Is it his pride or he doesnt really love me?

Me and my boyfriend have been through a lot in the year that we've been together. My mother passed away in March and he was very supportive and even fought my brother for me but ever since then I've started seeing him getting more insecure. We both have trust issues but he always says he's not insecure and that I am and i don't trust him. There has been three instances in where I;ve caught him texting a girl:

Instance 1: He was at my house and his iphone was face down. He knows I hate that so I turned it up and saw a text from a girl telling him what she likes in guys. I caught him and he told me that she was some girl he was trying to hook up with his cousin but he wouldn't show me the conversation to prove me wrong. We broke up for a week and a half and he said why cant we be together. I gave him a chance and got back with him.

Instance 2: He told me had to work one day and I work five mins away from him, so I decided to show up to surprise him. Low and behold he's not there so I call and text no answer. He then texts me and says he's at work when I'm standing at his job and theyre telling me he's not there, he then flips it on me and says I started drama at his job. Then I find a condom in his pocket the next day. We broke up for a month

Instance 3: Now two and half weeks ago. We've been going good for a week after the incident with the condom, in which he begged to meet me and when I met up with him, he accused me of leaving him for another guy all because he lied. So the day comes and his phone by my face and it lights up, I look over and see a random number texting him good morning babe. He tried to snatch the phone and tell me it says good morning and that it was a girl he was talking to in the month that we broke up. I asked him if he was talking to a girl and he said no. The whole time he had been disrespectful saying I was looking for greener pastures and that I was having sex with all these guys and he has to use a condom and then its him that was in fact talking to a girl. I told him it was over and he begged me for a day, he loves me he doesn't want her, he wants me and he wants me to stop being insecure and he said he would hit me up in the morning because he loves me and wants to make it work. That's the last text I got from him and I haven't heard from him.

Usually, I'm the one who hits him up after a break up whether it be my fault or not. Form what I said does it look like he's distracted by this girl that's why he hasnt contacted me or is he over me and doesnt miss me? Should I move on?

Which one is bigger s4 m or ios 6?

Hey so im going th the store to buy a new phone the s4 mini i dont wont to get the normal s4 because its to big i have a iphone 4s i just wanted to now if the screen is larger than the iphone 4s and iphone 5 can anybody give me a site with the length and width or tell me and can you tell me before tomorrow

Thank you for your time.

Confused about the iphone data?

Just got an iPhone 4S. But all I wanted to know is if apps I download that use the Internet affect the data when I'm home and have wifi. I'm with sprint, but when I was signing up with my phone, I put in my wifi and it was connected. So does Internet used apps affect my data?

YouTube doesn't work on my iPhone?

No matter what i do, i cant get any youtube videos to play, on a browser, on the youtube app or even on a youtube downloader app, they won't play. Im really annoyed, any help please? Thank you:)

Can I use a K12 computer for other purposes?

I just got a Brand new computer from k12 and want to know if i can use it for others things. I won't download anything because dont want viruses on it and risk it. But I was wondering if i would get in trouble if i played club penguin on it or watched youtube. I would dellete the history and cookies before i gave it back. Just want to know if i could get in serouis trouble for playing club penguin. I will mostly be playing club penguin because i have an iPhone.

I have an iPod 5 and an new iPhone?

So it's going to be my 16 birthday soon and i think my parents got me an iPhone whih is very nice of them but i already have an iPod 5 and a phone. My phone is pretty crap i.e it doesnt receive texts and doesnt inform me of calls sometimes but im juts wondering if i do get an iPhone what should i do with my iPod? Thanks

Will this iPhone be ok or get blocked or something?

I bought an iPhone 5 off a scumbag, it was still in the box he opened it in front of me and took the nano sim as he says he is going to use it in another phone and continue to pay the bill as it was a contract phone…

I am unsure of whether he is going to pay the bill or not, but if he doesn't what will happen?

If I have a payasyougo sim, can I have free bbm?

Okay so I want to get an iPhone but want to keep my blackberry for BBM, will it work if I use a pay as you go sim with £10 on already and then not text/email/use internet but purely for BBM? Would it use my £10 because i thought BBM was free as long as you had a connection. Thanks.

What do you find top priority?

A 9 year old starting music lessons playing a instrument, or a 9 year old owning a iphone. (Trying to prove a point). Thanks.