How exactly can you use an iPhone with Metro Pcs?

I have Metro Pcs and heard a while ago that you can use AT&T iPhones with Metro now. I've googled how to do it and there's just a ton of different answers and i am confused.
I want to get an iPhone 4s. I know if you buy one with a plan (att, sprint, etc) they're usually $99. But can you just buy one, without a plan? Would it cost more? And how do you get it unlocked to use with Metro?
Please help me out! :S

Added (1). Also the Metro Pcs website says you would have to buy a sim card to go with the phone. How much do those cost?

Is there a problem with my iPhone 5?

Hi all,
I hope this isn't a stupid question!
Okay, so at about 11 o'clock this morning I went into carphone warehouse, bought an iPhone 5 and a sim only deal, all went lovely and smoothly in the shop, the guy said activating the sim could take 24 hours but is usually done within a couple of hours! Great! My issue is, my phone shows it has signal, does this mean its activated? I can't make or receive calls or texts and can't use the Internet. Is there a problem with the sim? Or does the signal not mean it is activated? I have no other phone or sim that will fit to test either phone or sim.
Has anyone else had this issue or can help?
I have turned it on and off a few times, plugged it into iTunes and taken the sim in and out, it all seems in the right place. When I make phone calls it comes up with an automated message, option 1 is for registering 10 or more phones, option 2 is sometime about registering call plans and then you can stay on the line to speak to someone. I'm assuming this is orange as that's who I'm with.
Any help would be brilliant! Thanks:)

How to connect my pc to the Internet?

I have tried everything to connect my windows xp 2002 pc it doesn't work
Every time I try something it loads and then saids redial but then that doesn't work I have all the cables connect Please Help I need wifi on my pc (I do have a network setting thingy where my ipod my iPhone and my sisters laptop are connect to so I know I have wifi in my house)!

Which is better for my next computer? Mac or PC?

Hello, I have always used PC for my computers. I currently have a Toshiba laptop and a Gateway desktop. I recently started looking into getting an iMac. I would just like some feedback/input on whether this would be a good move. I'll admit I don't make videos or music or anything like that. I am currently in school for mechanical engineering. I will probably have to use computer programs like CAD eventually. Right now I use my computers for school (writing papers, etc). I also use them for browser based games, sometimes other games, Facebook, YouTube, email, etc. I have an iPhone and an iPod and I absolutely love apple products. The thing I worry about with getting a Mac is if I will have compatibility issues when trying to write papers or play games. Any feedback is appreciated! Thanks!

Cydia: LocallAPStore Cannot Comply - iOS4?

Alright, so I wanted free in-app purchases, and I was led to Cydia and hence LocallAPStore. However when I tried to "install" LocallAPStore a message appears on the top stating 'Cannot Comply' with the Note: 'The requested modifications cannot be applied due to required dependencies or conflicts that cannot be automatically found or fixed' and therefore not installing altogether.

Additional info: I'm using iPhone 4 with iOS4.

Any suggestions as to what I can do to fix this problem will be greatly appreciated.

Thanks in advance.

Added (1). Randy: Do you think that if I update to iOS6 it would work? Or would it make Cydia incompatible with the device?

Added (2). Marcus: Thanks for that update. I was just about to update my device to iOS 6.1.3. However, do you know which versions it is compatible with if not with the iOS4?

What is the origin of the U. F. O. Noise?

I'm talking about the stereotypical U. F.O. Noise, like the one from the iPhone ringtone.
Did it come from the intro to Doctor Who or some movie?

Stereo receiver with Iphone?

My sister is looking for a stereo or home theater receiver that not only allows music streaming, but also to control the receiver's functions by app (in effect replacing the remote). We're trying to keep the price as low as possible. Any suggestions?

How much can I sell my iphone 4s?

Someone wants to trade his ps3 with 4 games for my iphone 4s 16 gig is it worth it. Or should I trade it at ebgames. Its an extra phone

ASUS Laptop will not turn on - Battery Light Is On Though?

The ASUS laptop will just not turn on. I suspected it might just be out of battery at first. I put the charger in and the screen indicates with the red battery bar that it is out of battery. (The thing you see when you are charging your iPhone on low battery) I charged it for at least 10-20 minutes and it still won't turn on. The light indicating the laptop is charging is on.

Any solutions?