Will my profile save after this, and what happened to the game?

Dragon city for my iPhone stopped working, when I would sign in it would exit me out. So I decided to delete it and download it again, and I signed in with Facebook. Than it just kicks me out again. Will it sign me in, and what happened to the game how can I get it to work again
Please help

Is this internet scam illegal?

So recently i made a deal via email
with an individual to acquire his clash of clans account for x amount money. If you don't know what that is, think of it as an account for any iphone game. What happened next was, the individual said that to keep things simple I should send him the payment as a gift through amazon to his email. I complied, and did so. Once he had received the payment, which technically was a "gift" through amazon, he stopped replying completly. Is there any legal action that can be taken if I know he lived in the US like myself? Also it should be taken into considerarion that selling accounts on clans violates their user agreement, so i guess he could use that as an argument. Thanks! If you don't know the answer a forum where i could ask a cop or someone would be great!

Can i use laptop mointor just as a monitor?

I have an app in my iphone to watch some live tv channels and movies. I would like to connect my iphone to laptop and watch it on a big screen. Is that possible or not? If it is possible how? If anybody can help me that will be great.

How to stop group messaging on iPhone?

I have iMessage on… So maybe that's why I keep getting messages from a group message. Also, this people texting me are pretending to be my friend and I'm pretending I don't know what they're up to, so I can't exactly ask them to stop texting me! That's just some extra information, but the question is how can I stop receiving the group messages? I have an iPhone 5 by the way!
Thank you! For any help!

How should buy a new iPhone everytime?

The question is: does it worths to sell your Iphone and buy the new one?
For example: i bought my Iphone 5 for 300$ in apple store locked to att; i unlocked it for 25$. I am thinking about selling it for 800$ in gamestop for example and then i will have to use another phone during sometime but does it worths to get the 5s when is released?

What iPhone map app can work offline?

I'm going on vacation abroad, and I'm gonna need maps loaded on my iPhone 4. Having known that the native Maps app on iPhone doesn't load maps without Wi-Fi or without cellular data (which is expensive abroad), I need an app that can have maps loaded. I know Maps can have the whole route loaded but not zoomed in, but when it comes to cities, it is necessary to have a map that loads when you zoom in, to see intersections and such. Thanks!

I bought a book on iTunes, can I read it on?

I used to buy books on a website, but it's easier and cheaper on Itunes. The books that I bought were always in pdf form, so I put them on my cellphone (Samsung) to read them. However when I want to buy a book on iTunes it says that I can only read it on an iPod Touch, iPhone or iPad. So before I buy it I want to be sure that I can't put it on my cellphone, because if I can't I don't want to buy the book since I don't have an iPod Touch, iPhone or iPad.

So, is it possible to read books that I bought from iTunes on my phone?

Should i let my Iphone battery drain to 0%?

My i phone battery last so much. If i charge at morning and check it at night the battery life is still
(90-79%) but is it also ok to let my iphone batter drain till o% some of my friend told me its good to do that.