When can I update my Iphone 4 to iOS 7?

I saw someone post about how they just downloaded the software update iOS 7 to their iphone. I went into my settings to try to start the update and it said there were no new updates. So my question is when can I put iOS 7 onto my iphone 4?

Is this gonna be the iphone 6 look?


Why vine doesn't play sound?

I downloaded the vine app and none of the videos play sound. Even the ones I know are suppose to. I've tried everything even when into my setting to see I I could change something there. I have an iPhone 4S. Does anyone know the reason for this?

IPhone restore without updating and jailbreaking?

Is there a way of restoring a iPhone 4 without updating
Iv got a old iphone 4 that my other half wants as she broke the screen on hers so I'm trying to do a restore so that her data is on the phone, but I don't want to update to the latest iOS as I want to jailbreak it,

My iphone 4s won't connect to my wifi?

Every time I go to the wifi section on my phone, it says it's connected to my wifi but when I click it, it's doing a circle thing next to the wifi name like it's trying to connect but can't. I've tried disconnecting my internet box and restarting it but that didn't work. I can use the wifi on my laptop just fine. I don't know what's going on. Help me, please.

Added (1). It's always worked before, and for some reason within the past few hours, it's started doing this.

How to download Instagram for iPhone without the iTunes Store?

I'm not allowed to download Instagram and I really want it, so is there a way to download Instagram without the iTunes Store? I can't download it without my parents knowing either because they don't tell me the iTunes password. And if there's a way to figure out the iTunes password, please help too! Any help is great! Thank you!