Should i get iPhone 4 16 GB or iPhone 4s 8 GB?

Should i get iPhone 4 16 GB for 200$


or iPhone 4s 8 GB for 300$

I have 200 dolor and I can borrow another 100$ if I want to get the 4s so I don't relay know what to choose so if you can help me to decide witch one to get?

Iphone 4 16 gb for $200

16, 8 GB is not enough

Neither, get a Windows Phone.

Get the 4, 16gb.
the 4 is a better iphone than the 4s, and that battery life is double.
also 8gb, 6.4 actually isnt enough for anything

I have a 4s 16GB and I find it isn't big enough as it is! I think it must be because of Siri or something

I would go with the 4 - i used to have a 4 8GB and i found it was a little small in size but if you get a 16GB it should be fine

The only real difference between the two is that 4s has Siri - i never use it though because you have to be in a quiet place and "she" finds it hard to understand you! Haha

I would go for the 16GB 4