Same Itunes playlist on different computers?

Hi, everyone. I've got a detailed iTunes playlist on a PC. Now, I want the exact same playlist on my IMac. I can copy the songs over--that's easy enough, but do I now have to go through and re-create all those playlists? Can I sync my IPhone from the PC and then get that somehow onto the IMac (an exact copy, all songs in the same lists, etc)?

You can either sync over phone/wi-fi. But I don´t think this is necessary. If you have an account it should transfer automatically, and if it doesn´t. Ask apple customer service for help, they can help you understand how to or even help you to do it for you, the last mentioned is less credible, because Apple, just as any big company is lazy and if you can solve the problem by yourself, that´s what you must do ;)