Super clingy, miserable, and unsure of how to stop?

I've been searching for a mother figure ever since I can remember, since my mom and I are not close at all. Right now I've found "my quintessential mom" in the mother of the girl I babysit for.

I know this is unhealthy and unfair not only to me, but to her. I know that she's not my mom, and she can't be. But my awareness of that fact doesn't make my life any easier. I think about her all the time, always wanting to please her, always wanting to be more lovable to her.

Last night I sent her a text basically telling her how much I appreciated her making my day so great (yesterday was my birthday and although I had to babysit all day, when she got back, she made me my choice of dinner for the family, we had cake, etc.) and that I loved her so much. (She's repeatedly told me that she loves me - in person and via text - so this didn't seem to be an inappropriate thing for me to say.)

Now I'm regretting sending it because I know that she got it (she has an iPhone) but she didn't respond. Typical me, I'm distraught over it and wondering if I said something wrong or that she all of a sudden doesn't love me anymore (even though literally less than 24 hours ago we had a 2 hr long chunk of time together to talk about life and when I left for the night she gave me a big hug and kiss and there was just generally so much love, all around.)

Typing this out makes me completely aware of how truly stupid this sounds. She could have not replied to my text for many very realistic reasons but I can't seem to shake the thought out of my head that, because of something I said in the text message, she doesn't love me anymore/she thinks I'm too clingy and doesn't want to enable my clinginess/etc.

Another fear I have is that what I experienced last night was not out of her love for me, but rather feeling like she HAD to do it because I spent my birthday babysitting her daughter.

Every day I struggle to maintain the balance of having enough contact with her to sustain my need for her love and affection, but also not to be overbearing and/or put her in a position in which she felt uncomfortable. I literally fight this every day and I want it to stop because it's taking over and destroying my life.

How can I deal with this?

Can I still access the internet without a data plan?

I just got an old iPhone from a friend and wanted to activate it with AT@T. (its unlocked) I don't really need a data plan since I'll be at school most of the time with wifi, but in case I was in a pinch somewhere out in the middle of the dessert, it might help to have internet access. Does data work like minutes where they'll charge you by the MB, so you can still have internet access without a plan? Thanks!

Why is my iPhone 4S acting up? - 1

I've had it for just less than a year. Lately it's freezing up on me or an app will quit and go to the home screen. The battery barely lasts me a day and it used to last me over two days.

I do stupid things like leave my phone in the bathroom while I shower, will steam mess it up?
Can iPhones get "viruses" from downloading certain apps?

It froze 6 times last night and when I woke up this morning, it turned off randomly. I could only turn it on my holding both buttons down for 20 seconds and an hour later my battery was at 33%

My apps take up so much storage on my iphone?

I have an iphone 4 and I know a lot of people have like hundreds of songs, thousands of pictures and a lot of apps. My phone has no music, 608 pictures and 4 apps. 4 apps! That's it. It says I have no more storage to download anything else. It says my pictures take up 1.3gb of storage and I have deleted so many but it doesn't go down. Also my apps that I do have take up about 100mb of storage. Why don't I have much storage? I should have enough but I don't apparently

How to move my music onto another apple account?

I got an iPod two years ago this iPod was on my dad apple account and over the two years I bought a lot of music. But recently I got an iPhone 4 and had to make my own apple ID but I can't find how to put the music on my iPod onto my iPhone. Please help!

IPhone/pod apps for background music?

I need to have background music for this project in school, like y'know so you can still here me talking but you have the music in the background. Does anyone know any apps for that? Or downloads for PC? Help mee!

How to get Kik on my Iphone?

I have an Iphone and on my computer I've got BlueStacks which has Kik on it. I tried the one click sync thing to get kik on my phone but it doen't work for me. How do I get either BlueStacks or Kik on my Iphone?

What does maximum operating altitude mean?

Because I read on that she maximum operating altitude for a MacBook Pro and iPhones, etc was 10, 000 ft. How do people still use them in planes?

Where can i watch oretty little liars season 3?

My friend told me i should start watching pretty little liars so i did! But i got through season one and two on netflix but they dont have season three?!

where can i watch season three for free no surveys no acc needed on my iphone?

and if it is getting on netflix when?

i have 1 month to watch season 3 before season for comes out. And thats plenty of time but i cant find where to watch it!

Help Please ITS URGENT.