How to recover deleted contacts?

I accidentally deleted one of my contacts and I was wondering if i would be able to recover it? I have an iPhone 4S.

How to delete a voice mail on an iPhone?

Yes I have tried swiping and deleting and I have tried the big red delete button. But for some reason 2 of my voicemails refuse to be sent to the deleted messages part of the voicemail box.

Added (1). Amy you clearly did not read my paragraph under my question as I have tried that

Iphone 4S Asking siri to set reminders?

I always use Siri to set reminders and she always asks “when would you like to be reminded” but in the past week when I do it she skips “when would you like to be reminded” part and just says what my reminder is and “shell I create it” and when I say “yes” It sets to some default time. Why is she not asking me “when would you like to be reminded” anymore so I can tell her a date and time. Anyone know why? Thanks

I don't know what happened to my FaceTime?

I have iPhone 4s. Last time I FaceTimed was… At least 4 weeks ago. The restriction is off, the camera is turned on, and FaceTime is on, too. However, there isn't an option/box/whatever-you-call-it for FaceTime on contacts… Oh, and I got my iPhone last November.

Will apple update my iphone (3g) for free?

Since my computer wont let me update my iphone saying that it is inactive/error or something, i have pretty much given up. I kinda want instagram pretty bad but i havent updated my iphone in 3 years, the ios is not updated enough to let me download instagram or any current app in general. My facebook app is so outdated and there is so much features i cant use. Will apple update my iphone for free or will they charge me a fee? And are they even willing to do so?

Added (1). I dont even think my iphone is an ios 4.1.2. Its mostly likely an ios 3.

Why does my Iphone 4s have 6 gigs taken up by photos?

I only have 860 photos on the entire phone and a few very short videos. I have checked the files in the DCIM folder to see if there were some in there that were not showing but there is only the 860 listed. I have no idea how 860 photos could use up that much memory. My friends Iphone has over 2000 pictures and only 2.5 gigs are taken up. Thank you

IPhone app that makes pictures HD?

I'm wondering if there's any free iPhone apps that allow you to make pictures (already in your camera roll) HD? Alot of pictures I'm sent are not good quality (low megapixel cameras) and I just wanna make them better.