Should i get iphone 5 or wait for the iphone 6?

Question pretty much says it all

I would wait till the iPhone 6 is released, then compare it to the iPhone 5. Chances are, it's going to be more or less the same thing, and you'll still be happy with the iPhone 5. If you wait till then to buy it, the price will go way down, too. :)

Get the iphone 5 because no one knows when the iphone 6 is coming

IPhone 5, now
iPhone 6, September 2014.

Answer pretty much says it all

Well the next iPhone that is going to be released is suspected to be an iPhone 5s, and that is rumored to be released August 2013. Now for the 6, that is sometime in 2014. There was a rumor of a new iPhone coming out every six months after the 5s comes out, so that is a long ways from now. Possibly a whole year.

@Muno "S" Stands for "Siri" iPhone 5 already has siri, so it isn't possible to be a iPhone 5s,