How to save pictures to iCloud?

I have lots of pictures that I took on my iPhone and then I uploaded them onto my Mac. Once they were uploaded onto my computer, I deleted them off my phone to make space. So if anything were to happen to my computer, all my pictures would be safe up in iCloud, right? How would I save them to the cloud from my computer? Or how do I know if they're already saved there?

How to fix my iPhone 5s touch ID sensor?

I use my iPhone 5s frequently (so much that even with a charging case the charge does not last a full day sometimes) and it seems to me that the touch ID sensor just gets worse and worse. I often need to try agian or even enter the actual password to unlock my iPhone 5s and I am getting tiered of entering the password. I have only had this issue while unlocking the phone and never purchasing contend off of the app store or iTunes store. I have also found two temporary fixes to the issue but neither last long (restart my phone or redo my fingerprint in the settings). Please tell me if there is a way to fix this. Also, I am going to the apple store (Spokane, WA) this Monday and can just take it there to get it fixed if that is the best option.

How much should I sell my iPhone 4? - 2

How much should I sell my iPhone 4?

Added (1). I have a Sprint iPhone 4 and I want to sell it. It's white and has no cracks and barely has any scratches, it's looks brand new but it's been used for only a short time. Iwant to sell it on eBay but I don't know how much I should sell it for.

Can I add songs to iPhone via new computer while keeping the songs I already have on my phone?

Ok so my old computer just broke Rendering everything I have on iTunes useless, However I have all the songs I want stored on my phone anyway. Now can I insert my phone into a friends computer and somehow just add songs to my phone without losing the songs I already have stored on my phone, Also all the songs I have on my phone are NOT purchased from the iTunes store…

Hopefully there is a way so please guys let me know!

Thanks a lot in advance people!

Messages on my iphone wont send?

About a half hour ago the messages on my iphone stopped sending. At first i was still receiving messages but then i stopped receiving them and being able to send them. I restarted my phone and then restarted my network settings and they worked for 2 minutes and now arent working again. How do i fix this?

Added (1). Also everything else on my phone is working perfectly fine its just that i can't send messages.

Average cost of IPHONE data package?

Average cost of IPHONE data package?

Added (1). Do most data packages cost about 90 bucks a month?
is it worth it to have the IPHONE? They are really cool!