Should I ask my neighbors for their wifi password?

My mom can't afford wifi because we don't have cable or a phone line or Internet or anything because she doesn't have a job. She lives off my dads child support I know it pisses me off too okay. But I have a job and bought myself an iPhone and I have a gig of data that i pay 30 dollars a month for.& i. Ant afford to get wifi & I'm a teenager so I use Internet a lot and that gig needs to last me a whole month & a half and it doesn't usually. My neighbors have wifi so I was gonna ask them for their password and my mom would pay them each month for letting me use it. Do you think I should ask?

If you want

Uhh no. The last thing your neighbours wants is to hassle your mom every month for like 20-30 bucks for the wifi because she definitely won't willingly hand out that money and will probably force you to start paying it.

Not to many people will share their wifi but you can ask. It's also a security issue for them letting someone have the password for their wi-fi

Sure you can if you want but i wouldn't let you leach off what i am paying for
sorry and not only a security issue - you being on my wifi kills my connection speed

Hello Kyla,

It is possible that your neighbour may let you do this but, it is just not a good idea. It is not a good idea to ask favours of neighbours. Any disagreement, over anything, and away will go the arrangement. As a another contributor has pointed out, you can't really ask without offering to pay. Then there is the question of what is a fair amount, and then who pays: your cash-strapped mum, or you.

Another contributor has quite rightly pointed out that giving you the password would be a security problem for the neighbour, but I would just like to continue that point briefly to explain why; which is that your neighbour could never be completely sure that you would not pass on that password to others; even though it may be unlikely you would do this.
Every user on the router potentially slows it down by using up bandwidth.

Have you considered using free WiFi in a café?
I understand that Starbucks do this.
It will be cheaper for you to buy cups of coffee or tea than to start paying a fee to a neighbour!

Please see:

Now, I just want to point out that I have no connections whatsoever with Starbucks nor with PC World. Also other commercial enterprises or public libraries may also supply free WiFi.

I hope this helps.



You can ask. But I doubt you will get it

Not really a good ideal to ask for password for wifi. The whole purpose of password is for security. Say for instance if you committed some criminal activity using their wifi connection, it would be traced to their ISP and their internet connection putting them on the hook. Asking someone for their wifi password is like asking for their debit card pin number. Sorry to disappoint you but that's the facts of life.