My IPhone 4S won't connect to Bluetooth?

I used to always listen to music from my phone in my car through Bluetooth and it worked perfectly but I ended up getting a new phone and it doesn't work anymore. It just says "searching" but it won't connect.

Cannot activate my iphone 4s from verizon?

I recently bought an iphone 4s off craigslist. I put my sim card in, selected my language and conected to the internet and it fails to activate and says "the SIM card that you currently have installed in this iphone is from a carrier that is not supported under the activation policy that is currently assigned y the activation server. This is a hardware issue with the iphone. Please insert another SIM card from a supported carrier or requested that this iphone be unlocked by your carrier " what does this mean? Was my phone previously jailbroken? Will it be able to be activated if i take it to a verizon store? If not, why and how can i fix this issue? Thank you

How to share Internet Wireless Router to Wireless Router?

I have Thomson router with moziac tv model: HG655b without antenna and another one Thomson router with antenna model: TG585 v7… I have internet in my HG655b with moziac tv and want to connect into TG585 v7 through Lan cable and want to get wireless internet because wireless signal is very low and hard to get it, I can get internet through lan to lan with cable but didn't got as wifi, so is there any way to make my 2nd router (with antenna) to get internet as wifi? Cuz i want to use it in my mobile, ipad iphone devices.

How to download music onto my iphone and takes photos off it?

I've got an iphone and i used to have an ipod that i use this music for but now i want the music on my phone if i just plug my phone on can i just download it all on because i heard it might wipe all my music? And how do i download my photos onto my laptop off my phone?

Adding on to the iPhone 5 thing?

Ok I already gave her a cheap phone… She handled it really well she used it when she needed to and right now she is giving it up and I'm doing the same to my phone- it's a flip phone I'm getting a touch screen! She has an iPod and I have an iPad she told me if she got an iPhone 5 she would sell her iPod for money so she could pay half and save the rest for cases! I think I should get her one!