Prices for Verizon family plan?

My dad has an android from Verizon with unlimited everything and I might get and iPhone 4 from Verizon also with unlimited everything would it be cheaper to have the phone by itself (and how much) or to put it on a family plan with my dad? And how much will the family plan cost a month with 2 smartphones?

If you don't currently verizon you can't get unlimited everything. Also depends on if your dad is a single line or family plan at the moment. If he does not have a family plan now the best move is to do 2 single lines. You would have to get limited data tho. To switch to a family plan you would have to choose one of the new all inclusive plans that suck.

Good luck

IF you currently have unlimited data on verizon… You are "grandfathered" in with the ability to keep it. That is the ONLY way to get unlimited data on verizon anymore.

Now, if you want to upgrade your smartphone with verizon and keep your unlimited data, you must pay for the cost of the phone up-front from verizon. They no longer let you keep unlimited data on a subsidized cost for a smartphone. Of course, none of that applies if you are or would be a new customer with verizon, unlimited data will NOT be available to new customers.

Now, under the new plans instituted this last month… All smartphones (for new customers) plans are unlimited talk minutes and unlimited texting but the data in sold in various GB increments.

If you want what your Dad has… You will HAVE TO pay full price for the new phone from verizon and get into a Family Share Plan on your father's account to get the unlimited everything on a "grandfathered" plan… The cost is $30/mo.per extra phone.

It really kinda sucks either way… And another sad note is that AT&T is rumored to be going the same way this year.


An alternative is going with someone like Virgin Mobile. They have you pay the full price of the phone up front. But you get unlimited everything for $55/mo. (they use Sprint as their carrier service) and all phones come with this… (copy/pasted from their website)
30 Day Guarantee
Whatever the reason, if you bought a phone from us online, you can return it for a full refund within 30 days. Make sure you have the original receipt and packaging.

The truth is, if you can afford to pay for the cost of a phone up front from any provider, you can leave at any time without penalty and the total costs accumulated over a 2 year period are lower.