Samsung Galaxy s3 or iPhone5c?

I'm up for an upgrade and right now the galaxy s3 and the iPhone 5 c are the same price. I had an iPhone 4 before and i thought about switching to Samsung galaxy s4 but its too much money. I honestly don't know what to choose. The 5 c seems like a "dumber version"of the Iphone 5 and the galaxy 3 just seems a lot cooler. What should I get? By the way i am a high school student and i do use my phone for checking my grades, dictionary, and other things i may need to find for research.

I am partial to the Droid. It is more like a computer than the iPhone.
I can make folders and add things, remove things. Tweak things up.
Just more things for a user to do. It can do all the things the iPhone can with apps. I don't use I 'i' anything, it seems so restrictive.

BTW: iPhone sales have fallen over 25%, Droid are up.
The S3 is not as good as the S2, and yeah the S4 is cool. I too am waiting for the price to go down. I have the S2. I updated OS to jellybean, very cool.

Not only is the galaxy s4 the better choice with freedom it's also cheaper in the long run that's what you need to take into account, but it's your choice not mine, I know which one I would get, and it' would not be the iPhone 5 c

S3 any day of the year / universal calendar.