My cousin threatened to stab me?

Ok so I'm at Algeria, and imma on my iPhone. My cousin, Ishak (Algerian name) is obsessed with it, so he comes in and says, Give me iPhone. I reply with, "No, if you're gonna speak to me in THAT tone of voice." Then he has the stones to pick up a knife, push me to the wall and threaten me knife-point. I kick him off and he's chasing me. I open the door and slam it shut. He's banging on the door now. What should I do?

IPhone 4S problem when restoring?

My iPhone was on iOS 5.1 and I restored it to 6.1.3 because I was going to get iOS 7 and when I restored it, it came to the activation screen and said I don't have a SIM card. Yes, I didn't have one at that time but it was bricked and I paid someone to get it fixed. Was it worth it and how do I fix this? Because I want to attempt again but I still don't have SIM card and I don't want my iPhone 4S to get bricked again. Can someone help me please? 10 points and 5 star rating to the best answer:)

Best iphone 4 games any ideas?

What is the best free iphone 4 game that Is entertaining and addictive also fun like a action game actually it doesn't matter what type why do you need a 20 letter question

Bought fake iPhone off eBay - what can I do?

I bought a white iPhone 4S off eBay a few months ago when my old iPhone 5 was stolen and could not afford to pay full price for a new one or a new contract, so decided to pay £220 on ebay. To bypass postage costs, ebay and paypal fees, i decided to pick it up in person, pay in cash and the seller ended the auction early for me so i never actually "bought" it on ebay, looking back I know this was a bad idea!
Phone was described as used but in mint condition, fully working genuine apple phone etc.
Few months in - fine. Last week the screen started to go faulty and phone would not switch on, basically it was broken so I took it to the apple store, expecting a replacement for £140 (I've had to do this before!). There they unfortunately told me they couldn't do this because it was actually a FAKE iPhone I bought off eBay, the screen among other parts had been replacd and they could do nothing for me. The phone was unusable so I had to buy a brand new handset from the apple store, costing over £400 which is obviously very annoying, especially when I could have bought this outright and saved myself £220 on the broken phone.
Have checked the listing, no mention of this at all, described as a genuine apple iPhone 4S. I have contacted the seller but in the mean time i am wondering what I can do, would eBay be able to offer me any help even though I physically didn't click the buy button on their site?

Will iPhone 4/4S go out of fashion?

So since iPhone 4/4S's can be found pretty cheaply now especially on eBay, I was wondering if it was worth getting an iPhone 5.
When will the iPhone 4 go out of style/fashion and be frowned upon like using an iPhone 3G.

Please tell should i buy iphone 4, read?

Actually I just want to download free music directly from internet as we do in androids, but I have no computer etc, but what
Is alluring me its screen size that's 3.5", that's pretty handy and pocketable, please tell should I buy or not?

My iPhone 5 is under a 1 year warranty, will they swap me for a new one?

My iPhone 5 battery life the last few months starting to run down really quick, but now after a few weeks ill take my iPhone off charge at 100% check my Facebook and twitter leave it on the side and it will straight down to around 10%. I'm NOT happy as I haven't done anything for the phone to do this. I pay all this money for a phone that is faulty and I got to take my charger EVERYWHERE! Won't last over 45 mins max! And if the phone dies I gotta wait about 3 hours for it to come back on and when it comes back on the phone is on 100%. Can anyone help me please? The number or email to contact Apple about this! (UK)

Facebook is crashing my new iphone?

I got the iphone 4s on sunday and overall the phone is great, the only problem is facebook. Everytime I go on someones timeline or search for someone it either takes forever to load or just freezes, I've reset the phone, and uninstalled then reinstalled the app about 3times but still getting the same problem. Anyone know how I can solve this!

Best apps for teenage girls?

My phone is just pretty rubbish atm, Im going to be getting a new one in june, but for now any good apps for teenage girls in the iphone 3gs