Battle Camp Hack Download - Iphone Cheats?

This game is just wonderful but it is not easy to play it
Sorry for my english I hope you will understand me
I want the battle camp hack do you have any ideas how to get it?

What to ask for for christmas this year?

Ok, so im a 14 year old boy. I have a macbook air, beats headphones, an iPhone, and lots of stuff. My mom keeps asking me to make a christmas list and i have no idea, if i say nothing shell get me stuff anyway, i need suggestions, i don't like books, and no donation things cause shell say no, just some suggestions will be awesome. I have a nice wallet, shoes, 2 G-Shock watches, cologne.anything will help!

Iphone 3gs only picking up 3G when i travel to another district? - 1

Any help would be greatly appreciated,

When i got the phone it was jail-broken, i removed the jailbreak and continued using the phone with-out problem except not being able to pick up 3G… When i drive around 10 miles or more from my city i pick up 3G, strange and annoying!

Heres the facts

Phone was jail-broken (now removed)
2G sim upgraded to a 3G sim
phone has been flashed with latest firmware today
phone has been factory reset
network settings have also been reset
100% sure my area has 3G
only works when i drive around 10 miles away from the city
not a hardware problem
'enable 3g' is selected
phone is on 02

version 6.1.3
modem firmware 05.16.08
carrier o2 14.0

YOUR A GENIUS IF YOU KNOW THE ANSWER! Thanks for all comments!

How to get my beauty channel out there?

I just started my youtube channel yesterday. I just made a 30 second intro video to start it out. I uploaded it last night and I only have 15 subscribers. I really want to go far in my youtube career. My new hd camera is coming next week so I will have good videos and editing because I use iMovie. But for the moment Im using my iPhone. I really don't have any ideas on how to. I've tried messaging people just saying plain old hi I like your channel, mind checking out mine? Thanks! And ya like that. So please give me ideas below! Thanks!

Added (1). Channel:

Wheres a good and cheap place to get an iphone 5?

So since apple came out with the 5s and 5c most of the phone carriers stopped selling the 5. I was going to get the 5c but i figured i should see about the 5 first.ive looked on craigslist but all those prices are up to 600, but the cheapest ive saw were $250. I dont want to go over $100-$150 but people are so gready for money. If you know anywhere online or somewhere that i can get a iphone 5 (black preferably but it doesnt matter) ill greatly appreciate it.thanks. ( im in the hampton roads area of virginia if that narrows your search down any)

How to listen to music on my iphone?

I just bought iphone from the store but dont know how to listen to music. I got told if you think of a song it starts playing but ive been trying really hard to get gwen stefani to play on my iphone but it doesnt work! Help

I dropped my iPhone 5 in a hole?

The only way to get it out was to use a magnet! It seems to be working fine but will it mess it up after awhile? It's still under the year warranty if that matters at all!