If you jailbreak an iPhone 5 can you download free music?

If I jail break my phone would I be able to download music for free? And I'm not talking about the old music, but today's music that makes the top charts. Also, what are the advantages of jail breaking your phone and the disadvantages?

Where can I learn to read modern standard Hebrew? (Not the biblical Hebrew)?

Please help me. I want to become a translator/interpreter or diplomat when I grow up, and I'm already learning Arabic, Russian, and Korean. I've noticed that Isreal and it's language would be a very useful language to know. Every where and every one teaches the bible version though. I want to read and write with what's modernly used in isreal.

So, just to make sure you all know what I mean, I'm going to type out all the modern standard letters from my iPhone key board. Maybe someone could help me.



Why isn't my iMessage working? - 1

I just recently had to get a new iPhone because my old one was broken. When I try to send a message, it fails to send right after and I'm not receiving messages either. I have signal, but it doesn't say "Verizon" next to my bars like it used to. How do I fix this? I also did a backup with iCloud. All my apps are downloaded but I still have some photos that haven't finished. Please help?

What to do if you use a card that belongs to someone else?

Ok so this was an accident by the way and what happened what I had some of money from itunes gift cards on my itunes account and I was just gifting my sister some apps for her iphone thinking it was charging my itunes but it was charging from a card on my account that no one in my family had anymore so I'm not sure if I might have a put a different card # by accident and dont know what to do now because i just realized this today ands its been about 4 days since i bought the apps and i deleted the card information so I'm not sure what to do now

Can I unlock my iphone in the middle of my contract?

I have an extra iPhone 4S that I want to give to my friend to use. But her network is tmobile so I need to get it unlocked. I want to get it factory unlocked but I am in the middle of a contract with AT&T. Is it possible to use an online unlock service (such as global unlocks) even though I am still on contract?

How to jailbreak iPhone 4 with iOS 6.1.3?

Hello, I have used all of the most known jailbreaking programs out there, such as Redsn0w, Evasi0n, and Sn0wbreeze. When I use Redsn0w I either get two errors. One is the "Failed to decrypt kernel" error. And the other one is "Missing keys.plist" error, even though I'm using all the right ISPWs. Evasi0n just doesn't flat out work. And I never get past the DFU Pwner on Sn0wbreeze, even though I'm doing it right. I've tried downgrading from iTunes but I got the "Failed to restore" error. I don't know how else I can downgrade. Should I just except the fact that my iPhone 4 is unjailbreakable and undowngradable, or should I keep trying to figure out a way to downgrade or jailbreak?

Iron Force Hack iPhone? How do you get it?

I installed Iron Force with installous today and I've been trying to find a hack, whenever I install one it doesn't give me the coins. Does anyone know how to make the hack work?

How to transfer old imessage conversation to new apple device?

I used to chat with my friends on my ipad mini using imessage. Recently, I got an iPhone 5 and I've been trying to active imessage with the same icloud account. However, it didn't transfer the old conversation. Is there a possible way to transfer the old messages from my iPad mini to my new iPhone?

Added (1). Kyle, I tried your method. My iphone was reset and then it doesn't look like anything has change. My message is still empty.

Hooking up my iPhone 5 to my car?

My car does not have a cassette tape or an aux in. It does have a cigarette lighter, and I do know that I can get something for that. The only problem is that there aren't any (or any that I can find) that are compatible with the iPhone five and can charge my phone and play through my stereo.

IPhone 5 now, or 5S/6 later?

Hey all. I had an iPhone 4S a couple of months ago, but there was a catastrophic failure and I had to get rid of it. I then got a new sim card to put into my ancient 3G, but recently bought my friend's white 16GB 3GS for 10 bucks. It could run IOS 5 with all of the apps and imessage; it felt like a brand new phone compared to the 3G. Only problem is that the ear speaker doesn't work so I can only have phone calls on speaker phone or with bluetooth in my car, and after a nice drop to the pavement, it now has a hole in the top right corner of the screen which sometimes paralyzes the right 8th of the screen to touch. Now after having the phone for a couple weeks, its age is becoming more and more apparent. Frequent crashes, slow running, the problems mentioned before, etc. Now I'm itching for a new phone. Fortunately my contract recently ended so I can buy one. My original plan was to wait for whatever new iPhone will inevitably come out within the next couple of months and buy that, but now that this phone is experiencing problems, I'm also debating just getting a 5 now and being content. Anyone have any advice for me? Also, I'm not really interested in Androids, only iPhones.