Music ringtone on iPhone 4s?

Hi does anyone know of a site that sky hasn't banned an that doesn't charge for downloading music to be able to use as a caller tone?

How to teach an AI to understand what the user is saying?

I am currently working on an AI for linux, mac and iPhone. It already can control my room lights and tell me the weather and show me the news when I wakeup, but I want to make it able to really understand what I am saying, so that it can give best results, for example, I want to program the command "lights on" and make it understand that when I say "turn on the lights" it's the same as "lights on"
It currently uses sphinx4 for speech to text, festival for text to speech, and it's written in python.

How common is wifi in Southeast Asia and how fast is it?

Hi everyone, so im going backpacking southeast asia (Malaysia, Thailand, Laos, Cambodia, Vietnam) for about 8 months. The only electronics ill bring is a unlocked iphone 5. Ill be using it for emails, skype, facebook, online banking, PHOTOS, and uploading the photos online. Ive heard that wifi is quite frequent in sea but ill be staying at very cheap hostels and such. Would they have wifi or is it only for the upscale hotels? And how fast is the wifi? My main concern is if ill be able to upload and backup say about 40 photos, and a couple of videos at a single use. Ill be uploading via flickr, facebook, and dropbox. Will i be able to do this quickly with southeast asian wifi? The photos will be taken off the iphone so the wont be to0 big, probably between 0.5 - 1.5 mb

Can I upgrade from the Iphone 6 to the Iphone 6s or whatever?

Okay, so say the Iphone 6 comes in septiembre, and I get that. So in December my 2 year contract will expire. Say the Iphone 6s or what ever they will have as an extension comes out, in December or January, could I I upgrade to that? Like give them my Iphone 6 in exchange for that? And at the discounted price. I have Verizon by the way.

I cant view videos on xnxx on my iphone?

It suddenly started doing this after i had to change my dns settings because of reasons. I tried several dns settings but its the same on all of them. It shows a play button with a slash on it. I heard it was because it is a flash video but it didnt happen before so i dont think its normal the videos on xnxx changed to flash videos suddenly. Other sites work perfectly. Thanks in advance.

Any iphone apps like maplestory live?

I miss the Cygnus knights app. But are there any apps like maplestory live? I don't like the card ones, or the monster ones. I like the games where you can level up in a certain job and advance further. I've tried castle master 3d but it got boring. Thanks:)

IPhone 4s keeps dying around 30%?

I wanted to try to drain the battery to zero and then charge it completely. But it never gets to zero. How can I fix this? I read about holding the power and home button together but I don't want anything erased or messed up.