Is $650.00 a lot for the iphone 5?

Someone I know recently for the iPhone 5s or c (forgot what its called) but yeah… So he's selling me his old iPhone 5 and he's charging me $650… Is that a lot… The iPhone is in good conditions

How to unlock my sprint iPhone 5? - 2

I just bought an iPhone 5 and I am using sprints service. But I would like to unlock my phone for international use. How would it take for sprint to unlock my phone?

Beats by Dre Studio 2013 No Sound?

Before concluding that they were broken, thought I'd look online and slap on this question to see if I was missing something.

I bought a pair of beats by dre studio, plugged them into both my laptop and my IPhone 5, and there's no sound.
-The wires are all the way in
-The batteries are internal, so the beats must be charged, which they are, as indicated by the LEDs
-I hit the on-button. I'm not sure if they turned on, as I don't see any sort of sign that they are on.
-They are not muted as I'm not holding the "b" so…

You would think headphones work by simply plugging in the wire and turning on some music.
Am I missing something or are these beats broken?

How to delete pictures from your iPhone 4S but keep them in your albums?

I need to free up space on my phone. I've worked hard to create albums and would like to keep those. Didn't there used to be a copy/move feature for pictures? I've tried to copy pictures to see if that will work but it won't even let me copy.

Isn't there a solution to this by now?

Why is everything in America bigger or greater than it needs to be?

Food portions are bigger, people on street always play their music too high. It is not just our waistlines are larger than they should be, but families have changed too, all of a sudden children are more privileged than they should be, they have every electronic you can name, family cars don't look like cars but are trucks, people's wardrobes are bigger than they need to be, I mean I love clothing what why buy clothing you will never wear, tv's are bigger, blah blah, I am pretty privileged but not to the extreme, I am 20 years old don't my family has 4 tv, I think our 5th one broke but I don't even have my own tv, and girls my age or younger have their own tvs, ipads, macbooks, and supersized wardrobes, I recently moved into my college dorm and when I packed for college it seemed like my parent were annoyed because they thought I brought a much stuff but so I felt kind of bad on my way there but once I got there one of the residential life staff people said how little I brought compared to all the other people, plus my roommates bought so much stuff like jeez, seems like so many kids and teens in America are given everything on a silver plate by their parents, I even see 7 year old girls taking on their flip phones, like who are they talking to, no offense, I got my first flip phone at age 14 in 8th grade, anyway flip phones aren't even a word in the enligh speaking language anymore, smartphone, blackberry and iphone have replaced it, I mean I love electronics blah blah blah but I am not that spoiled, its not like my parents hand me anything when I ask for it, what a long ramble, anyway I am american, I don't even have an iphone but am using my second ipod touch, random

Added (1). There are many spelling i know what this is yahoo answers not a college essay, I am actually 19 and brought up my nationality to show that I have live america, the run on big country, for the most part I like america so any controversy on this comment is a whatever and shove it to me, this comment is not about hating on america it is just about our love for big

IPhone 5 iOS7 ringtone help!

So I updated to the new ios7 and now it's not letting me choose my songs for ringtones anymore how can I change this or change back to iOS 6? The only thing I can customize is my alarms but not the sounds under settings very frustrating how do you change it to your custom songs! The ringtones thing doesn't even show up in iTunes anymore! Help!

How much will it cost to fix my home button?

A while ago i tried to glue something onto the home button of my iphone 4s. Yes. I understand that was stupid but theres nothing i can do about it now. Anyways i pressed the button down when the glue was wet and the button got stuck down. I used a needle to scrape the glue off but the botton was never fully fixed. Overtime its become completely stuck down all the time. It makes siri come on, and make noise during school And my phone is always exiting out of my apps and facetiming ppl. Its So annoying. And i have to explain to everyone not to press the button. Overall its and EXTREME annoyance. I get more frustrated everyday. Everyone says i shud just go to apple and get it fixed cuz it'll be cheap. What would need to be done to fix the button? How much will it cost? Is there any chance they would just give me a new phone alltogether for free? Probly not but i just want to know before i go. And please only answer if you know wht ur talking about. Haha i dont want false info. Thank you!:)

How to turn iphone power back on online?

I lost my iphone somewhere in my house and i think my baby brothers threw it away, but we just took the trash out.before this all happened i turn my phone off so it wouldn't die, WHAT THE HELL DO I DO NOW? Is there away to turn you iphone back on without touching it?
or if not please give me suggestions.