I dropped my iPhone 5 in a hole?

The only way to get it out was to use a magnet! It seems to be working fine but will it mess it up after awhile? It's still under the year warranty if that matters at all!

Is this a good christmas gift list?

Is this a good christmas list;
Cod ghoshts
Blackops 1
Blackops 2
Mountain bike
Superdry coat

My wi-fi won't work on my two laptops but yes on my iphone, how do I fix it?

So, I was on my macbook and my connection kept crashing, it was slower and slower, so as my moms connection on her laptop. She has a Windows 7. I restarted the router but the only thing that happened, and I didn't find it unusual 'cause it had happened before, it said smth like:"somebody else is connected to your wi-fi"… Which I assumed was my mom duh… So after an half an hour I lost the connection completly and it didn't come back since. My mom's also.but! The same wi-fi works on my iphone. Help!

Nexus 5 vs iphone 5 which phone?

Need a new phone, these are the two phones im interested in, what would be my best choice
things that matter to me:
battery life
speed for apps, downloads etc
camera quality

Can I find my stolen Iphone? - 1

Okay so today while I was at the gym my Iphone was stolen:/ so I looked about and couldn't find it. I did the usual things like searching everywhere and asking the staff but nobody had given it in so I believe it's been stolen. I know find Iphone can track the location of your iphone but when I try to track it, it says its offline? But I have 5000 gb's of 3G available on my phone so does this mean they've removed the sim chard or something? Also if my network blocks my sim could I still track it?