Does Stylus Work On iPhone With screen protector?

I have bought an X-doria shield case 360 for my iPhone 5, it has 3 cases, and one of those three are a heavy screen protector, I think it's made of plastic, but I was wondering, does stylus pens work on my iPhone with plastic screen protector on? It may work in my opinions but it will be hard to use, which lead to click on the screen so hard to write, draw, etc, but I'm not sure about it, I won't buy stylus without knowing if it gonna work on that screen protector

When I send a message from my iphone it's green or blue?

Hi. When I send a message to my friend an we both have iPhones it is blue speech bubbles but when I send it to a friend who doesn't have an iPhone it is green. Is there a way I can make the green bubble blue even though they don't have an iPhone?

How to sync iphone without losing songs?

I have recently purchased a new computer but i already have a iphone with lots of songs on it. I just downloaded itunes and now i want to sync my iphone to my computer without losing all my songs (all my songs are downloaded not purchased). Please help me because i've been looking every where for the answer. I wish i could access ''iPod_Control'' but somehow even when i enable show hidden files, maps and stations it still doesnt show ''iPod_Control.

please if somebody could help me to synchronize my songs to itunes or let me transfer them all for free without them losing all of their names that would be great.

Greetz Jurjen Brouns

Simpsons Tapped Out Unlimited Donuts?

Is there a cheat or something I can use to get unlimited and/or free cash and donuts in The Simpsons Tapped Out for iPhone? I've been looking for a while, but my search results all seem to be for hacks that have since been patched. Love the game, but I'm not about to pay any real cash for it.

How to fix iPhone 4 front camera shutter lock?

I've got an iPhone 4 which I smashed and got repaired.

Unfortunately whilst being repaired the front camera has completely broke (it worked when it was shattered). If I select the front camera it'll lock the shutter and I can't access the camera without a third party app.

I've tried restoring from new and hard resetting but no joy. My device is a GSM model on 6.1.3 semi untethered jailbreak (my current workaround is disabling the front camera via iFile.

The video recorder is also slightly bugged and is zoomed in once opened, I have to zoom out which gives black edges on either side (the recorded video file isn't affected and is still in the right resolution)

It's clear it's a hardware issue so I'm wondering what to look for when I open up my device. Could a loose connector cause this problem? I've looked online and saw that a small part of the logic board is a huge possibility for the problem I'm having but how far do I have to dig inside my device to find that component?


Can I haggle with orange to do this kind of deal?

Basically I'm hoping to get an iphone 4 on contract with orange as I'm a pay as you go customer currently but getting fed up with constantly thinking about going out of my way to top up regularly. I'm not a massive caller, more a texter really, however when I do call someone I tend to spend long periods of time on the phone. So was thinking of going for their £20.50 a month contract where you get unlimited texts and 500MB, unlimited wifi and 1 swapable thing. Only problem is you only get 100 mins. So I was wondering if I went in there and said hey I like the deal just can I ditch the unlimited wifi and 1 swapable because they don't bother me and change them into more minutes a month instead, would that work?

Added (1). Uhh. My question was not should I get an iphone 4?

How to get voice mails on my iPhone 3GS?

I have an iPhone 3GS and I recently called up my service provide and I have activated voice mails on my number. How do I activate it on my iPhone?

Windows 7 won't recognize iphone USB?

I got a new laptop and I can't manage my iphone, I tried downloading itunes and my iphone is still not recognized when pluged by USB.
Any suggestions on what drivers to download? Thanks