Should I break my Verizon contract?

I have 7 months left on my cell phone contract. I hate how companies are making you wait two yrs instead of one when updated models are coming out yearly. I want the iPhone 5. I currently have the 4. If I buy before my upgrade I know it will be insanely expensive. So what if I break my contract and sign a new one? Will they let you sign a new one right away If you do that and what is the fee for it?

Talk to a rep.

The company didn't MAKE you do anything. You CHOSE a two year contract to get a cheaper phone.

You can port your number to another carrier if you like.

That will automatically cancel the contract with Verizon and you will be billed a cancellation fee. I be that with only seven months left on your contract, your cancellation fee will be just a little over a hundred dollars. (They'll send you a final bill.)

You can bring your number to Sprint, for example, where the savings on the monthly bill will eventually even out the expense of terminating the Verizon agreement.

However, if you are on a family plan being paid for by your parents or someone else, I reckon you'd need to talk to them before committing to any change.

The Iphone 5 is not out yet. Stick with your contract until it expires or pay a fee to break it.

Once it expires you have two choices. One is to renew immediately the other is just keep making the monthly payments as usual. What that does is turn your existing contract into a month to month contract with no changes is terms. Continue that way until they have a good incentive for you to renew like the phone you like at a lower price.

When you do that they offer lots of deals to get you to resign instead of changing companies. Be patient until you get a good deal. My sister did that and they gave her the phone she wanted with a new contract for more service at a lower price.

The cell phone market is very competitive use it to your advantage and play one against the other once your contract goes to month to month. They can't do anything to you if you do that they have to let it go to month to month on the expiring terms or loose your business which they won't do.

I would just switch phone companies my husband and I did swithed. From Verizon bc they was insainely expensive we switched to at&t:) got better phones we just ditched verizon! But ITs up to you if you have the money for it go ahead if you dont id either switch companies or just keep what you have till next year