Apple - Returning iPhone (dropped)?

Does apple care if you're honest or not? I know they don't have a damage policy other than normal wear and tear, my power button stopped working. Now I know I always get asked if I dropped it, and I have told them no before. Will they not give you a new phone if you tell them you DID drop it? I hate lying and don't want to do it again.

Should i do what i always wanted to do?

I am a boy, but I want to be like a girl. I am gay, so I want to date boys, but I've never dressed up like a girl before. Now I don't want to wear a dress, but I do want to wear like a colorful jacket or something colorful. I want to wear a rainbow scarf and maybe some red jeans. If I get an Iphone, I want to get a gay pride case. Should I just stick with what i'm doing right now? Should I just change? I'm in the closet, so im afraid I will be judged.thanks.

Do iPhone 5 earphones work on HTC phones?

I have iPhone 5 earphones and they don't work on my Samsung Transform Ultra, as far as a microphone go. I will soon be getting the HTC Evo Design/HTC Hero S & would like to know if they'll work with it. Experience please, thanks.

Iphone 4 stuck black screen (broken power button)?

My iphone 4 is stuck on black screen (it has broken power button)

last time, i put it in dfu mode with dfu ipsw made by redsnow

computer isn't playing any sound on connecting it

help please

How to recover iPhone 5 lost contacts, SMS on Mac?

After I update my iPhone 5 to iOS 7, All my important contacts was lost, how can I recover lost contacts from my iPhone 5? I use Macbook, I want to know are there any way to restore lost contacts on iPhone 5 without backup iTunes?

Are there anyone use this Dr. Fone for iOS to recovery iPhone data on Mac?

I saw many iPhone users use this, I search this use guide about how to restore iPhone 5 contacts in GOOGLE search:

I want to know is it really useful. I have lost my important contacts last week, Can I get back from last week?

WHat's the difference Pokemon White Vs Black and is the second version any good?

I've gone into a pokemon mode and notice version 2 has come out and still works on original DS which awesome! But the black/white version cost more than 2nd version and well I was wondering what the differences are between White and Black on both 1st version and 2nd version. I was also looking into getting the Pokebuidler for IPhone so any information on all this would be great. Hell if it's affordable I'll get a copy for my friend's birthday in a few months.

What device should i take on holiday?

I am travelling overseas in 5 months and I am thinking about getting a device to take with me, but I need some help deciding…

Now two things the device needs:
1) The device needs to have a decent camera.
2) The device will have enough storage for lots of photo's.

There are two devices, I'm interested in… One is released the other has not been released yet. I will explain my dilemma so you can understand why i'm asking this.
1) Released: Samsung Galaxy S4 ; Full-fills my needs and the pictures look great, however i wont feel very secure cause of android. Also device connectivity (meaning being able to transfer things and manage photos) could be a pain as i have a mac and lots of songs in iTunes.
2) Not Yet Released: "iPhone 5S" or "iPhone 6" I know it will Full-fill my needs, based on leaked information on rumour sites. However I know for a fact that Apple's camera solutions are always fuzzy and you can never get a good picture, but I will feel secure and have a good time with device connectivity(meaning being able to transfer things and manage photos) as i have a mac and lots of songs in iTunes.

So please let me know your thoughts on which device i should get, Thanks!

PS: I may just end up getting a camera, but the downside. I wont have Whatsapp!