Iphone 5 camera & flash not working?

I still have the warranty for it, my phone works but the led flash can't open and only the facecam works I tried downloading a flash app but says led does not meet requirement or is not supported, I was wondering if apple would give me a new phone since it's a hardware issue:/ , I already tried resetting it etc.

Can I buy an iPhone 5 off Amazon?

I have an iPhone 4, but it's cracked and I want to buy an iPhone 5 or 5s, but I don't want to have to wait another year for my contract to expire, or pay 700 dollars for it. If I buy one off of Amazon or Ebay can I just replace the sim card into the new phone and have it work?
Or would I have to buy it and then take it down to AT&T to have them activate it?


Is it possible to restore an iPad/iPhone or update it ON A DIFFERENT COMPUTER than the original one?

My friend found an iPad and he tried to restore it on his computer but iTunes doesnt let him.

Is there a work around for this?

Added (1). Also note, he does not know the iCloud password of the user's iPad

Issue with text messages on iphone 4s?

Hey guys, so ive had this issue for a while and if someone could give be even a little bit of info, it would be much appreciated.
So, Over the past year, i have had an iphone 3gs, a samsung galaxy s3, and now i have an iphone 4s. The reason everytime that i got a new phone was because randomly, my texts would just stop sending, like it would just say "message send failure" and i couldnt receive texts either. I also couldnt get or receive calls. I have realized that this started happening when i started texting my one friend, it only happened when i would text him. I proved this by texting him from my moms phone and texting noone else, and the same thing happened to her phone.
im just wondering what could be wrong with his phone that is doing this? It only affects my phone, everyone else he texts doesnt have a problem. Hes with telus so could be bring it in and ask him whats up?

thanks so much

What android is like an iphone?

I love the iphone design but have ios and I love the android software is there an android that resembles it (doesn't have to be exactly like it but I want it to feel like one) I don't know what to do and I have verizon if that makes a difference

Gold or Space Gray iPhone 5S? - 2

I'm getting a new iPhone 5s later today and I'm still undecided on the color. Which color do you find more attractive, or let me rephrase this. Which color do you think looks more sleek and professional?

Best iphone 5 familyvplan? Help?

My sister and I both want IPhone 5 but what plan should I get? T mobile, sprint, version? Also how much do you pay for the iPhone upfront on the desk? I don't want to pay like 100 upfront because I dont want to do that, thank you.

Is there anything wrong with giving out your udid?

There's a developer very legit that wIll register my iphone for ios 7.1 beta 3. I know they can get access to apps and things especially third party apps but far as things like my phone number and data plan can they like run up my bill or something or get access to my sprint account