Does it cost money to receive and open text messages while abroad?

I'm in Korea right now and I received some texts from friends who are in the US. I didn't open the texts because I'm afraid I might be charged. I have Verizon and I turned off the roaming option and I turned off all of my cellular data I have an iPhone if that matters. I'm pretty sure it'll cost extra for me to reply back, but does anyone know if I'll be charged for opening texts? Thanks! :)

How to switch to a white iphone 5?

I had the black iphone 5 for 7 weeks now. I'm very unhappy with it. The phone itself is flawless, works like a charm. But the color is just driving me crazy. I just want white really bad but if I go to AT&T and they don't let me switch or do something about it what do I do? I don't want to pay over $100 a month for a phone that I don't like. Help please!

When ios 6.1.3 untethered jailbreak will be released?

Hi, i am using iphone 4 with ios 6.1.3.
but i am unable to find any untethered jailbreak tool for this.
please tell me if untethered jailbreak had been release or not?
if not, when it will be released?

No service message on iPhone while abroad?

I am on Orange in the UK, and have arrived in America today however I can't get any service on my iPhone 4, I have tried turning it off and on again, manually choosing the service but it can't connect, as well as reseting the network settings but it's still not working. My friend is on Vodafone and hers came up automatically when she switched her phone back on after the flight… Has anyone got any ideas on how to get mine to work?

Getting new iphone on your itunes account, how?

Just wondering if you buy a new iphone and already had itunes with an ipod can you get all of your music and stuff on your new iphone or will i have to make a new itunes account?

Do iPhone app developers steal ideas from android?

I am developing an app solely on the Android and was wondering, if my app gets successful, will there be rips offs on the apple store. Or would it be a good idea to let a developer develop it for me on the iPhone after I finish the android version?

Can i make any claims against repair man?

I took my iphone to repair store to have the top button replaced (it's out of warranty so apple wouldn't help me). He did that perfectly but in the process screwed up the camera which now can't be used and the side of my screen barely responds to touch.
It took him 3 or 4 goes at trying to fix it for me with no avail but now claims it's not his fault and i must have ruined it myself. I finally just said stop tampering with it and i'll take it home, still got charged a pretty high fee for it, before he would hand it over.

I have a receipt, but i was just wondering if i would be able to make a claim for the money back or for some kind of compensation for an iphone i now can't use?

And if so, how would i go about this?
(In Australia, if that makes a difference)

*Sorry if this isn't the right category, it was a toss up.

Can i put my iPhone in the microwave?

Ok so i heard thst if you have bed bugs you can put your phoen into the microwave for 20 seconds ad it will kill them does it work should i do it?