Should I switch from iPhone to Galaxy S3?

Hello! My phone is due for an upgrade soon. I have been an iPhone user for about two years now. I was going to switch over to the iPhone 5 for my upgrade, but I don't like it too much and the Galaxy S3 seems a bit better.

I've read several reviews of long time iPhone users switching over to the Galaxy S3 and most of them have had very positive things to say about it. However, I'm still hesitant to switch over to the Galaxy S3 instead of getting the iPhone 5. Any thoughts on both of the phones and which one I should get? It Would be greatly appreciated!

I was in the same boat as you a few months ago. Don't switch over! You'll see a huge difference. Android is slow. Everything is too complicated. You can't hold the phone with one hand and text. I took mine back 3 hours after buying it.

Galaxy S3 for sure! Just got mine on black friday and am loving every feature it has to offer. Such a beautiful screen and i love Android. Go for it! IOS is way overrated, I am loving the Android operating system. Videos look so great on the AMOLED screen!
NFC is such an awesome feature too. Being able to Android Beam and S Beam is really fun and convenient. Even the small feature of the LED notification is so helpful, I have no idea why Apple does not implement it. The pull down notification bar is very helpful and has so many shortcuts from there, no more going to the settings app and wasting time through a bunch of menus.

The S3.

The S3 has more RAM.

The S3 has a faster processor.

The S3 has a larger display.

The S3 has a microSD slot. The iPhone 5 does not.

The S3 has maps that actually work

I just got the s3 and love it much more than my iphone. I would get the s3 because it has just as many apps, it has a longer battery life, bigger screen, its more customizable, and its thinner and faster and you can add storage for a cheaper price. Also it is stronger and doesn't brake as easily. So ya get the s3 and also its not as light as the iphone 5, it is heavier by 20 grams but the s3 is much bigger and its still lighter than the other iphones

I switched from the Iphone 4 to the s3. I love it. Android is faster than ios in my opinion and most of the paid apps I had on ios are free on Android and some apps I didn't get on ios because they were 3$ are also free on Android. Being able to hit the share button within any app and sending the Web page or anything else to any other app you have is amazing. I can hit share in the Web browser and send it to you over glympse because I have that app installed. Or pinterest because I have that app installed… Get the s3 you won't regret it.

WITHOUT A DOUBT SWITCH TO GS3 you'll adore that thing!