Which one should i choose? Iphone 5s or a custom pc?

I just lost my lumia when i when for a swim and the phone follows me for a swim too because i forget it was in my pocket at the time:(
and i decided to buy a new phone. But at the same time, i was planning to buy a custom pc for me to use for 3D works and art stuff (blender, zbrush, autocad, photoshop and etc)
the pc is like an investment, because maybe i'm going to work for a friend doing graphic stuff and can earn some money. But i'm not sure weather there will be work if i join him. It's like 50/50 chance because both of us are still studying and there's our situation:(

while for the phone, i'm planning to get the iphone because it looks nice and the specs is great.

here in my country, the iphone cost $2.4K, while the custom made pc is around @4.5K

which one should i buy?

What is this underneath my big toe?

Http://youtu.be/JWYsB3LwzRo here is a link so you can see what's underneath my big toe, I can't put a picture because I don't know how to on iPhone so did a video instead. I'd like your opinion about gear it is underneath my big toe & what to do about it I've had it there years. I've used dry skin stuff (shaped like a shell to get rid of dead skin on feet)

ICloud trouble! Can't open iCloud?

When I first got my iPhone I made an iCloud account using my old email. I now have a new email I use and I now want to open iCloud using my new email. But here's the thing, I can't remember my old email password to log on to my iCloud:( I did go to "iForgot" and changed my email password, but it was to my new email! :( how do I access my old email password to get onto iCloud? Should I just delete my account? If I do will it delete my pictures, contacts, exedra? Help Please! I've been trying for days:(

How to remove the 90 day wait until I can use a new Apple ID on iTunes?

So I recently backed up my iPhone 5 to my computer for the first time and it told me I wouldn't be able to use a different Apple ID for 90 days; I didn't think much of it at the time and I HAD to agree. Now I want to get music from my friend by signing into his Apple ID and just downloading it wirelessly but when I select a song to download it tells me I have to wait 83 days before I can use my device with a different ID. Is there some method or a glitch or something that I can use to remove this ban? And if I did wait out the time and start downloading his music will I lose all of my own?

How to use my iPhone 4 without a sim?

I'm not sure what the carrier is, but I can't get a sim for it any time soon and I just bought it. It's on iOS 7.0.2. I'm just trying to activate it to use it as an iPod, I'm not worried about the service.

IPhone internal memory used mysteriously?

I have an iphone4s 16gb. I'm supposed to have 13.5 gb space available. But 4.6 gb of space has been blocked out. In iTunes it is showing by the name of others. In settings, that 4.6 gb has no mention. My total data is 5.7 gb and I only have 3gb space available. I had reset all data on this iPhone and synced it with a new Apple ID.