My iPhone is not factory unlocked. Can I still restore it?

I have about 3.59 GB of the other and I've deleted history and cookies from Safari, deleted messages, apps, deleted my email account from the phone etc. But it's still the same. The only way I can think of getting rid of that massive other is to restore but I'm afraid that my phone will not be unlocked anymore. Can I still restore it? Are there other things that I can do to get rid of it without restoring?

Should I buy an iPhone 4S or iPhone 5? Read Description?

Both are very similar. I lost my 4s recently and I want to know if it would be better to buy another 4s or 5 to use for all 4 years in college. I will be an incoming freshman.

Do you think I should spend extra for a minor hardware and software upgrade or get another 4s?

No jailbreak free iphone 4 unlock?

Please, I need some urgent help. I have just bought a iphone 4, a month ago, and now I am on a trip to another country. Roaming is impossible. How can I unlock my i phone 4, for free? I wont be able to connect to itunes anytime soon. Max points for the answer if it works! The original carrier is Movistar Venezuela, and the new one is TIM Italy

How to hide an Iphone in the middle of a test!

I have a german Test tomorrow and im going to need to look at some notes from my phone. Im a boy. Are there any good techniques to keep the cheating secret and hidden from the teacher?

Added (1). I think im just too lazy because tomorrow is the last day of school and they have already chosen the classes we are in neaxt year. Luckily, im in the top set for German… And… I still cheat:/

Added (2). I do study but… Nothing ever goes in! Im in year 9 so I will obviously start studying or revising next year…

How do we look like to others?

I've been curious about this recently and I decided to do an experiment. First I took a picture of myself from the camera on my iphone, then I reversed it on a photo editing website. I took the two pictures and put them next to each other, to me the pictures look really different, mirrored and not mirrored. Then I decided to show my friend and she was like "they look the same! I don't see a difference!". I got really confused, so is it just in my eyes that I look really different in the two pictures? Which one do I look like more, the one mirrored or not mirrored?

On T. V, why does everyone use Apple products?

Lol, weird question but sometimes when I'm watching T. V, I almost always see an iPhone, or iPod, or macbook etc. I've seen them in many films and t.v shows. Why does everyone have them?
I'm not against apple, since I am on my macbook right now. I just want to know why they almost always use it. Thank you, no rude answers please.

My camera sound is on even though my iphone is on silent!

When I put my iPhone on silent from the side and take a picture, the camera sound is on, and i tried lowering the ringer(volume) from the side still not working! I want my camera's sound to be off when its silent. Please help! =|

Iphone 5s and the budget phone?

So I don't really under stand the rumers; I herd there is going to be a Budget iphone, iphone 5s, and a iphone 6.So is the budget phone different from the iphone 5s and 6, or is the budget phone the iphone 5s or 6?