How to save pictures on my computer?

How can I download/ save pictures from my iphone 4 to my computer? I have alot of pictures and I dont wanna delete them!
If it helps I have a pc, a Sony Vaio to be exact haha.

Would an iPhone 5 charger charge an iPad 2 faster?

Ok so i have an iPad 2 and I need a new charging cable but I was wondering if like I bought an iPhone 5 charging cable would it charge my iPad 2 faster or should I just buy an iPad 2 charging cable?

How to beat the dancing level in the iPhone game Escape Titanic?

I understand how to do the right spin and left spin at the same time but when it comes to the part where you have to click left right and spin at the same time I am unsure how to click them all at the same time. For some reason it won't let me.

Multiplayer online apps for iPhone?

Anyone know any good apps? Me and my boyfriend both have iPhone 5s and I'm going to be in VA for the week and we wanna play games together. Any suggestions?:)