How to download music on to my iPhone 5c?

So I just got an iPhone 5c and I want to download music from my Macbook onto my phone. But when I plugged in my phone iTunes told me that I have to download the latest version of iTunes, I so I did, but then it wouldn't let me install it because I apparently need IOS verison 10.6.8 or some ***.So I google that and download it from the Apple website and it look like 9 *** hours but it finally downloaded and now it won't let me install that, either, because I apparently need IOS version 10.6. I don't even know what the *** that is I just want goddamn music from my iTunes library on my *** phone.

Is it safe to install an emulator for an iOS device?

I've been using a nintendo ds emulator on my pc and it's great so i want it on my iPhone. On the website ( it says i can get it if i go to this website on my iPhone( I went there and it says i can get it for a jailbroken iOS or a non-jailbroken iOS. Mine is not jailbroken. I just wanted to know if it is safe to install it. I don't want to screw up my phone. I dont want to jailbreak. I tried it on my ipod touch and bricked it…

Where can I buy an iphone in good condition with no contract?

I had an iphone4 for not even 8 months and I loved it but i dropped it multiple times and finally just dropped it in the toilet. I am currently using a crappy flip phone and I am a very first world white girl. My contract is not up for another year, where can I buy a decent iphone 4 or 4s or even 5 i dont really care for 100 or less that registers for verizon?

Free way to transfer SMSs on IPhone to Mac?

I'm trying to transfer my text messages on my iPhone 4s to my Mac so that i can back them up for safe keeping. Unfortunately i have found no good solution for transferring the data without the us of an app i need to buy. Does anyone know a cost free solution that i could use?

IPhone 4 won't receive text messages?

If i receive a message it won't make a noise or say I have received one. I have to click into my messages and then it refreshes and all the unopened messages show up.
WHY? Can i fix it?

I rang Noel leeming where i got it from and its still under warranty. BUT i have to pay $55 because it is a mobile and if it is 'Physical" damage they take that $55 and take it off what ever i have to pay to get it fixed.

I buy and sell on eBay for a hobby at a loss. Should I tell the tax man?

I started when my girl dropped her phone down the toilet. I bought a broken iphone and fixed it. From then on I have been hooked. I love buying gadgets and trying to fix them. Some times I am lucky and fix them. Other times I am not so lucky and make them worse but I enjoy doing it. I physically deplete myself during the weekend so a mental challenge at the weekend keeps me entertained.

Anyway I am yet to make money from it. Is this ok? Can I still buy and sell freely and enjoy my hobby or should I make this known to the tax man.

Thanks for any help in advance people


Restore new iphone from backup before working sim?

I just got the 5s and had a 4 beforehand, i'm waiting for a call on my old phone to have my sim and number transferred to the new phone - in the mean time can i do the restore old backup from my iphone 4 to the 5s or do i have to wait until i get the sim up and running?

also is it ok to backup? I've read mixed replies - some saying that because its a new phone set it up as a new device don't backup. Some say its ok. I don't want to lose any of my messages, pics etc

What time should I be at us cellular to get my iphone 5c?

I was on the waiting list to get one but us cellular had to cut that off because apple won't allow them to do a list. I live in a small town and the doors open at 8am but my dad went by there and the man that worked there told him that some people said they'd be in line at 6:00am. I wanted the white one originally but us cellular only carries blue, pink, and lime only settle for a blue one since ill have an otterbox on it anyways. I just want to make sure I can get the blue one since it is a limited supply but I don't think my sister wants to go at 6am. If you were me what would you do? And don't tell me not to get one or that apple sucks because I have been looking forward to this so if anyone says that you WILL be reported