Can I transfer music from my iPod to my iPhone? - 1

So I'm getting an iPhone. I already have an iPod with music in it and I don't want to waste money buying the same songs again. Is there anyway to transfer music from my iPod to my iPhone through my laptop? (Windows laptop, not Mac or anything) if so, how? Thanks so much for your help!

What is the default voicemail password on my iPhone?

I recently got the iPhone 5. Today, a notification randomly showed up asking for my voicemail password. Since I never set one up, I figured maybe it was my phone number. I tried that, along with the area code, and when that didn't work it tried the last four numbers of my phone number. That didn't work either. I called AT&T and got to voicemail help, and it wouldn't let me go any further without knowing my password. Help!

Why won't my music play with iOS7?

I downloaded the new iOS7 I my iPhone 4S and it deleted all my music that I downloaded for free(some off music sharing websites and some I bought from the artists' official sites). And so I downloaded the new iTunes and the music is back on my phone but it's in like a gray shade and won't play. How do I fix this?

What will I lose when I update my iPhone 4 to iOS 7?

I currently have a 32GB iPhone 4, and I've never updated it before. I still have the original software that I've had ever since I bought it at the Verizon store. I'm planning on updating to iOS 7, but I'm just worried that I'll lose my important text messages, notes, and other stuff like that. What are the pros/cons of updating to iOS 7? Will I lose any of my important data?

Uninstalling iOS 7 on an iphone4?

I downloaded the new iOS 7 update today on my iphone4 with 8GB and with the update taking over 3GB of space there is simply no room left on my iphone. I cant even finish installing the software because I don't have the space so I just have the iOS download sitting there. I want to know if its possible to remove the software download so I can have space on my phone again. I've already found and downloaded files on my computer for the iOS 6 software but I don't know how to get rid of iOS 7. Please anyone help!

Why won't my iPhone 4s turn on my wifi?

A few months back, the wifi switch grayed out but I could still use my 3G. Then, I went to download iOS7 and it wouldn't let me because my wifi wasn't on. How do I get my phone to turn on the wifi and not grayed out. I've already the whole cellular data thing and it didn't work:(

My iphone wont turn on after installing ios7?

So i was using my iphone trying to get used to ios 7 and then it froze so i turn it off then turn it back but it was nothing i charged it but i all heard was the sound of charging any options?

Negative effects to 4s when upgrading to IOS 7?

What are all the negative effects that happen to your iPhone when upgrading. I had a little peak around an I saw a couple of things (slow keyboard and memory erasing) what are all the other problems and are they fixable, if so, how?

Can I get an iPhone 5S tomorrow?

Is it possible to get an iPhone 5S tomorrow at somewhere other than an Apple store? The closest one is 2 and a half hours away and I was just planning on going to AT&T in the morning and getting one. I've read rumors going around that nobody will actually have any 5S in stock tomorrow but Apple stores, only 5Cs will be in stock everywhere, any truth to this?

Added (1). Edit: Don't tell me not to get the product, I'm just asking a question about it's release. I have my reasons for getting an iPhone.