My iPhone screen is all black and my power / sleep button doesn't work. What do I do?

I clicked on this app & my phone turned all black all I could see was the status bar and that's it & I pressed the home button but it stayed frozen, it didn't work. & well my power button doesn't work so yeah and then my iPhone locked and now I press the home button and Siri works and everything but my phones screen is still black! Help please i really need it! :(

Why are apple products so restricted?

well i bought an iphone like 2 years back but i had no idea that apple products would be so limited

there is no Bluetooth sharing with other phones
other applications can not access your songs and more
in some countries some of the features are blocked
like in UAE they have just kicked out facetime from all the apple products
and some more reasons

these are the main reasons i cant think of buying a new apple product because it is too restricted
why have they kept it so restricted
this is irritating about apple >.<

How to get cool fonts for instagram?

I don't have a iPhone so don't suggest anything for iPhone but I have this go keyboard that has fonts but I don't like it. Is there anything else I can use? If not thanks.

How to know if I am blocked from iPhone?

I looked it up and it says if it only rings once. When I call sometimes it only rings once, sometimes not at all, sometimes multiple times. Does this mean I am not blocked and just being ignored?

Also when I looked it up it said if you are blocked text messages will still appear delivered. I sent one text and it was delivered then sent another and it wasn't delivered for hours, as if the phone is off

New iPhone charger stopped working?!

I have had my iPhone 5 for about 8 months now and I have bought 10 chargers for it and none of them work(even the apple one).

I bought a new charger last weekend from K-mart for $15 6 days ago and about 2 hours ago it was working fine, not damaged or anything, and I have just plugged it in and it will charge maybe 2% then die then turn back on then will go up a bit and stop and die again. I have tried different adapters and still nothing!

Why are iphone 5 chargers so ****? I need my phone for an alarm in the morning and work and its just frustrating!

Are there any home remedies or anything i can do to help it?

I can't buy albums on iTunes Store?

Last week, I tried to buy an album on the iTunes Store using my iPhone, but it showed me an error message saying that I couldn't. As I had some connection problems, I thought that was the cause.

Ok, some days later, my connection problems solved, I downloaded some singles normally.

But today, again, I tried to download another album, but, again, iTunes shows me an error message, saying that my purchase could not be finished!Then, after that, I tried to buy a song from this album and I bought and downloaded it normally! So my problem is about buying albums, specifically.

Some information: I have just updated my billing infos, about a week ago. Since this update, I haven't been able to buy any album. Is this a reason or not?

All these things on an iPhone.

How many GB does my iPhone 4s have? - 1

So I'm selling my iPhone 4s but I don't know how many GB it contains. I have gone into settings - general - about and it says my capacity is 28.3GB and I have 5.5GB left. The only options I have to sell is 16GB, 32GB and 64GB. So how many GB do I have? Thanks xx