbreaking my iPhone 5C with iOS 7.0.4? - 1

Hi there. I just need some help finding a way to jailbreaking my 5C with iOS 7.0.4. I tried using Evasi0n 7 on my Mac, which I downloaded from the Evasi0n website, but it wouldn't even open. Can someone help me out by linking another site or a YouTube video explaining another method to jailbreak my iPhone? Thanks!

Tinder App won't work on iPhone?

When I tap the Tinder app, the initial screen appears (white background with red logo at the center) for 10-12 seconds but then automatically shuts down.
Any indication on how to fix it?
An option is to delete the app and re-install it but I'm afraid I won't be able to read any messages / connections I received during the period I was unable to access Tinder (I know I'd still be able to read the old mssgs I received while it was working).

Thank you!

Added (1). (PS: Yes, I have the latest iOS 7.0.4)


@Muhammad: thank you for your answer but what does "may your iphones os is low for the app" mean?

Is this cool and trendy enough for teenagers?

People nowdays are like "yo!" and "yolo!" and "wassup broda?"
I think that's too cliched now.
So I created this new invention. It's just a word, but well, it's an invention.
My word is: XOQ
Meaning is: expressing happiness

1. Xoq dude! I just got a new iPhone cell phone!

2. Did you just go for a date? Look at your face, dude! Totally xoq!

What do you think of it? Cool enough? It's my dream to have it in the Oxford dictionary. Will you help me? Just use it as often as possible.

Let's all create a new TREND:)
Thank you!

Can i use wireless charger on my Iphone 5?

Someday ago i saw that my friend using wireless charger on his iphone 4. I am so interesting about use wireless charger. But i am not sure that can i use wireless charger on my Iphone 5.Suggest me please. How can i get one wireless charger for I phone 5?

IPhone issues connecting to PC or Laptop?

I just found my old iPhone 3GS and it had a ton of photos on it 680+
thing is i don't have the original usb cable for it but I do have it from my Iphone 4s
well even tho i'm typing this via my PC when i plugged my iPhone in my laptop it did nothing with the first usb cable, didn't even make a sound or something, iTunes also didn't do anything
the second cable tho it just says incompatible device or something similar to that
I'm have no idea what is going on, if someone can help me it would be highly appriciated!