See all files on iPhone without using iTunes?

I want to get to a video that is on my phone, but when i go to My Computer and iPhone 3GS, then Internal Memory, then DCIM, then another folder which then leads me to the photos ONLY, no music or videos! How do i reach video on the phone without using Tunes?

You can't; that's what iTunes is for; to access all your files. You can see and copy your photos without iTunes, but everything else, including videos, apps, music, etc, all need iTunes to be accessed. You can watch the video on the phone, but if you want to access it via the computer, eg to copy it to your computer, or to another phone, etc, you will need iTunes to access it.

You can view and copy videos also, I do it all the time. Just open itunes but dont use it, then open windows explorer and you can view your iphone and copy back/forth.