Is it possible to commit a felony crime using nothing but one's own iphone?

Suppose one uses his/her iphone to do the following things:

Send tweets threatening to organize/commit domestic terror attacks on real places and times and uses phone app to purchase items to be used in conspiracy to commit criminal acts

Transmitting of lewd graphic images to minors under the age of 18, using an iphone or android

Using the iphone telephone keypad to misuse 911 emergency service in a so-called prank

Use of iphone email to spam others without their consent

So what if a person accused of these activities using an iphone says in their defense? "I am not guilty because all I did was touch an iphone touch screen. Since there's no buttons on an iphone other than the home button, it's not fair to rule out that all the person did was touch a piece of stainless steal glass with their thumb

How hence can they be guilty of doing nothing more than touching glass on a rectangular touch screeeen?

What Material is iPhone 5C's Back?

So I held it for the first time and the back is amazing I think it's plastic? But a very high quality, anyway I have an iPhone 5 and I want to have a case that feels like it! Can someone please link me one! It'd mean a lot!

What do i do about my delivered package?

I ordered an iphone on ebay and it was supposed to be mailed by usps in two days. I got a status update claiming that my package has been delivered but i looked all over my house and it was no where to be found. This has me extremely mad and i really don't know what to do. Can anyone tell me how to resolve the issue?

IPhone wifi not working at home?

IPhone 4

it worked fine for about a month then it stopped working, but it works at my school and other places. I've tried connecting my laptop and tablet and they work just fine.
I deleted my network and added it again still no luck.

IPhone 5S and Macbook pro, or Android phone and windows laptop for college?

So i have an iPhone 4S, and i want to try something different because ive had many problems with it. I've come to the conclusion that for college i should get apple or android for college. If i went for apple, it would be an iphone 5S, and a macbook pro. I dont have a clue about android or windows laptops, so if you could recommend phones and laptops.