Restore new iphone from backup before working sim?

I just got the 5s and had a 4 beforehand, i'm waiting for a call on my old phone to have my sim and number transferred to the new phone - in the mean time can i do the restore old backup from my iphone 4 to the 5s or do i have to wait until i get the sim up and running?

also is it ok to backup? I've read mixed replies - some saying that because its a new phone set it up as a new device don't backup. Some say its ok. I don't want to lose any of my messages, pics etc

What time should I be at us cellular to get my iphone 5c?

I was on the waiting list to get one but us cellular had to cut that off because apple won't allow them to do a list. I live in a small town and the doors open at 8am but my dad went by there and the man that worked there told him that some people said they'd be in line at 6:00am. I wanted the white one originally but us cellular only carries blue, pink, and lime only settle for a blue one since ill have an otterbox on it anyways. I just want to make sure I can get the blue one since it is a limited supply but I don't think my sister wants to go at 6am. If you were me what would you do? And don't tell me not to get one or that apple sucks because I have been looking forward to this so if anyone says that you WILL be reported

Battle Camp Hack Download - Iphone Cheats?

This game is just wonderful but it is not easy to play it
Sorry for my english I hope you will understand me
I want the battle camp hack do you have any ideas how to get it?

What to ask for for christmas this year?

Ok, so im a 14 year old boy. I have a macbook air, beats headphones, an iPhone, and lots of stuff. My mom keeps asking me to make a christmas list and i have no idea, if i say nothing shell get me stuff anyway, i need suggestions, i don't like books, and no donation things cause shell say no, just some suggestions will be awesome. I have a nice wallet, shoes, 2 G-Shock watches, cologne.anything will help!

Iphone 3gs only picking up 3G when i travel to another district? - 1

Any help would be greatly appreciated,

When i got the phone it was jail-broken, i removed the jailbreak and continued using the phone with-out problem except not being able to pick up 3G… When i drive around 10 miles or more from my city i pick up 3G, strange and annoying!

Heres the facts

Phone was jail-broken (now removed)
2G sim upgraded to a 3G sim
phone has been flashed with latest firmware today
phone has been factory reset
network settings have also been reset
100% sure my area has 3G
only works when i drive around 10 miles away from the city
not a hardware problem
'enable 3g' is selected
phone is on 02

version 6.1.3
modem firmware 05.16.08
carrier o2 14.0

YOUR A GENIUS IF YOU KNOW THE ANSWER! Thanks for all comments!

How to get my beauty channel out there?

I just started my youtube channel yesterday. I just made a 30 second intro video to start it out. I uploaded it last night and I only have 15 subscribers. I really want to go far in my youtube career. My new hd camera is coming next week so I will have good videos and editing because I use iMovie. But for the moment Im using my iPhone. I really don't have any ideas on how to. I've tried messaging people just saying plain old hi I like your channel, mind checking out mine? Thanks! And ya like that. So please give me ideas below! Thanks!

Added (1). Channel:

Wheres a good and cheap place to get an iphone 5?

So since apple came out with the 5s and 5c most of the phone carriers stopped selling the 5. I was going to get the 5c but i figured i should see about the 5 first.ive looked on craigslist but all those prices are up to 600, but the cheapest ive saw were $250. I dont want to go over $100-$150 but people are so gready for money. If you know anywhere online or somewhere that i can get a iphone 5 (black preferably but it doesnt matter) ill greatly appreciate it.thanks. ( im in the hampton roads area of virginia if that narrows your search down any)

How to listen to music on my iphone?

I just bought iphone from the store but dont know how to listen to music. I got told if you think of a song it starts playing but ive been trying really hard to get gwen stefani to play on my iphone but it doesnt work! Help